Sunday, 24 November 2013

a Sunday walk

It has been a long while since we all went out for a walk on a Sunday. It has been a long while since my family was complete on a Sunday afternoon actually. With four kids, there is always one away to a party, or a play date. Annie in particular is a social animal who likes to spend her free time with friends.

Richard suggested we go for a walk along the canal and stop for lunch somewhere. What a good idea I thought, at least I did until he mentioned McDonalds in Maryhill. I did honestly think he was joking but he wasn't.  Now, I have no problem with McDonalds in principle, nor Maryhill. But as a destination for a family walk? Surely not. His reason? It is cheap and the kids like it. My idea of "stop for some lunch" involves somewhere a bit more upmarket, a café for a soup maybe or Little Italy on Byres Road for a slice of pizza. I would even contemplate a cake only lunch at the local yarn shop, the Yarn Cake (never one to miss an opportunity to bury my nose in some wool).

Anyway, we set off wrapped up warmly for it was bitterly cold. I only took one picture, the lighting was poor and my hands were cold.

Fortunately Richard did not mention the golden arches to the kids and we ended up in a little café I had not been before. It was the tiniest of places on Queen Margaret Drive, next to the North Star, and old favourite of ours but unfortunately always full of couples reading their Sunday newspaper. Too daunting really for a family of six. The wee place was called Smile Café and smile we did as it was a proper little Italian café with boxed panettone hanging of the ceiling, biscotti, focaccia and ciabatta. There was even Italian chatter in the background. I am a very dilute Italian (1/4, the rest is Swiss) and my mind was flooded with childhood holiday memories. We had warm filled ciabattas, San Pellegrino limonata and we bought the longest penne pasta ever for Sam's Birthday dinner next week. It was a nice walk with lots of laughing and running (and some bickering) and I wish we had more opportunities to go out as a family.

And so another lovely weekend comes to an end. How did you spend yours? Cx

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  1. I would have liked eating there. I'm 1/4 Italian too! Okay, I'll stop stalking your blog now... :)