Sock patterns

My creative project for the year 2014 was to make a pair of socks every month. Why you might wonder? Find out here. To view and download the patterns, click on the caption below each photo.

I have not asked anyone to test knit my patterns and you might well find a mistake. If you do, please let me know.

December - Celtic cable

November - twined leaves

October - variations on a theme

September - zigzag lace sock

August - ridged feather sock

July - summer sock

June - twin spiral sock

May - mind the gap sock

April - horseshoe lace sock

March - Ensign's braid sock

February - a simple cable sock

January -  no nonsense sock


  1. Wow! Wonderful sock patterns, thank you for sharing! I'm a sock knitter too so totally understand how addictive it can be - I'm usually thinking about the next pattern long before I've finished the current pair of socks :-) xx

  2. Very impressive. I'm knitting a sock right now but am a basic beginner in sock knitting.

  3. I have made three pairs from these so far. Simple, skinny cable and a leaf design. All easy to read. Jo x


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