a not quite big enough bed spread

Just a quick post today. It has been one of those mad days and I am tired. Having said that, I did stay in bed until 9 am! In retrospect, this was a mistake but sometimes, the temptation to drift in and out of dreams, listening to the happy noises in the house and enjoying the smell of coffee and cooked breakfast is just overwhelming. It was a mad rush to get the wee ones ready for football, convince James to draw a Birthday card, wrap a present and dash off. From football to Birthday party across half the town back to the local shops to buy replacement glasses for Alistair (his old ones are quite possibly still in the tent, or on the campsite, or in Loch Leven) and back to the party to collect James. And what a party it was! A church hall packed full of small children, the most gigantic bouncy castle obstacle course I have ever seen and a noise level to frighten the most hardened of mums. I just hope that my wee ones do not expect this kind of party.... My head is still buzzing. I had planned to visit the Open Studios of the WASP artists on the other side of the city but couldn't face another drive. Instead I finally finished by colourful blanket.

Isn't it just gorgeous? I am really rather pleased but also a bit annoyed with myself that my poor maths skills let me down and I ended up with a not quite big enough bed spread.....I suppose it doesn't really matter because I don't ever have enough time to make the bed.

Have a great weekend! Cx


  1. Children's parties can be such a testing time for any mum with so many small people running around very loudly and excitedly. Every year I accompany my boyfriend when he spends time with his sister's three small children at a play gym when they visit our city. It is the only time of year I find myself crawling through activities with the children and racing down slides and such like. All such fun but very exhausting.
    The bedspread is gorgeous and I am sure it will give you pleasure and a sense of achievement every time you look at it. I can imagine it being dragged off the bed from time to time to be used when cosying up on the sofa or for laying on the grass during the summer (do you have such days in Scotland? I'm sure you do from time to time)
    Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a lovely comment x


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