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It has been a while since I last posted.... Readers, I am falling apart. Aging gracefully is not how I do it. I am plagued by terrible acne, which really hurts. An infectious disease doctor colleague I had not seen in a year pointed out that I had a painful looking cold sore on my cheeks. Good one, mate. I tried the over the counter acyclovir after receiving this pub diagnosis. It makes no difference. I also developed a double sided ear infection, which means I was popping pain killers at the maximum allowable daily dose, timer in hand to not miss a dose. The pain! I feel it deserves an exclamation mark.  A GP visit later I now have both acne treatment and antibiotic/anti-inflammatory ear drops. The acne will take weeks to make a difference but the ear infection is clearing up after a few days of treatment and my ears now discharge less ominous matter. I am starting to feel more like myself again.  I'll catch up with you all soon. Thanks for visiting 😊

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