my Annie

Annie is such a sweet girl! I just found her Christmas wish list, neatly stuck to the living room door with blue tac (which is usually on all her wish lists...).

I did suggest to review some of the spelling, otherwise "Santa" might give her an Oxford dictionary instead of the bits and bobs on her list! I immediately felt guilty because really, she is so sweet with her lists. She is surprisingly modest with her wishes, too. Just as well, because we tend not to go overboard at Christmas. I remember how Sam once asked me "Mummy, why do some children get more expensive presents from Santa than I do?". He was aware of the presents some of his friends got, even when he was only little. A difficult question one might think but never one slow to find a good reply, here is what I said: "Well, although Santa organises and brings the presents, he does usually send a bill to mum and dad after Christmas and some mums and dads like to spend more than others". That settled the issue with no questions ever asked again.

I like the fact that she would like a little sewing machine. I have a sewing machine which she is allowed to use under supervision but she really wants to sew a lot more than I have time to look after her. She is quite capable but I do worry that she might damage my precious machine, she is not a particularly patient young lady and I can just see her loosing her temper if a piece of fabric gets stuck because she is using the wrong thread or tension or needle etc. I have seen a basic sewing machine at IKEA and might just get her it.

The JW book is in all likelihood the latest Jacqueline Wilson book. Annie is a big fan. Not too sure what font writing pens are...

She is such an organiser! Here is something else: Annie wants us all to put wee notes with stuff we want to celebrate through the year. Birthdays are all in there by default. Suggestions anyone?

Annie also loves to play school. She used to line up her 12 (!) dolls for a regular school day, with homework, feedback for parents and folders for each of the dolls to keep their work. She wrote school reports, organised parents nights, leaving parties for children moving away and lots more. She is no longer using dolls but imaginary friends and -of course- her wee brothers, who are reasonably accommodating. She is an old school teacher, that's for sure.... I do sometimes listen in.

Here the decorations for her class room:

Guess what Annie wants to be when she grows up? Yes, a school teacher. She will make a great teacher (but may need to learn to keep her temper under control first...) Funny, when I was her age, I wanted to be a farmer. Not just any farmer, but one who lives in the Alps, with a cow, a sheep and a dog. Not much thought about earning a living....
I just remembered something else that Annie wrote a while ago, when she first started breakfast club yoga at school. She likes to be organised.... and wrote a list of important points to get ready in the morning. She is just like me, but I have my lists in my head to save me the embarrassment of being labelled a bit over the top!

It all went well up to point 13: Freya was still in bed when Annie knocked on her door.....

Have a lovely Sunday!




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