Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One step at the time

So, two individuals stumbled across this little blog. How exiting! 

I was thinking about the future content of this blog. I set it up with a vague idea of it becoming kind of a diary where I record life as I experience it with all its ups and downs. This sounds easy enough I guess but really, it isn't.

I have a hundred questions buzzing through my head just now. How much do I actually want to share? How much should I share? Do I want to share it with friends and family? Or maybe it is preferable to not mention this little project of mine to friends and family? Should it be a happy day blog? Or am I happy to also share the not so great moments? What about my kids? Husband? Should I use their real names? Or maybe not? What about photographs? What about their privacy? Maybe they don't want to open their life to the world. Two of my four kids are adopted, this could potentially pose additional problems. How do I protect them adequately?

Having said all this, I do like to see photos of other bloggers families, and read about them, too...

I think I need to talk to at least the older kids and possibly my man and find out how much they are prepared to share.

One step at the time is the right way for now.
Today is a work day. I work four days a week, during school hours. It is a great arrangement really and I can't imagine it any other way. No child care costs (it adds up with four...), home before exhaustion gets the better of me. We have time for chats, homework, after school activities, dinner preparation and the odd bit of house work.

Homework: I am not a great fan. In fact, I joined the parent council at school to initiate a review of the homework policy of the school. Well, I didn’t get very far and maybe I should also mention that I am no longer on the parent council. I am not a quitter, don't get me wrong, there were other issues that got in the way of my ambitions, like for example adopting two little boys, doubling the size of my family over night and needing to make sure everybody somehow coped with the difficult first few weeks and months. Homework wasn't a top priority then. More of this eventful  time of our life another time!

What is your view on homework? I do understand the necessity of learning how to spell (for example) but really, should my six year old spend a good half hour after school practising his spelling by copying down words into a jotter? I want my kids to learn other stuff when they are not at school, for example finding out about good nutrition and where foods come from by helping prepare a family meal. Reading labels on foods and talking about words in recipes contribute to their spelling skills, too.

On this note, and before venting all my frustration about 9 years of homework battles (with another 13 years to look forward to) I am ending this post.

Next time I want share one of my crafty projects with you, it is mine to share and I don’t need to worry about decisions I have not quite taken yet.



  1. Hi Christina,

    Welcome to blogland! Very exciting :-) These are all the very same questions I had in the beginning too. I started by giving everyone in the family different names and not showing their faces but soon felt comfortable in the online space and was happy to share a bit more. I think as my kids get older I will revisit the privacy issue. I'm sure you'll work it out as you go. As for homework, our school does not have any other than a reader. It's brilliant!

    One question, I can't see any way to "follow" you.

    Mel x

  2. Hi Mel

    I feel honoured to read your comment! I have been reading your blog for ages. To answer your question, I have no idea how readers can follow me... I have added something called Google+ Followers but I am not sure this is what you are looking for? I have noticed you have a bloglovin button on your page. I tried to find information how to add a button like this but have not quite figured it out. Still a lot to learn!