Monday, 2 December 2013

time flies

Goodness, another week has flown by.... it was a busy one for us, particularly the weekend.

Sam turned 13 last Wednesday and we now have a proper teenager in the house. We get a reminder of this important fact at least twice a day. Sam set the alarm clock for 5:50 to make sure there was enough time before school and work to celebrate....  It was pitch black outside and I have to admit I was a little grumpy when the alarm went off and one big boy jumped on top of me to remind me of his big day. As if we could have forgotten, he has talked about it continuously for weeks. Still, it was really quite sweet to see him so exited. He did even make coffee for Richard and I to help us wake up. The family tradition is that presents are opened in the big bed first thing in the morning. We should have upgraded to a super-king sized bed when we adopted James and Alistair, there is not quite enough room for 6! Sam pleased with both the extra attention and his presents. Here we are, the proud mum and her teenager. He has since cut his golden locks.

This weekend, he had a big boy party: Richard took Sam and four of his friends to see the second Hunger Games movie, followed by a feast in Pizza Hut. No my cup of tea but I wasn't invited anyway. Two of Sam's friends stayed for a sleepover (because we are mad?). His bedroom is tiny and I put mattresses and sleeping bags in the downstairs spare room, well aware of the possibility that they might be up all night, the spare room being far away from my bedroom. The last time I heard a noise was 2 am. Boys this age are soooo weird. They did nothing but play on their Nintendos, which can been linked together apparently. They also had a midnight feast of Tango, cheesy Watsits and tortilla crisps. I am glad to report that nobody was sick. It was no easy task to wake them up for midday but a bacon roll did finally get them moving again. I was quite glad when the guests go.... Oh boy, the smell in the spare room was quite something! A mixture of cheesy Watsits, teenage sweat and Lynx.... Oh well, Sam says it was his best party ever and that's all that matters.

Whilst the big boys were partying in town, the little ones, Annie and I had a cosy night in. I taught Annie how to make pizza dough, then we wandered to the shops to get the toppings, some fizzy drink, pudding and a DVD for our own movie night. James, Alistair and Annie made their own pizzas, which is always fun. We had decadent TV dinner ending with microwave chocolate pudding and we watched Nativity 2. David Tennant, my favourite Dr Who, featured as a teacher in this movie. I must admit that I was only partly watching, the plot was as predictable as it was improbable (but fun). I was sipping my well deserved G&T and finished a crochet pot holder instead. James and Alistair loved their late night. They must have been shattered after a two hour football session earlier and a walk to the shops (probably about 3 miles) and went straight to sleep, which is unusual.

Fast forward to Sunday. I managed to squeeze in a "run" between sanitising the teenage den and going to the community club in the afternoon. My legs were so heavy, I walked more than I did run but it was a really nice jog/walk along the Canal and then besides the river Kelvin.

Richard had the unpleasant job of unblocking our sewage drain. This seems to be a recurring Sunday afternoon task these days. Last time, he found a 1.5 metre length of thick blue rope, today luckily just loo paper. It was James' fault I think.... you know that moment when you absentmindedly flush the loo after a child and your brain only registers that the bowl is full to the top with paper after pushing the button? Holding your breath whilst anticipating the inevitable tsunami? Well, it didn't happen this time, the blockage happened further down and the drain spilled over outside the house. In a way this was lucky because I am in charge of dealing with inside mess only.

I took the kids to our local community club in the afternoon. Sam is "in charge" of the café, I usually do something crafty or just chat, the others mostly swim. Today though we made Christmas decorations, which was fun. Annie and I made table centre pieces with foliage, James and Ali reindeers. Richard joined us for a coffee later. It is great to have a community club nearby!

There was a whirlwind of cleaning and laundry before and after dinner. I like to start the week with a relatively tidy house because work gets in the way of house chores during the week. Not for long! I have 5 working days left before I am officially redundant.

A total collapse on the sofa was inevitable at the end of another busy day.

How was your weekend? 

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, I am hopping with joy every time I find one. Cx

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  1. Happy birthday to Sam! I can only imagine having a teenager. I have two children, an eight-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. They're as different from each other as night and day and while my son is the calmer and more relaxed of the two, he's already getting to a funny age. Boys really can be weird, I agree. It sounds like Sam had a very nice birthday. Your pizzas look delicious.