Sunday, 17 June 2018

two count-downs and other items of interest (in no particular order)

A double count-down is in full swing. In just a few days I'll be taking to the skies to attend a conference in Canada. Upon my return, there will be two days of work before we go on summer holidays. I am trying not to be patronising and write a list must-absolutely-not-forget-things for Richard.

I am very excited about the holiday, a bit apprehensive about the conference. It will be fun once I am there. I am lucky enough to go for pleasure only, I don't have a paper to present or any other agenda to follow.  I am travelling with a new female colleague and it will be great to get to know her better. I am really looking forward to finally visiting Canada, even if it is just for a few days. I have googled local fabric shops.

As a result of my travels, I'll miss the last day of school and I'll miss the celebration assembly. I am delighted about the latter. In the entire school calendar, this annual celebration assembly is the worst of all events. Trust me, I know. This year's would be my 13th.

We'll travel to Denmark for our holiday. I can't wait, it will be great.

Me and Jack have been practicing our commute. I decided to train him how to ride a bike in style and how to jog alongside a bike safely.  It is less than 3 km, some along the road but mostly through the woods. Jack is happy to sit in my back bike basket when we are riding on the road. When we reach the woods, he jogs ahead of me on the forest path.  In the bike, he sits in the basket and looks like a king. I don't think he'll be tempted to jump but I am going to fit a harness that should keep him securely in place. He has a cosy bed in my office and there are dog friends along the corridor, too.

Teacher presents are ready - rhubarb cordial. I have even made labels. Annie is in charge of writing cards and making sure the boys take the presents to school.

I am sewing a dress, one seam at the time. Time management has been a bit difficult and I am stealing a minute of free time here and there. I want to finish the dress for my trip to Canada. Having checked the weather forecast and temperature range, I need something light and airy. I am slightly concerned about air conditioning. Should I bring wooly socks and a cardigan for the time spent indoors?

I am slowly (very slowly) stitching my hexagons together. Expected date of finish is sometime during 2027 if I continue at the current rate. Man it is slow! I also had to get the next size up for reading glasses so I can see the tiny stitches.

I was sad to wake up to the news that the Glasgow School of Art was once more on fire and is extensively damaged, quite possibly beyond repair. Such a loss for Glasgow.

Lots of people have joined the SNP after the recent walk-out of Scottish MPs from parliament. I am not surprised. Such an unfortunate name, Scottish National Party. There is so much more to this party than Scottish Independence, something that is largely ignored south of the border. I am a Green voter myself in case you are wondering and on the few occasions that I am allowed to vote.

I am the mother of a man. Sam went to the his prom last night. He looked rather handsome in his three piece suit. Sam and and one of his friends returned just after 9 am this morning, still looking good. Oh to be young again! I am unrecognisable if I go to sleep after midnight.

Coincidentally, this is my 500th post. How did this happen? Thanks for sticking with me, it is really nice to have you visit and sometimes say hello. Cheerio for now xx