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Monday, 11 November 2019

a most satisfying weekend

It turns out November is not that bad after all. I enjoyed a relaxing, fun and busy in a good way weekend.

I was so tired on Friday night, I didn't even stay up for Annie to get home from some gig. I couldn't tell you when she got back but I am sure it was at a reasonable time. She is a reasonable kind of girl most of the time. Richard stayed up for her in case you are wondering. She loves music and loves going to gigs. She's not got that from me, I don't enjoy the crows all that much and get bored when listening to one band for more than 20 minutes. It is a mixtape for me any day.

Saturday was bitterly cold and I wrapped up warm in my long down jacket. Sam once said I look like someone walking around in their sleeping bag. I assume what he really meant is that I look like a whale but I don't care, it is nice and toasty. Jack and I went on our usual dog walk with friends (his and mine), most enjoyable. I love this walking routine and it almost always marks the beginning of the weekend. Jack was so bouncy, like a baby deer. I think he loves this time of year. Maybe the smell landscape is particularly exciting when it is cold and dry.

We spent the rest of the day pottering around, with some chores thrown in. I cut fabrics for an advent calendar, which was fun. I also cut lots of numbers from double-sided appliqué fusible webbing, ironed them on fabric pieces then cut the numbers out with my tiniest scissors and finally ironed them onto the calendar pockets. I took like forever! What a faff. I think dainty appliqué is not my thing. I sewed the numbers on on Sunday afternoon. It was not as fiddly as I thought it might be and I actually quite enjoyed the process. I'll assemble the advent calendar next weekend and then I'll show you it.

Richard and I went for dinner party, which was great fun. I love spending time with old friends.

Sunday morning I went for a run, bright and early. I only manage two runs a week but I think I am definitely on track to a faster pace. I'd love to go out more but my inner lazy self usually gets the upper hand. The weather was glorious and the canal path and Kelvin walkway were quiet. Very cold though. Later in the morning it was the boys turn for a cross country race in a nearby park. Alistair struggled a bit because he had not previously run this distance off road. When Alistair struggles, he gives up very quickly. He didn't quite come in last but it was not far off. He is still young and maybe will learn from his brother's determination. They weren't in the same category, thank goodness. I am sure James would have sacrificed his own good time to encourage his little brother. He is nice like that.

The rest of the day was for more pottering around the house and garden. I planted a gigantic whisky barrel planter with many many tulip bulbs. A proper tulip lasagne it is. I had done the same last year but never bothered digging the bulbs up for storage. Our resident squirrel was feasting all summer and only the deepest of bulbs remained.  I also cleared out the disappointing dahlia tubers from their planters and replaced them with some more tulip bulbs.

The boys and I watched the third episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet. I love nature programmes and this one is exquisite, as one might expect when David Attenborough is involved, even just as a narrator. I recently listened to a podcast about David Attenborough's life, he seems like a rather pleasant man with a kind heart. The podcast was the narrated version of a Guardian long read article, if you are interested.

And now it is Monday evening again and I am trying not to hyperventilate when thinking of all the marking that I have not done yet.... but the next weekend is not too far in the distance!

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