Sunday, 26 March 2017

a sunny weekend

It has been a quiet weekend here. Today, I am feeling almost human, my cold is on the way out. During the night from Friday to Saturday I felt really awful and I awoke feverish and with heart beating in the fat burning exercise range - I am not sure if a Fitbit is always a useful gadget, I obsessed about my heart rate for the rest of the night. Needless to say I was tired on Saturday. Dr Google says it is not unusual to have a fast heart rate when ill, particularly with a fever. I enjoyed a few glasses of Prosecco on Friday evening (we visited friends), no doubt a poor choice when not feeling too great. It seemed ok at the time and I really enjoyed the evening. We are lucky to have the friends we have!

All weekend, the weather was glorious here in Glasgow, warm and sunny. Saturday morning is reserved for dog walking with friends, whatever the weather. It was a most delightful walk with lots of chatting. We did a spot of gardening in the afternoon and then we ate sandwiches on the deck. The sun was warming our bare arms, bumblebees were buzzing and birds were gathering nesting material (watched by the felines). I dried all our washing outside. Later, I cut fabric for a t-shirt and continued working on a toile for a woven top. I think I am now ready to sew the real thing.

Annie spent all of Saturday on the hills with Scouts. They climbed two hills and the photos the Scout leader posted were breathtakingly beautiful. I really must get on the hills sometime soon. Annie was tired but not too tired to go out for dinner with Richard and I. She did exceptionally well at school and we thought she deserved a bit of a treat. We went to Cafe Gandolfi, a favourite of us. The food is simple but beautifully cooked. It was lovely to spend some time with our only daughter and we caught up on missed conversations. Live is busy and we don't often enjoy time together. She is turning into a great young woman.

On Sunday morning I cleaned our bedroom top to bottom, even behind the chest of drawers. I had gotten it into my head that all the dust was not good for my health. I am embarrassed to say that I still found builders dust, three months after the builders left. The floors were hoovered and scrubbed, books tidied away and picture frames dusted. I even cleaned the windows. The windows were open all day and the room smells fresh and clean. The cleaning took quite a while but I am pleased with my effort. I am counting this as exercise, my first in two weeks.

I spent the afternoon re-threading my overlocker and sewing.  In between seams, I went out in the garden to warm my skin and to inhale the fresh spring air. James and Alistair spent hours kicking a ball in the back garden, Richard watched the cycling and Annie painted her bedroom door. I negotiated some more cleaning with Sam. It is educational for him and makes my life easier. Then Sam and I did the grocery shopping in Waitrose. I like to buy ecological cleaning stuff, which is only available there. Sam disapproves of Waitrose. Too many hipster beards and soccer mums (sic!). He was happy enough to buy hipster coffee flavouring. Richard made chicken and lentil curry for dinner and better still, he made lasagne for tomorrow. He is leaving for his annual cycling holiday tomorrow, lucky man. In case you are wondering, Richard is feeling better overall but is still suffering from painful sinuses.

After dinner, I folded all the laundry. It is most enjoyable to have sun kissed washing. Can't wait to get into bed. I have to say that despite feeling under the weather, the weekend was most enjoyable. What did you do this weekend?

Wishing you all a fabulous week. xx