About me

This page was written in July 2018. All you can read here is buried elsewhere on this blog, too. Follow the labels!

I am a nosy person and I am sure you are, too. Here some essential facts about myself, to satisfy your curiosity

These are the most recent photos I could find, both were taken in 2018.  I particularly like my ape look-alike. 

I am a vintage 1970 edition. Born in the last millennium! I am not sure if this is such a comforting thought.

I grew up in Switzerland with one brother and my mum and dad. Dad is no longer with us and I miss him a lot. I think I look a lot like him. My dad was half Italian, which makes me part Italian, part Swiss but mostly Swiss. I am super punctual, which I believe is a dominant genetic trait of all Swiss. 

As a child I lived in the German speaking part of Switzerland, in a small village nowhere near the mountains for which Switzerland is so famous for. I was glad to escape to the city to continue my education and study toward a Baccalaureate. I focused on languages: German, Latin, Italian and French. How I ended up studying Biology remains a mystery. I finished my studies with a PhD and spent some years researching parasites. I am still very fond of parasites. 

I met Richard at a conference, during a poster session. I didn't travel to this conference to meet my future husband but to explore job opportunities to advance my career. I didn't find a job but on the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter. We moved to Glasgow in 1999. The weather is as you would expect it to be in Scotland but everything else is far better than you can imagine. 

Sam was born in 2000, followed by Annie three years later. I always wanted many children and in 2010 we decided to become adoptive parents and siblings. It was a long process but early in 2012, we finally met James and Alistair. 

I was always a working mum but have tried staying at home once, when I was unemployed for a short while. It didn't suit me. I wore many different hats during the 19 years we have lived in Glasgow. I am now a lecturer, focusing on online education. 

My tastes and likes are changing and evolving and what is true today may not be so tomorrow. Still, here some things I enjoy.

I love to all things yarn and usually have one or two projects on my needles. I love sewing even more and make most of the top half of my wardrobe. I am still learning. I also love making quilts, which is useful because I have a habit of buying fabric wherever I go. I make soaps, too. This satisfies me deeply, chemistry if fun.

I used to be a keen cook but find the daily feedings of fussy eaters tedious. I no longer enjoy creating meals. Alas, we have to eat and so I cook. Richard is more enthusiastic and on the whole, we eat well. We mostly cook fresh food because I like to know what I eat. I am not adverse to serving fish finger sandwiches and cheese on toast.

I would like to be fit but I am not. I have run several half marathons in the past but writing about it makes me tired now. I do cycle or walk to work, and walk the dog most days.

I love spoken word and listen to at least a dozen radio programmes and podcasts downloaded onto my phone every week. I mostly listen to geeky science podcasts. I enjoy fiction but prefer being read to. I am a faithful subscriber of Audible, have been since 2008. 
My taste in fiction is eclectic and unpredictable. I go through phases of loving a genre and then loosing interest. I think if I had to pick a favourite, I'd go for not too whacky science fiction.

I have a soft spot for science fiction TV shows, in particular Star Trek. I do love slightly dystopian stuff like "Black Mirror", too. 

I am often grumpy and I often shout. I blame the children, or the lack of sleep, or stress, or bad coffee. Sometimes all at once. I would like to think that I have a sunny personality but I guess there is plenty of shade where there is sun. 

On the grand scheme of thing, life has been kind to me. I like who I am at least once a day and I enjoy my family on the whole. Sometimes I wish to be someone else somewhere else, preferably somewhere warm and without children. Maybe glamorous, too, and witty, funny and clever. But mostly, home is just fine. I am quite funny and clever actually, but definitely not glamourous.

There you have it, me in a nutshell.

If you want to find out more,  I have added labels to my posts so you can satisfy your own curiosity easily.