A colourful life

Sunday, 14 October 2018

October..... ing

:: Inspired by Jo's October...ing post, writing my own.

:: Walking Jack through torrential rains. He was rather indignant to be dragged out of the cosy house.

:: Chatting with my teenage son and his pal Billy who seems to prefer spending the weekend with us and not his own family when he is in town

:: Feeling annoyed that for two nights running, we are invaded by male teenagers with wet dirty shoes and no concern for my kitchen floor, or anything else. On the other hand, it is good to know that the boys are comfortable enough to hang out here.

:: Laughing about Jack, whom I found standing on my ironing board the other evening. I am not sure how he got up but he clearly didn't trust himself to go down the same way. I took this photo from a distance, whilst observing him. 

:: Feeling relief after another relentless work at week. This week I learned that consumer satisfaction is more valued at my university than the student learning experience. A depressing thought.

:: Playing card games with Alistair. We've had this particular game since Sam was little. Winning involves a bit of luck, a sprinkle of risk taking and nerves made of steel. I rarely win, I am not much of a risk taker, not even in an innocent card game.

:: Stitching the final few hexagons of my first completely hand sewn quilt top.

:: Repurposing a few spare full hexagons to make them into half ones for gap filling.

:: Using the EPP glue stick my friend Jo sent me.

:: Eating bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl with vegetables, kimchi, a fried egg, tofu and spicy sauce. I love south East Asian food more than anything.

:: Wishing it would stop raining. Also wishing that I had taken some photos before the weather turned and that I had bought a winning lottery ticket.

:: Choosing a new book for book group. It is silly really but I do find this quite stressful. We are reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. The novel follows several generations of a Korean family through the 20th century, from the Japanese colonisation to war, to living in Japan and finally to witnessing the home country divided into two very different halves.

:: Listening to the radio because the telly has nothing to offer.

:: Feeling disappointed with myself because I use my phone more than I thought. I do listen to a lot of podcasts on my phone and hope the hour a day usage can be explained with this.

:: Imagining what I could do with the time spent on the phone.

:: Hoping for some reasonable weather because James and Alistair are booked into an outdoors holiday camp all of next week.

Have a lovely week! xx