Thursday, 28 November 2013

unseasonal bunting

Recently, I have been making little crochet flowers, lots of them in many different colours. Quite possibly, I have been rather obsessed with making those little flowers... 

I have been making those into unseasonal bunting, in a kind of rainbow arrangement or randomly picked from the bag of flowers. I can't quite decide which arrangement I like more...

Aren't they just beautiful? I am going to make many more I think. So easy and so satisfying.

The pattern is from "150 blocks to knit and crochet" by Heather Lodinsky. The patterns name is flower power posy. I haven't blocked the little flowers because I think they look beautiful they way they are.

I should probably start making little stars instead as these would make for a more festive decoration....

Have you got crafty obsessions, too?

Better get back to "working from home" now. There are just too many temptations that keep distracting me from work...

Have a lovely Thursday! C x


  1. Your garland is beautiful...such lovely colours. Stars would look good too :) I like working from home if no one else is in otherwise it's so easy to find other things to do. I'd generally do the same amount of work as I would in the office but in less time :) I always write at home as we're in an open plan office (ugh!) and I cannot concentrate on proposals or papers with phones going off all the time!!

  2. I really like these flowers - I am, drawn to the rainbow arrangement as I seem to find anything rainbow-y very appealing. I love projects like these as they are quick and satisfying at once.

    Your comment about the sleeve of your jumper made me smile - to frog or not to frog - I hope you're happy with whichever decision you made. Us knitters/sewers/crocheters are awfully hard on ourselves! x

  3. I agree, both garlands are gorgeous in their own way. I have a half finished one for my daughter and you reminded me of a half started star garland for christmas from last year! Too many incomplete projects, aaargh! mel x

  4. That is just the prettiest garland. I love garlands and bunting, a bit obsessed possibly. I wish I could crochet. I had a go over winter without much success, I'm going to give it another go though.