Saturday, 14 September 2013

one beautiful evening last week

We have been enjoying some late summer weather lately. I took this picture one evening last week when I got back from bramble picking. I love foraging but us city dwellers don't have much to choose from. There is never a shortage of brambles though and this year has been particularly good for them (and all other soft fruit). Sam and I got on our bikes and cycled along the Canal and the river Kelvin to a spot where I had seen lots and lots of brambles earlier. It involved some rather undignified climbing up steep banks but it was fun. For me at least. Sam was horrified at the thought that one of his friends might see me on my hands and knees scrambling up the bank and sliding back down on my bottom through the nettles for a few berries - because of course someone else had already picked most. I was covered in hives, scratches and bramble juice, I could not resist eating the juicy sweet lovelies. Needless to say Sam went home early. I spent another hour picking brambles until the light was too poor. I found some other spots, more accessible and with plenty of berries, closer to home, too. I don't know how I missed this abundance before. With a freezer full of berries I am happily dreaming of bramble and apple crumble and a few jars of jelly.

Have a great weekend.


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