A colourful life

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sunday evening and I am just chilling

What a peaceful weekend I've had. I had forgotten about an all day Scout hike for James and Alistair on Saturday. They left just after 8 in the morning and didn't return until nearly 6 pm. The weather was absolutely glorious. What did I do with my day of freedom? Jack and I went for a long walk then I spent all day pottering around, cutting fabric for the half blocks for the ice cream soda quilt, basting and stitching. I did some light vacuum cleaning, too. I needed that (not the vacuum cleaning).  When the boys got back, I made them a pizza from the cold cabinet at Tesco's. Annie and I enjoyed a mushroom risotto. James and Alistair wouldn't eat a mushroom if I threatened them with  an eternal screen ban. They were tired and slept early. I stayed up for too late, watching a new to me series on Netflix (The Umbrella Academy). I finally went to bed at 1 am.

Sunday I had a lie-in. Annie and the boys were up and had breakfast by the time I went downstairs to make a coffee. I went for a run but my timing was off. I got caught in a massive downpour. There was even thunder. I took shelter but not before I was completely soaking and freezing cold. It took a long time to warm up again. Meanwhile, the boys had tidied up their rooms. Alistair's looked like a storm had gone through it the night before. He sometimes stays up late secretly and plays with everything that is not locked away.

A friend popped round with a paper bag full of chanterelles. I can see another mushroom risotto in my very near future. Maybe tomorrow. The rest of Sunday was uneventful. Once the rain stopped, we took Jack for a long walk and then spent the rest of the afternoon reading. We did some more pottering around. I took the vacuum cleaning to the next level and whizzed through the house. I also washed the sticky floors and cleaned the kitchen. I made an open apple pie, poached pears in a vulgar amount of red wine and made apple sauce. Our trees keep on giving. We had burgers and salad for dinner, followed by apple pie. I might have a glass of wine, since there is some left from cooking.

I think I am ready for Monday, first day of term. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The broadband master is due to visit tomorrow to setup our new service.

Thanks for visiting, it is lovely to see you. Wishing you a fantastic week xx