Sunday, 1 September 2013


Sundays at our house tend to be relatively quiet, the kids are usually pottering around. If the weather is autumnal (as it is just now), in their pyjamas. I usually read in bed for a while with a cup of coffee and then do whatever needs doing most and can comfortably be done in my PJs. I am the lucky mother of an amazing nearly ten year old girl who absolutely insists preparing breakfast for the wee ones, and entertaining them so I can have an hour of peace and quiet with a book or a magazine.

Today was different for Sam (12) at least. He got up at the back of 6 am to go on a nature adventure with our friend Chris who is a lover of the great outdoors and knows more about British wildlife and nature than anyone else I know. I do enjoy a bit of nature (but getting up at 6 am on a Sunday is not my kind of thing) and I really love the treasures Sam brings home, and the stories he tells about his exiting adventures. Scotland is great for the outdoors, there is so much of it, wild and beautiful even short distances from the city

The location of today's adventure is top secret. Sam came back at lunch, ravenous, exited and happy. And he brought some exiting treasure:
  • a small bag full of chanterelle mushrooms (this is why I am not allowed to know where he went exactly, mustn't give away a good mushroom spot!). Can't wait to eat them.
  • a piece of shed skin from a female adder (the adder is an old friend and Sam has met her before on one of his adventures)
  • a twig of oak with an oak gall
  • some not quite rips hazelnuts
  • a few seed pods
  • a deer skull
  • lot of facts about Scottish wildlife.
Life as a 12 year old is wonderful, isn't it? I am so grateful that for now, Sam is still enthusiastic about so many things big and little, happy for example to get up at 6 am on a Sunday and enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather. He is such an curious creature, always on a quest to find out more about whatever is at the top of his need-to-know list. There already are teenage moments (what I remember are teenage moments in any case), don't get me wrong, but overall my boy is still a boy.

The rest of us did less exiting (but as enjoyable) things: cycling (husband and the wee ones), a trip to Ikea to buy glasses for a craft task at next weekends community club afternoon (Annie and me), a wee jog (me), Sunday roast chicken (all of us), watching the Great British Bake Off on the BBCiplayer. Plus some playing, tidying and other bits and bobs.

Today was a good day.

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