Monday, 23 July 2018

Denmark - our summerhouse and the beach

I am ready to share some holiday photos with you. Today, I'll show you the summerhouse and the nearby beaches. It was such a nice place, we didn't venture far for the first week.

Our summer house was near the coast in North Zeeland and was about one hours drive from Copenhagen. It was one of many summer houses but we rarely saw or heard our neighbours as each was on a generous plot of land and although many of the houses seemed occupied it was very peaceful. I enjoyed that. The cottage was surrounded by woodlands and shrubs on three sides but had an open field in the back with horses grazing and more woodlands in the distance.

I felt at home straight away. The summer house was light and airy, open plan and all white on the inside. It felt like a proper home, with a thoughtfully planned living space. It was artfully thrown together in that nonchalant way that I would like to call my own, too. There was a mix of vintage and new and it all just worked. The Danes seem to like vintage and flea markets, there was plenty of opportunity to visit small vintage shops. The restrictive Ryanair baggage regulations prevented me from buying anything but it was tempting.

The summerhouse is clearly a beloved holiday home, not a holiday rental property. Airbnb as originally intended. There were three bedrooms inside the house and additional annex, which Annie claimed for herself but then was too scared to spend the night in on her own. She moved back to the main house quickly. I imagine the annex would make perfect craft room!

I loved the all around the house decking, there was a spot of sun at any time of day. I would move the chair I had claimed to be mine right through the house in the late afternoon to the sunny evening spot and back again in the morning for morning sun. Perfect. The light was beautiful, just the right kind for hand sewing. There were too dining tables outside, front and back and we could eat in the sun or shade at any time of day. The boys loved the trampoline, which was set into the ground. There was also a climbing tree, plenty of wood for building dens and a fire pit. We couldn't use this because of a fire ban but it was never chilly enough to wish for a cosy fire anyway.

The beach was quite close but access seemed tricky as access paths were private and gated even though the actual beach wasn't. People were very friendly, unlocking their gate for us and later explaining where public access was. James loved the beach, he wanted to visit every day. Richard was happy to take him. The rest of us often stayed at the house, pottering. The sea was surprisingly warm, the sand soft and fine. I really don't like sand on my hands and feet and in an ideal world, each sandy beach should have a small concrete patch for people like me, who love the water but hate to walk through the sand with wet feet! Luckily, there were some big rocks along the shore and I could sit on those unharmed by pesky sand. The waves were quite bit but not scarily so and even Alistair ventured in, as long as I was by his side. James is like a fish, as are Annie and Richard. Alistair and I would watch them in the distance, playing silly games in the waves, floating or diving.

It was hot, properly hot. Everything was bone dry and grass crunchy under foot. There were lots of fruit vendors along the country roads and I felt for their livelihood, affected by the draught. The cherries were amazing, just like the cherries of my childhood, not the small hard ones we can buy at Tesco's at a premium. We ate loads of cherries, and strawberries, too. Cost of living are quite high but not higher than back home. It is funny how we always think holidays should be a bargain and I did catch myself thinking that stuff is too expensive!

Denmark is such a civilised country, it was good to leave the political mess that is the UK behind for a bit and ignore the disastrous downwards spiralling path Brexit is tumbling along drunkenly. I just thought this morning that I may not be able to go on holiday abroad next year as I might be denied re-entry... not a thought I want to dwell on too much.

I'll be sharing some more photos over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I am enjoying my holiday at home. I am working but because my entire family is away, it feels a bit like a holiday. Jack is recovering well and will have his stitches removed tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. xx