Friday, 13 December 2013

it takes little to make me happy (3)

This week has been a difficult one. Tuesday was my last day at work, today I went to the office to collect my stuff, 3 archive boxes full of collected papers and lecture notes, and my dependable espresso maker that I received as a leaving present from the folk at my second last post. It was quite emotional to say the least.

Anyway, on days like this I try to focus on the little things that make me happy. I love orchids and have about a dozen dotted around the house. One or two of them are usually in flower. Like this one:

It is a bog standard supermarket variety orchid, I don't even know its name. I love it because it is so reliable and flowers year after year after year. It currently has thirteen flowers and 5 buds. Amazing, yes? I sometimes just sit and stare, studying the delicate pink veins and teeny tiny pink dots, forgetting all the worries around me.
I get quite exited about the annual Spring orchid show in the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens. It is not much of a show to be honest but the local orchid lovers society (which I secretly would like to join) has a beautiful display and there are a few orchid sellers, too. I bought this one last year:
It produces the tiniest creamy green flowers. A couple of weeks ago I spotted the new shoot it produced, a very happy moment indeed. A new shoot means new flowers. Funny, I look at these orchids every day and yet I missed the day the shoot emerged, it must have been there for a week before I noticed it.
Oh well, it is time to produce dinner for my crazies!
Thank you all my readers for commenting. I am really exited that someone out there is reading my blog! Christina x


  1. Dear Christina thank you so much for your comment on my blog - it's lovely to "meet" you! Can you send me your address in an email at St Nicholas may just have found his address book and needs to confirm he has it right, as he may be able, a little belatedly, to pop something in the post to you! E x

  2. Crazy season for sure. I haven't had time to blog this week - so un like me. Just catching up with my favourites while having a cuppa then we head off for a Birthday party then Christmas parade. I love your orchid, such a beautiful flower. Enjoy your weekend xo

  3. It must've been hard to go and collect your things. Your orchid is beautiful.! Hope you have a lovely weekend.