A colourful life

Sunday, 21 October 2018

questioning my sense of normality

How was your weekend? I am still enjoying the last few moments of ours, as always trying to make it last just a little bit longer. The laundry is folded, the children washed and the dog fed - all good. I managed to squeeze in quite a lot of making. I made a cake, knitted a few rows on my cardigan and started quilting Alistair's quilt. I am machine quilting this one as I really need to rest my arm. I don't think hand sewing makes it worse (it is a pain free activity) but it probably also doesn't help because of the repetitive movement. Mostly though I have been removing papers from my hexagon quilt. Yes, the top is finished! I am a bit sad. I have been questioning my sense of normality today. First I am carefully sewing fabric onto several hundred paper hexagons, then I spend several months sewing the hexagons together and now I am removing the papers one by one. An alien observing me from afar must be thinking that woman is bonkers. It is a slow process, removing all the papers. I am methodically cutting the little knots of and then gently pull the thread out. I don't want to distort the fabric by being too forceful. All the half hexagons along the side are glue basted and I am finding it quite tricky to remove those papers without fraying the fabric. It is probably a matter of practice. The process of removing papers is oddly satisfying. At the going rate, it is going to take a few more days.

In other news, we had a waffle feast for breakfast and I went for my first jog in months. It was hard moving those heavy legs but my lungs work well. I am doing a walk jog routine with the couch to 5 k app. It is dead boring and I really just want to run but I am no spring chicken, I am fat and my body aches all over. Best to take it gently to avoid another injury. I bought new running shoes for James yesterday, in my favourite local running shop. This triggered happy memories of running with the shops informal running group, way back in time when pounding the pavement was still easy. Wish me luck.

Time to pick up those knitting needles. It is cardigan weather and I want to get my purple cardigan of the needles this side of Christmas. Have a lovely week. xx