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November, November. Stormy, dark and exhausting, also cosy. :: Travelling to London, not once but twice. The first trip was for fun, the second trip for work. You can read about the fun trip in a previous post. The most memorable part of my work trip to London was the Caledonian Sleeper. Going down, great. Coming back, no water in cabin. I slept well both ways, which was good. Overall a good experience but don't be fooled by the luxurious advertising material, the sleeper at the end of the day is a train, not a penthouse suite. The meeting I attended was really good and absolutely worth the trip. :: Listening to several mostly mediocre audio books. I listened to the Ferryman by Justin Cronin, which I found fairly awful. The plot is thin and the characters one dimensional and unlikeable. The book needed a more ruthless editor. I started a new crime series, set on the Isle of Skye written by J.M. Dalgliesh. The first instalment is A long time dead , the second one The dead man of

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