A colourful life

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Sunbathing in the living room

I had such a busy week. It is Sunday and I only just feel like my mind is letting me relax.

Work has been throwing some curveballs at me, nothing new, just the usual palaver that you might find in any academic environment. Expanding student numbers and no front-end investment in staff make it difficult to put the student experience first. The workload is ok but I feel anxious because there is nobody to catch my fall, or cover my classes.

Alistair continues to suffer from excruciating tummy pains. It is upsetting to see him in pain. A warm cherry stone pillow and hugs is the best I can offer. It is not constant and evenings are worst, I am not sure why. Maybe a lack of distraction? So far all tests have proven to be normal, which is a relief but also a puzzle. We have one more test scheduled before going back to see the paediatrician.

The weather has been truly atrocious....I ordered and returned two light weather proof jackets for running. I went through the trouble of measuring myself and comparing the size guides with my measurements. One jacket had ridiculously long sleeves (big bottomed women don't have Orang Utan arms). The other jacket I couldn't get the zip to meet despite ordering a size larger than the size guide recommenced. Can I just say that I am pissed off?

On the bright side, the weather is glorious today, I have seen cute puppy photos and I have finished the body of my Polaris jumper and half a sleeve. I do not enjoy knitting sleeves but I really want to wear the jumper soon. I have also sewn up all of my tiny squares into neat rows. It was most therapeutic. I chain-stitched to save thread and to speed up the process (sew pairs, then sew the pairs into rows of four, rows of eight and finally rows of sixteen)

The snow drops are popping up around our two fruit trees in the front garden. A sure sign of better things to come. Days are getting longer noticeably. I measure day length with the need to use lights for my bike commute to and from work and I can't wait to leave my assorted lights at home.

I am now also the proud (temporary) owner of a microscope (at work). I need to document our parasitology slide collection over the next six months. I am so excited!

I just finished listening to David Nott's War Doctor and I now know more about war injuries in civilians and desperate attempts to save lives in the most hostile war environments than I thought possible. It is an upsetting memoir but I was left with a little hope because there are people that care, even in the most horrendous situations. I am now listening to Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconner. What a contrast to War Doctor! I must admit, I find it oddly fascinating to hear Lady Glenconner talk about the weird and not always so wonderful but incredibly privileged ways of English aristocracy.

My beginners running group continues to be fun. We are encouraged to go out in between the weekly sessions and I have. I also helped out with one of the junior packs. This was not entirely voluntary but the result of Alistair being disruptive. In such instances, parents are asked to come along until such a time when their child's behaviour improves. I can't keep up with kids, they are fast and agile. Lots of standing around in the cold also, when they are doing drills. James has been going out running by himself, too. He loves the Strava app that I installed for me to keep track of his runs. I don't use Strava myself, I am a firm ZombiesRun supporter, I find it more fun because it doesn't just record runs but also entertains with story missions, or radio mode.

I have been marvelling at the many different ways Alistair says "mum". Entire sentences can be in just this one word. For example, when he comes home from school and finds me at home he drops his bag and comes running towards me saying "mum" in a way that makes it sound as if he didn't expect to ever see me again and finding me in the house was the most marvellous thing ever. It is rather sweet.

I made myself take more photos last week. I took the camera with me yesterday when walking Jack but the battery was flat. The bird photos are taken through the windows because to avoid frightening them away. There is a flock of at least eight sparrows that monopolises the front garden feeder. They are a noisy bunch!

Right now I am enjoying the warm sunshine in my just cleaned living room. The noisy critters are out on a hill walk with Richard and it is blissfully silent. Perfect for knitting a few more rounds. Have a lovely day wherever you are. Thank you for stopping by xx