A colourful life

Monday, 3 May 2021

in no rush

... to get dressed on this wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday. It is properly miserable and quite chilly, too. Back in the olden golden days, when the children were little and us ancients were a bit hardier and adventurous we used to camp over this May Bank holiday, always with a bunch of other families equally bonkers. Not anymore. I do miss making memories of night time walks to the far away toilet blocks, of frozen toothpaste, mud-caked children and friends piled into the small porch area of the tent, all wrapped in woollies and blankets, steaming coffee in hand. Now I much prefer listening to the rain sitting on my favourite armchair in the corner of our cosy kitchen. Lupin the cat and just about everybody else in this house agrees with me. 

Though of course no friends are visiting to help me set the world right but maybe soon. 

Thanks for visiting 🙂