the drawer of doom

Do you have a drawer of doom in your house? This is the name we use for that wretched drawer where we keep things that have no other place to be kept, stuff that we are not ready to part with or bits and pieces that might come in handy one day. At first, when pulled out, it doesn't look too bad.....

But once the front box with pens is removed, it is rather more pitiful sight:
Once a year or so, I feel the urgent need to clear out the drawer of doom, usually because I am trying to find something that I need (my address book on this particular occasion). I doesn't take much time really and has a very high effort to satisfaction ratio, perfect for a gloomy Sunday afternoon.
30 minutes later, a pile of recycling material and one supermarket plastic full of non recyclable and non usable clutter is ready for the respective wheelie bins. I did find some really useful things, for example my long missing pinking shears and a bike light. Other stuff was less useful, for example a dried out stamp pad and a pair of clearly broken headphones. I didn't find my address book unfortunately and Christmas card writing will be delayed until I have tackled another hot spot where clutter accumulates.
Never mind, I am pleased all the same because the drawer of doom is now a drawer of neatly organised stationary. For now.
Have a great Monday! Coincidentally my last official "Monday off", from tomorrow I will be unemployed. A scary but also really uplifting thought. More of that another day. Cx


  1. I love a good declutter. I have an ice cream container that is the designated "junk draw". Once it is full I sort it and we are all good to go again. I'm always organising and sorting out new systems for things. It drives Mr H nuts xo

  2. I have a kitchen drawer that gave me a lot of trouble for years. I bought a set of organizing trays and purged a huge amount (I gave it away to a charity group) and it's better now. But it takes discipline to keep it that way!

  3. I have too many drawers of doom I'm afraid!! Time for me to due clutter also perhaps!

  4. I love a good declutter, especially when you see such great results! We have a 'man drawer' (Michael McIntyre's fault) which is where all the random bits hide away but its no where near tidy so you can find anything....a project for the weekend?



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