Sunday, 17 September 2017

don't fret, it is just micellar water

But more that later.

It has been a enjoyable weekend. Busy but not busy. It started with the camping planning meeting on Friday night. This is an essential part of our biannual camping  weekends, although by the time we get around to the planning meeting, all is booked and planned. The biggest decision is where to go, and who is keeping track of the long range weather forecast.

Just before we left, Annie suggested she do my make-up. I wasn't going to bother. After all, our camping friends have seen the worst of me already. You know, that exhausted hollowed out look one achieves after three days of poor sleep and long windy days, complete with baggy, dirty joggy bottoms. I let myself talk into it and to be honest, it was nice to be pampered by my beautiful daughter. She is a make-up wizard, Annie is. She told me that my complexion was actually ok (all things considered) but that unfortunately her concealer tone didn't match mine and I would have to make do with black rings under my eyes, or look ghoulish. I opted for the black rings. She removed the concealer using micellar water. Having my eyes closed all throughout, I flinched at the cold pad touching my eyes. Don't fret, it is just micellar water Annie said. I felt very pretty, despite the baggy eyes.

The evening was a success but I consumed far too much Prosecco. We discussed all the necessary items on the agenda and moved on swiftly to more mundane topics, like how often we all changed bedlinen (we are a group of very good friends) and what gigs were planned for the autumn.

Saturday began with the usual football training for the lads and a long dog walk for me. After the walk, there was a flurry of cleaning, everyone helped. We had been a bit lazy, which is probably the result of having a neat house the week before when my mum was here (her efforts, not mine, it was great).

Annie's friends arrived at 2 pm, for an extended over night birthday party. It didn't involve me or anyone else. The girls were chatting, baking and beautifying each other. Then they went for dinner at Pizza Express (no parents required). I felt a pang of regret, loosing my little girl to adulthood is exiting and terrifying at the same time. More exiting than terrifying thankfully. Annie did text to say that she had left her wallet at home... since we were on taxi duty anyway, it was not a problem.

James and Alistair spent the afternoon on the football pitch with friends. I felt rather redundant but enjoyed practising free motion quilting on small pieces of quilt sandwiches. It was not a success. Achieving a regular stitch length is tricky and the top thread was showing in the curves on the bottom, just like cartoon eyelashes. I'll keep practising for a few weeks before tackling the real thing. I also cut out fabric for a bra. Sewing a bra is my next sewing challenge.

Sunday started with an excited ten year old. James was getting ready promptly for his own birthday party, only two months late. Richard took him and a car load of excited children to the climbing wall, then on to MacDonald's for some fine dining. Meanwhile Jack and I went for a long walk. Thereafter, he chilled out on the window sill and I continued sewing. I struggled sewing the right pieces of bra together but succeeded in the end (more of that another time). James's friends stayed on after the party and played happily for a while, then went off to the football pitch again. I need to get used to children not wanting to play with me.

I went for my jog later. I am reluctant to call it a run, I am in week four of my ZombiesRun 5k training game and there is plenty of walking. The training program is different from other 5k training programmes in that you very quickly up the milage, the full distance in week three. It is a walk-fast walk-jog routine interspersed with exercises, for example heel lifts. I enjoy the story that comes with the drills, even though it is not the first time I am doing using this app.

Dinner was an excellent chicken/mushroom/tarragon pie. There were some complaints about mushrooms and tarragon but I thought Richard cooked an amazing dinner. He is a far better cook than I.

Now I am sat in my favourite yellow armchair, watching the original 1968 Star Trek series. I hope you enjoyed a weekend as lovely as mine. Have a good week! xx