A colourful life

Sunday, 13 September 2020

September ...ing

Celebrating two birthdays. Annie turned 17, Richard hit the mid-fifties. Annie reconciled herself with the fact that she can't have a birthday party. She was and is meeting her friends one by one.  

Eating far too much cake. Also a take-away from Mother India to celebrate Richard's birthday and a full cooked Scottish breakfast for Annie's birthday brunch. It should come as no surprise that I feel sluggish. 

Loving the two twigs of eucalyptus in my living room. I visited the florist to buy a bunch of flowers for Annie because she was feeling a bit in the dumps and thought I'd treat myself to these long lasting fragrant grey green beauties. Because we deserve a treat. 

Feeling relieved that the DVLA has finally issued my new driving licence and returned my passport. Six weeks! 

Wearing my Love Note jumper, it was a fun knit and I might yet be convinced that knitting with big needles is for me. I'll show you soon (it is difficult to photograph).

Ripping yet another pair of jeans. It is impossible to buy normal jeans at the Gap (where I usually order mine). High waisted Cigarette anyone? Or maybe a pair of Mom jeans? I wonder if the distressed Barrel would be for me? I am somewhat barrel shaped. I might opt for the cheeky Straight also I can't see it being different from classic Straight. The choices a modern woman is faced with!

Getting cross with Jack - often. He is a thief with a cunning ability to find food where none should be. He feasted on Annie's birthday cake (hidden in my office) and he stole a whole salami from Richard's study. No, I don't know why Richard keeps salami in his study. Maybe to break the tedium of his many Zoom meetings. 

Listening to "All the devils are here" by Louise Penny. Always good to catch-up with chief inspector Gamache, this time in Paris. 

Reading the This Week Junior magazine. The boys aren't interested in the trial subscription I got for them but I find it quite entertaining and informative.

Warming up for the next academic term. It is going to be a long one. 

Wondering about our October holiday, booked long before the pandemic was declared. Should we go or should we stay at home? We'll have to wait and see. 

Watching countless re-runs of Star Trek Voyager. There is something comforting about watching a familiar TV series. Alistair is now also hooked. I am also watching This Farming Life, which I love. 

Cutting fabric in small batches. I am struggling to make decisions about what fabrics to combine for my quilt blocks. After two weeks of not being able to make any decisions, I went to my last hand pieced quilt for inspiration. What worked once might work again, no?

Stitching, slowly. 

Cursing the wind. I swear it gives me a headache. Something sure does and I can't shift it. 

Making crab apple jelly and considering making crab apple cheese with the pulp. I didn't check if we had sugar.... juice and pulp now awaiting further processing in the freezer. 

Wondering what to do with all the windfall apples. Richard is making dried apple rings and apple sauce but more apples keep on falling from the tree (the wind!) needing immediate attention. The slugs are loving this sweat feast.

Noticing the first fat spiders scurrying though the house. A sure sign of autumn. Yuck! Jack rather likes them. Maybe they are as tasty as cake and salami?

Thanks for visiting. How is life with you?