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It is noticeably lighter now, at the end of February. I am also feeling lighter, much lighter than back in the old year. That is in mind, not in body 😂 :: Re-fashioning a favourite sweatshirt I made a few years ago, maybe in 2021. I fell out of love with the neckband and cuffs, which were orange and gold. I replaced neckband, cuffs and hemband with a pale pink version. Combining orange with pink makes my heart sing. It took longer to unpick the seams than to sew the new ribbing on... :: "Suffering" from litter picker repetitive strain pain. I always try to use both arms but I clearly favoured my right.  :: Overall though feeling strong as ballet and volunteering both contribute to my core and upper body strength.  :: Persevering with running. I used to think that I am not running, merely jogging but I have decided that this is nonsense. I am running, albeit slowly.  Enough of exercise!  :: Reading a most insufferable book for book group. Yes, reading. I returned the aud

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