A colourful life

Sunday, 22 November 2020

the colour of mud

I was a funny old week with very little happening. I can't really think of anything to share that would be remotely interesting. The weather is properly miserable, as it often is at this time of year. The exception was Thursday, when there was some much needed sunshine. Not even Jack is keen to spend time outside and when he does go out, he comes back covered in mud and shivering. It is quite funny, he is all excited about walking until he actually steps out. Then he sits down and I can see in his eyes that he is wondering how to best get in touch with the dog rescue service. The colours are now properly wintery, various shades of mud. There are some pops of bright colour left, rose hip and red berries for example but the good old trusty Rudbeckia is now starting to look a bit fed up. 

I got a bit lost on my last jog, so much so that I had to ask for directions. In a neighbourhood that I am familiar with.... bungalow central in the dark with wandering thoughts - not a good combination. How embarrassing. I could not make sense of the Google map on my phone, not even with my reading glasses on. I found those dangling from my neckline... double embarrassment, who goes running with their reading glasses!? I don't enjoy particularly my runs right now, my ankle is still sore, eight weeks after falling. I don't enjoy walking either, the pain is comparable. Some of those running injuries take ages to heal but I am starting physiotherapy tomorrow, there is hope. I am so glad physio therapy is an essential service.

In other exciting news, I went out to Tescos to buy an advent calendar for Sam and one for his flatmate, too. I did this before the new restrictions came into force just in case frivolous things like advent calendars are cordoned off from the essential food isles. 

I took Friday off, knowing that the time spent on the sofa would come to bite me on Monday. I have 13 days of annual leave left, not counting the set holidays over Christmas and New Year, which adds another 7 days. There is no way I can use it up. Our employer has been very generous with additional leave days as a thank you for working our socks off to make studying at university a good experience even in pandemic times. It is a worthless gesture because it is difficult take regular leave with nobody to pick up the slack. 

Anyway, on my day off I made blackberry jelly and crabapple jelly, with fruit foraged and picked earlier this autumn. Both jellies have a mean wobble, just perfect if I say so myself. The colour is also delightful. I love it on a slice of richly buttered bread. I watched Nigella Lawson double butter her toast the other day. Isn't she just fabulous? She also made a scrumptious fried chicken sandwich that I would love to make for myself. It would make a welcome change from my current go to lunch, two pieces of bread with a spoon of mayo and slices of cucumber and tomato. Did I ever mention here that I am unable to cut a straight slice of bread? I have many talents but this is not one of them. It drives Richard potty. He straightens the loaf up but doesn't eat the wonky piece!

I also finished sewing my coat. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. The coat is of course completely unsuitable for the Scottish weather, which requires fully waterproof GoreTex clothing or double layers of black bin liners, not coats made with beautiful wool. My weather app promises a few hours of sunny spells on Wednesday, I'll take some photos then. 

Right, I have to complete the physio therapy health check questionnaire now. Thanks for visiting xx