Monday, 26 August 2013

a new beginning

Ok, here I am. Blogging.

I have read many wonderful blogs and I love reading about other peoples' lives. It is a bit like jogging on a dark evening, looking through windows and admiring furniture and décor and wondering why people have enormous flat screen TV sets above their period fire place. I am starting my own blog because it only feels right to share a little of my life with all those amazing bloggers.

Today was not a working day. I like my days off, especially now that child number 4 has started school. I have visions of myself, creating wonderful knitted masterpieces, making soap from scratch and generally enjoying myself. Did I mention the visits to the art galleries? The Italian conversation classes? The long walks in the countryside? It will happen one day, when I have a cleaner, a personal supermarket shopper, children who pick up their dirty socks and self laundering clothes.

The reality is different, of course.

A non working day morning in our house is pretty hectic. 4 kids demanding 4 different breakfasts. Sometimes I surrender, usually I cook porridge. School uniforms on a pile organised by colour rather than size. Missing toothbrushes and leaky water bottles. Unrecognisable foods sticking at the bottom of school bags.

And then are the decisions to be made: Packed lunches or cafeteria? Shower before the planned "run" after the walk to school, risking of course to look like a scarecrow that has spent the past ten years in a dusty basement or shower and look half decent but ultimately wasting water because of course after the run, a second shower is necessary? Hang the washing out or use the drier (or just leave it)? And so the day passes.

I did achieve a lot today however (including setting this blog up):
  • No child was left behind in the morning;
  • Only one child was wearing the wrong sized uniform;
  • I evaded 6 zombies on my run today (ZombiesRun) AND I ran for 7 km (with some walking)
  • I did hoover the living room (I don't like a crunchy feel under my bare feet)
  • I cooked the plum jam a second time (it didn't set yesterday)
  • I did remember to collect the youngest from school early;
  • I took the cat to the vet (she is loosing hair, poor thing);
  • I did remember the middle two kids (the oldest walks home on his own);
  • I cooked a reasonable dinner;
  • I didn't loose my temper when I helped the kids with their homework (I hate homework!);
  • I talked the older kids into taking the little ones to bed
  • I didn't shout much at all;
  • It is only 8 pm and I am sitting on my sofa with my feet up.

I know this is all a bit mundane and I am sure there will be more exiting posts but I am just at the beginning of a journey and anyway, who will be reading this? This is hard work!
I think I might spend the rest of the evening squaring circles and adding them to my evolving crochet blanket (pictures to follow).



  1. Always an achievement not to leave a child behind. Double achievement if you get them all home again in the afternoon.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Anne! First comment EVER.

  3. Hello, nice to meet you!
    I'm looking forward to your blog, Scotland, kids and crochet!
    Sandra x