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This page is an updated version of a blog post. It was written on February 25 2014 and last updated on April 15 2016,

I am a nosy person and love to find out interesting things about others. At the off chance that I am not the only such inclined person, here a brief description of myself. A CV so to speak, with lots of holes but you should be able to get to know me a little.  

I have asked various family members a million time to take a nice picture of me. Without success of course. I wonder if this is because I see a picture of myself in the mirror that does not correspond to the reality?

I have tried to capture a photo of myself in the mirror, feeling slightly silly doing so, but here you go, an up to date photo of me. It is a bit out of focus (to blur the wrinkles). I am wearing my beloved red turtleneck sweater, hand made to fit me perfectly. It hides my double chin. This particular red is one of my favourite colours and I think it suits me. Fashionistas may beg to differ but I really don't care. I also like most other colours apart from grand father beige and military green. I may have mentioned my favourite colours elsewhere in my blog and quite possibly, they are no longer the same now. You see, I often change my mind about things.

I am a vintage 1970 edition, some may call me middle aged but I think this is only true in years, not in spirit. Being born in 1970 makes it easy to work out my age.

I grew up in Switzerland with one brother and my mum and dad. Dad is no longer with us and I miss him a lot. I think I look a lot like him. My dad was half Italian, which makes me part Italian, part Swiss but mostly Swiss.

As a child I lived in the German speaking part of Switzerland, in a small village near Bern, the Capital. I was glad to escape to the city to continue my education at the gymnasium in Bern. I chose a mix of languages, German, Latin, Italian and French as main subjects. How I ended up studying Biology remains a mystery. I finished my studies with a PhD and spent some years researching parasites. 

I met Richard at a conference on the Cape Cod, during a poster session. I know, very romantic. I have never looked back. We moved to Glasgow in 1999. I can't imagine moving away, it is great place and we have made many good friends. The weather is as you would expect it to be in Scotland. 

Sam was born in 2000, followed by Annie three years later. I always wanted many children and in 2010 we decided to become adoptive parents and siblings. It was a long process but early in 2012, we finally met James and Alistair. 

I was always a working mum but moved from being a research scientist to being a University teacher. After being made redundant, I stayed at home with the children for a short while. To get back into the workplace, I tinkered in the lab once more,  for a short while only. I am now hopefully working my way back into academia. It ain't easy but I guess nothing is easy in the current economic climate. Currently, I am employed as a research and teaching coordinator, which is a fancy title for quite a mundane job.

My tastes and likes are changing and evolving but here is snapshot of some all time favourites.

I love to all things yarn and usually have one or two projects on my needles or hook. I like sewing, too and have recently started to work on my own wardrobe. I squirrel away yarn and fabric for the future because you just never know. I am soon going to have my own studio (aka small room at the back of the house), which will be great because now, I have to clear the dining room for meal times, which is annoying. It is also annoying for the rest of the family because they have to climb over boxes and sewing machines to get to their chairs. 

I am a keen cook but find the daily feedings of fussy eaters tedious. We mostly cook fresh food because I like to know what I eat. Sam sometimes asks why we can't eat like everybody else. I am not sure what he means.

I would like to be fit but I am not. I have run several half marathons in the past but writing about it makes me tired now. I do cycle or walk to work, and walk the dog most days.

I like art and seem to be unable to stop myself buying from local and not so local artists. I buy paintings and drawings mostly. I should probably start painting myself to save money. Unfortunately, I have no talent. We have lots of paintings, drawings, watercolours and a tapestry from all around the world and from local artists and friends. 

I love spoken word and listen to at least a dozen radio programmes and podcasts downloaded onto my iPod every week. These include (but are not limited to) Inside Health, More or Less and All in the Mind (all BBC Radio 4), The Naked Scientists and some more obscure geeky science podcasts. I usually fall asleep listening to one of these.

I read a lot and I listen to audiobooks. My taste in fiction is eclectic and unpredictable. I also love non fiction, mostly popular science. Having said that, I often get annoyed about the slow pace of these science books. I blame my science background.

I have a soft spot for science fiction, in particular for Star Trek.

I am often grumpy and I often shout. I blame the children, or the lack of sleep, or stress, or bad coffee. Sometimes all at once. I would like to think that I have a sunny personality but I guess there is plenty of shade where there is sun.

On the grand scheme of thing, life has been kind to me. I like who I am and whom I share my live with. Sometimes (at least once a day) I wish to be someone else somewhere else, preferably somewhere warm and without children. Maybe glamorous, too, and witty, funny and clever. But mostly, home is best. I am quite funny and clever actually, but definitely not glamourous.

There you have it, me in a nutshell.

If you want to find out more,  I have added labels to my posts so you can satisfy your own curiosity easily. 


  1. I love this you have made me smile for the second time today, i think I will write something like this for myself privately.....quite therapeutic I think?????
    D x

  2. I just discovered your blog and think I will be hanging around for a while. The running/jogging comment about using the time to be a peeping Tom is what sealed the deal! I am a runner, but do mine in the morning, before the rest of the day gets in the way. But I LOVE looking in people's windows! (from the sidewalk and street of course) My husband and I also spend more money than we should on art. One wall of our eating area is currently exposed down to the original beams (has been this way for over a year now), yet there is a rather large framed pastel painting on the adjacent wall. Priorities, right? We also do all of our cooking from scratch and don't eat "like everybody else".

  3. So glad to have discovered your blog.

  4. What a lovely blog to have discovered! I, too, am curious about other people, so blogging is brilliant :)
    We seem to share a few other things (except a taste for science fiction lol!) so I look forward to browsing through your words and pictures…

  5. Really enjoyed this piece of "get to know" about you. I am six years older than you with 4 kids - love it that you don't eat like everybody else - neither do I. So cool that you have such international background. I am just a mutt - a mongrel - a USA melting pot kid. But, my grandmother was a genealogist and our family is traced back a long way - as in the oldest confirmed relative is in the year 323. I am not lying. My closest distant relatives not from the USA hail from Germany and Scotland! Tho...there are a lot of Brits and French in the mix as well. While my kids were all living at home (since all of them have all graduated high school now), I hosted exchange students. I had a student from the French alps and a student from Borken (northwest part of Germany). The students lived with us for a year and attended our local high school. My German daughter felt especially like a true member of our family. She was also in Gymnasium and went on to get a Master's degree and was also in the language tract... funny. She spoke English so well, even on her arrival that after just a week of being with us - she beat us at a word game played in English. It's really fun in the blogging world to take a peak inside other people's lives - people so far away - in places we'd probably never meet them! I love it. Thanks for being one of those people!

  6. "I would prefer to call it running but really, my running pace is not much faster than the average walking pace." LOL YES! This is me. Except after a knee injury 2 years ago, I've yet to even get back to my jogging pace and have opted to just fully commit to the walk. Haha wish we lived closer so we could go on a "jog/walk/run" together ;-) Happy New Year!

  7. You are much younger than me....but, I think I will enjoy following your blog. I was in Glasgow in October of 2013. Another trip is already in the works. So glad I found you.

  8. Hi, that was a lovely introduction! I think you sound fascinating and I'm glad to have found your blog. Are you efficient in all those languages now? I love the way you wrote about wanting to be all kinds of people but mainly you are happy to be you, right where you are. xx

  9. So happy to have found your blog! I would love to visit Scotland one day, if only to see the beauty and to sit and listen to everyone talk. :) We are the same age, and it seems, at the same stage of life with children and knitting. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to meeting you more through your blog! :)

  10. Love this, Christina! Next time I'm in Glasgow, I'll be sure to give you a shout!

  11. Ifound your blog by chance yesterday and I just love you already!


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