Thursday, 29 August 2013

squaring circles

Today I would like to share something I have been working on for ages. You see, I love making stuff, and at the moment I am making a crochet blanket. It is colourful, of course.

I started this project back in February, when colours were rather dull and a bit of cheering up was in order. I used mostly Drops Karisma yarn, a superwash wool I really like (it is good value, too!). I also had a couple balls of Sandness Smart yarn, it runs to exactly the same yardage as the Karisma.
The blanket is constructed by first making circles, which are then crocheted together. I made 320 circles, all different. This was a bit of a challenge but I knew it was possible because- being a bit of a geek - I worked out that there should be almost 14000 different combinations with the 25 different colours of yarn... There are some over represented colours, but I did try to include the colours that I would not choose to wear, too. I spent some weeks just admiring the colour-coordinated stacks of circles before I could bring myself to jumble them all up and start  to assemble the blanket. The bag of circles is slowly emptying but there are still 5 rows to go. I can't wait to use it in the winter. At the moment, I sometimes bury my face in it, enjoying the comforting smell of wool. Did I mention that I can tell what source a yarn comes from by the smell? I am not including exotic creatures or plants here, just run of the mill sheep, alpaca, cotton etc. My favourite is sheep wool. I do wonder what camel yarn would smell like?

Anyway, I loosely followed a pattern published on the blog Sols(tr)ikke (by Solveig). Here is the Ravelry link to the pattern "Flowers in the Snow". I chose a dark grey to assemble the circles. Oh, my Ravelry page is here.

I wonder how to block this blanket? I might steam it section by section, or maybe block it by pinning it on our bed when we go camping at the end of September. I can't think of another large enough surface than would hold a pin.

Got to go, it is book group evening. Must remember to take the bottle of white wine out of the freezer.


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