A colourful life

Monday, 14 January 2019


Well hello. Nearly halfway through January, time is flying! It is a funny old month. The weather has largely been miserable but Sunday morning, there was not a cloud in sight - for about 7 minutes. As I am writing this, there is more clear sky!

Finishing a purple cardigan that I started knitting in June last year. It has taken far too long, my knitting mojo has left me and is hiding somewhere. Not under the sofa, of that I am certain because I vacuum clean regularly under there. Anyway, just one sleeve left now.

Enjoying my growing collection of Ice Cream Soda quilt blocks. I always have a small zip bloc bag with all I need for one block in my work bag and make sure to take 30 minutes at lunch time to sew.

Watching "Hospital" on BBC2 a sobering but nevertheless uplifting documentary series about NHS hospitals in Liverpool. Sobering because the NHS is under immense strain, uplifting because NHS staff is so dedicated to delivering good service despite the circumstances. I am also watching "A Good Place" on Netflix. This always makes me laugh. Shame that the episodes are so short.

Listening to "The colour of Bee Larkham's murder" by Sarah J Harris.  I just finished actually. This is a murder mystery written from the perspective of an autistic 13 year old boy with face blindness and synesthesia. Jasper sees sounds in a million shades of colours and the paintings of his soundscape help to solve the murder of Bee Larkham. It was nail bitingly suspenseful at times and there were moments when I couldn't bear to continue with the books because I worried so much that something would happen to Jasper. The descriptions of Jasper's soundscapes are just beautiful and will appeal to anyone with a love for colours.

Sticking to my one and only New Years resolution. I am folding the laundry as it comes out of the drier. Socks inside out? I don't care. PJ bottoms with one leg inside out? Never mind, I just fold it up like that. I put my own clothes in the laundry basket they way I like to wear them: right side out, socks in pairs but particularly my youngest don't have a care in the world..... but there have been grumbles about school trousers being the wrong way and maybe by the end of the year my silent protest will catch.

Checking sunrise and sunset times every day. It is still dark when I go to work in the morning but I can tell a difference in the evening. I swear I notice the subtle one or two minute differences and love the lengthening days.

Wondering what to do about the fat robin in my front garden that chases all other birds away from the bird feeder. I bought a second feeder which is hanging further away but that cheeky things is awfully territorial. It won't be able to fly much longer, it is getting really fat.

Marvelling at the clever magpies in the back garden. They gently shake the bird feeder and then pick up the mealworms from the ground. The pigeons get the seeds that also fall. Meanwhile the resident robin here is far less territorial, or simply outnumbered by the dozen or so blue tits.

Appreciating my warm hands after my bike ride to work or back. I have two new pairs of mittens. One is a very thick pair of felted wooly ones that my mum gave me for Christmas. They are my happy mittens. The other pair are skiing mittens. I like to use both but the wooly ones are not waterproof and are therefore sunny weather only mittens.

Loving the snow drops popping up everywhere. I didn't feel like crouching down to get a decent photo though and you just have to imagine the abundance of tiny white flowers.

Procrastinating. Always procrastinating. Mostly over stuff I need to do at work and to a lesser extent at home. For example, the Christmas decoration box is still not tidied away and my lecture updates are taking forever.

Envying Jack for his long lazy days interrupted only by the occasional need for a walk or the urge bark at some passing dogs or foxes. That and of course checking out the squirrel population in the back garden and making sure breakfast and dinner are served on time. I probably wouldn't take up barking as a hobby but lounging on the sofa sounds marvellous.

As always, I am inspired by my friend Jo over at Three Stories High. Her January...ing post is such a happy read, treat yourself if you haven't already :-)

Thanks for visiting, it is lovely to see you.

Christina xx