A colourful life

Sunday, 28 November 2021

not the weekend I had hoped for

Here is Queen Pippin, now officially declared non-radioactive. She is allowed back outside and has been exploring the wilderness of our back garden. Pippin is much calmer now, less noisy and a little bit less skinny, too. Her fur is looking shiny and well groomed. Her progress is promising.

This weekend didn't quite pan out as planned. Sam had planned to come up for the weekend, to celebrate his 21st Birthday with us. Annie was also coming from St. Andrews to help us celebrate. Unfortunately, all train services from York to Scotland were cancelled due to storm Arwen and Sam didn't make it to Glasgow. I am a little bit heartbroken. Annie made it home ok although she said that it had been pretty wild on the roads. Sam is ok, he found friends to celebrate with. I am glad he wasn't on his own. It was lovely to have Annie to stay. 

I am feeling really grumpy right now. I discovered a trainer covered in dog poo inside a backpack, also covered in dog poo. I also found my shoe horn broken and hidden away. It had been missing for a couple of weeks. I like to use it to put on my running shoes because they are a bit worn out and difficult to put on. The house just doesn't ever seem to be clean, no matter how much I try to keep on top of it, the laundry is like an metastatic tumour. I have a week of practical teaching ahead, half of it likely to be disrupted by industrial action. Did I already mention my lady beard? It is growing out of control. It is all a bit soul destroying. 

But it is a sunny Sunday afternoon. I am sitting on the sofa in the thoroughly cleaned living room, sun warming my face. I'll take that for now. 

Thanks for visiting and sending a bit of sunshine my way.