Saturday, 14 December 2013

a very special day

Today is Alistair's 5th Birthday. Tomorrow will be his Birthday party.  It is only his second birthday with us, and his first birthday party ever. I think. There is so little that we know about our two wee monkeys who spent the first years of their life with somebody else. I am so glad we have them with us now, safe and happy, developing great personalities and growing more confident all the time.

Alistair got up a at about 10 pm last night to ask if it was his birthday yet. Then again a 6:12 am this morning, asking the same question. We were snuggling up in bed for a few minutes before he returned to his own bedroom to wake up James. It is funny, he just wanted to be sure it was his birthday, there was no rush for presents. Alistair wanted to play the Wii with James for a bit instead, a wish that we couldn't deny the birthday boy, not on his special day. It was also very tempting to stay in bed for a wee while longer.... It was only when Annie woke up and reminded Alistair of the gifts that he wanted to know what was waiting for him. Look at his wee face, so exited. His best present probably were the stilts.

He had told his teacher two weeks ago that it was his birthday. He was so convincing that she assumed there must be a mistake in the class register. The class sung for him and made cards for him, too. We got to keep an eye on this one! He had even told the teacher what he was given.... yes, stilts!

At football, Alistair was the kicker of the week, no doubt because of his birthday and not his amazing footie skills. Now, in the late afternoon, yet another storm is raging outside and Alistair is soundly asleep on one of your big floor cushions. Birthdays are so tiring!


  1. Happy birthday Alistair. I love watchingmy boys open their presents, and you've captured the moment perfectly!

    Leanne xx

  2. Happy birthday Alistair! You are wonderful parents and you're giving these boys a beautiful childhood. He looks so thrilled and excited! I hope he had a great day.