Monday, 16 September 2013

ups and downs of family life

Today didn't start off well.
  • Four kids not ready to go back to school (three of them made it eventually)
  • Sam is ill after a weekend camping with his Scout group and climbing Munros near Edinburgh
  • He also has a swollen ankle, apparently he was jogging up a hill and stepped into a rabbit hole. Why he was jogging is still a mystery
  • The winds are howling outside, the rain was battering the windows earlier and we couldn't find Alistair's waterproofs, which set off a tantrum
  • As if this wasn't enough, Ali also threw a shoe at me, which hit me at full force, causing me to loose my temper
  • The recycling box is overflowing and the kitchen floor is filthy
  • The beautiful shift dress I ordered looks like an ill fitting clown costume on me
  • I went for a jog hoping that the dress would look better after.... as if!
  • To add to my misery, old age and my dodgy hip got the better off me and I had to turn around and hobble home after 3 km (in the miserable weather)
  • My MP3 random playlist did almost exclusively select gloomy punk songs (note to self: must get some more cheerful pop on the player)
  • I am feeling old, frumpy and grumpy today
Gloom aside, we had a great weekend. Annie celebrated her tenth Birthday party. Being all grown up, she invited 5 of her best friends over for a dinner party. Richard and I did our best to cater for six exited 9 and 10 year olds. It was fun!

The menu was simple:

Mocktails with mini spring rolls and mini pizzas 
Lentil soup with fresh bread rolls
Cod baked with tomatoe pesto, broccoli and rice
Banoffee pie

In between courses the girls entertained themselves on the trampoline and danced in the living room. It was a wonderful party and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting my daughters first dinner party. Isn't she gorgeous? Love the slightly smudged lipstick! Mine of course.

And the small drawstring bags I finished just in the nick of time were a hit, too. They contained a couple of small gifts and I hope they'll be used again.

Meanwhile, the wee ones were impeccably well behaved, giving the girls the space they needed (thank you CBBebies). Sam was away with the Scouts for the entire weekend and missed the whole excitement. Probably just as well!

On Sunday Richard went to the velodrome for a spin, the kids and I enjoyed a lazy morning in our PJ's, doing what we each like doing most. I very nearly finished my crochet blanket.

Remembering this lovely weekend has really helped to find my inner balance and good mood!

I think next time I'll note down some reflections about my first month of writing this online diary.


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  1. That dinner party is such a good idea. I remember having one for my tenth birthday and thinking it was the most glamorous, grown up thing ever. Focusing on the positives always helps on the gloomiest days. x