a dreich day

Today was the first Monday of the October break, a truly dreich day. I love the word "dreich". The Urban Dictionary notes that for a day to be dreich, at least 4 of the following 5 have to apply: dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable. Today all 5 applied. I am always tempted to declare such days pyjama days and do as little as possible. After two such days though I really really wanted to get out. There is only as much pyjama I can bear and it needed a wash, too.

"We" decided to go for a bike ride and got all wrapped up, including waterproofs, high visibility vests, helmets etc. "We" didn't include Annie, who was at a friends house. By the time we got to the end of the road -wiping the drizzle of the face, readjusting the waterproofs, blowing noses, testing the brakes, blowing some more noses, discussing where to go- the better part of 20 minutes had passed and I started to wonder if maybe I should not have insisted to go for a bike ride. I could tell that Sam had similar thoughts, it is not always easy to be the biggest brother.... I sent him off to explore the Canal for a few miles on his own, gave him my keys and told him to get back home when he had enough. The moment he disappeared around the corner (relieved!) I started to worry: Was it safe to let him go along the Canal on his own? Did he bring his phone? Any money? It is not always easy to be the mum of an adolescent boy....

Meanwhile, the rest of us had also reached the Canal, we had decided to go to the outdoor gym.

The Canal goes all the way from the East coast of Scotland to the West Coast of Scotland. Ideal for cycling with little creatures.
This is the view down from the Canal onto the river Kelvin. We turned off the Canal to cycle along the (not quite as flat) towards the gym.

It is only the beginning of autumn and the full autumn colours have not developed yet, it is all rather dull just, with a few bright spots here and there:

It is really hard to believe that we are in the middle of a large city. So much nature all around us.

We are really lucky to live so close to the waterways.

Alistair and James struggled a bit on their bikes today, probably hampered by the many layers of clothing and the incessant drizzle. But we did eventually arrive at the outdoors gym.

The outdoor gym is fun but of course the wee ones are too small to really make use of it properly. Still, the equipment is great to swing on. Or dangle from.

Of course it is always good fun to play hide and seek in the woods bordering onto the river.

I only wish I had brought a thermos with hot drinks and a snack. Next time. Before we turned around to cycle home I finally gave into the urge to call home to check if Sam had made it home safely. Needless to say that he had and was happily playing Minecraft. He offered to have lunch on the table when we got home. Just love this boy.

A good day, despite the dreich weather.





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