Monday, 9 September 2013

another Monday

It is quite autumnal here at the moment, the washing take a while to dry on the lines and still has a clammy feel to it when I take it down. There is a distinct chill in the air early in the mornings and I have been tempted to dust off the central heating control a number of times. I quite like this time of year - no longer summer but not quite autumn. It has been unusually dry (by Scottish standards that is!) for months.
These is my lavender hedge surrounding our "wildflower meadow". I love my little patch of wilderness in the middle of the city. It attracts many bees and butterflies and the smell is absolutely amazing. I sometimes watch passers by rubbing some lavender between their fingers and enjoy the fragrant smell. It makes me happy.

And look at the plums on my plum tree! They are really sweet this year.

It is my day off and -after a busy and unpleasant work week and a busy but enjoyable weekend- I decided to take it easy. Having said this, I just got back from a jog. As usual, I have been running one of the Zombies Run Game missions. I like the silliness of this game. It is set in a post apocalypse time and I am runner 5, helping to collect supplies and materials to build up a base where people can live in relative safety form the hordes of zombies that are roaming the lands. Don't get me wrong, I am no zombieholic, by no means. This game just happened to be the first one I come across this game when looking for an app to help me build up some fitness and it seemed as good as anything.

Anyway, today I am hoping to finish sewing Annie's curtains. It is her 10th Birthday on Thursday and I really want to have them ready. She has been asking to have her girly bedroom redecorated (it is still pale pink). I don't do DIY if I can avoid it but I do love to sew. Curtains are easy to make and Ikea fabrics are cheap and cheerful. Annie chose this fabric. The blue is more vibrant but the light today is difficult for photos. A better picture can be found on the Ikea website.

I have washed the fabric and the lining because the percentage shrinkage of both was quite different. Just in case the curtains need washed some day in the future. Chances are that I'll make new ones before the need arises. And yes, I know, it is probably easier to wash curtains than to make new ones!
The thing about making curtains I don't like is that I find it quite tricky to get them exactly the same length. Maybe it is my wonky measuring tape, maybe it is because I rely on my memory to remember the length, and width, numbers I promptly forget because I have been thinking about something else.

I am also on a mission to sew 8 draw string bags from leftover fabric. Again at the request of my lovely daughter. She wants to give her friends something to remember her party. This year's party is different: Annie invited her friends for a dinner party, three courses and "cocktails"!

The kids are home from school, enjoying ice lollies in the garden. The weather has turned from chilly and overcast to glorious and hot. Better join them...

Christina x

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