A colourful life

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Ticking along

This must be longest posting gap ever. I didn't mean to leave it that long but life is busy and to be honest, nothing much of note is happening. Most days are a variation on this theme: Wake up, drink coffee and catch up on the news (dire), do a bit of mothering, lots of work, feed the animals and children, walk an hour and listen to a podcast or book, do some chores, go back to bed. With the odd colourful sprinkles of excitement of course, for example an unexpectedly sweet punnet of strawberries. Or poor Lupin the cat foaming and dribbling out of her mouth because an un-named teenager dropped toothpaste on her back, which she tried to lick off (she is ok). On Wednesdays at the moment there is the added thrill of the Great British Sewing Bee. Richard finds it hard to believe that this programme might be of interest to anyone but then this is the man who watches bicycle races. This coming week brings even more thrills with book group and an old friend visiting for the weekend. For book group we are reading Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart. He also wrote Shuggie Bain. My Glaswegian pals were raving about this book but I found it hard to read, a social work case study gone wrong about a sweet little boy growing up in 1980s Glasgow with an alcoholic mother. Anyway, I have not read the new book. A stain on my unblemished book group reading record but I just can't bring myself to read another bleak book. Instead, I have been enjoying a bit of space opera and a bit of crime fiction.

Richard returned from Rhode Island on Sunday. Travel for work is back on the cards and while it is exciting to attend a conference, the actual travel is tedious (always has been), particularly if it involves flying. The poor chap spent hours queuing at the airport, then didn't get his luggage. For my next work trip I can take the train, so much more preferable with no check-in queues and security checks. I am booked into a nice hotel in London within walking distance of Euston and where I need to be for work. Perfect (apart from having to work of course). But I have added a sneaky day off to the my itinerary.

Richard and I took dining chairs over to Sam's. He already has our old well loved dining table but needed the chairs, too (we have a tiny car in case you are wondering why we didn't move all at once). Oddly, we could only find three of the four matching chairs in our attic. It is a bit of a mystery.

Schools break up for summer at the end of the week. The thought brings tears to my eyes. Seven weeks! I booked James and Alistair into an outdoor camp for the entire first week, at a cost that makes me feel a bit sick but I have at the moment 14 hours of student contact scheduled in this week, plus a long training session.

After a long time not really wanting to be creative, I can feel a tiny urge to create something. This makes me so happy! I cut into a deep red cotton jersey that I bought years ago when we were on holiday in Denmark. I am going to make a simple t-shirt. I have also added a couple of rows to a leaving home quilt for my friends daughter. I was glad to hear that she will be a home student for first year at university.... more time to reconnect with my creative inner self. 

I bought a new salad spinner. So pleased that our salads are not soggy with water any more. 

I might go wild swimming in a local loch. This is not something I have done before because I am not sure about the water quality. I'll keep you in the loop on this new development.

In the meantime, I shall end this rather boring post and watch Yorkshire Vet on the telly. Thanks for visiting 😊

P.S. Blogger is acting up for me at the moment. My comments disappear unless they are moderated. Weird and a bit annoying but Blogger is what Blogger is