Friday, 20 December 2013

today I was shedding a few tears

What a day! I woke up in the foulest of moods because I slept badly, brooding over things that worried me.

But soon things improved. All kids managed to get to school on time, wearing festive red and tinsel where appropriate. Annie was all exited because she was going to play a cello duet at the schools Christmas service in the local school. The duet was brief (about 7 seconds..) and part of a longer song but beautiful and I was really proud of my Annie to play in front of the school and many parents, too.

After church I dashed off to a coffee morning and enjoyed a glass of naughty mulled wine. Next stop was the post office to collect 6 parcels that I had missed yesterday. Yes, 6! They were all for the kids, with the exception of one, which was addressed to ME. I could barely wait to open it!
When I opened the parcel it I found a lovely letter from Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse and a letter from St Nicholas personally. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse wrote a lovely post recently about the Feast of St Nicholas, a feast that I fondly remember from childhood. I left a comment saying that St. Nicholas was a regular visitor when I was living in Switzerland but that I thought he had probably not received my change of address and never visited here, in Scotland.
Well, with the help of Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse, St Nicholas found me once more and look what he sent:

A jar of festive St. Nicholas cookies, a proper little St Nicholas bag (hessian, jus like I remember his bags to be) filled with nuts and chocolate coins and the most gorgeous tangerine.

The jar of cookies had a beautiful crochet cover:

I am really really touched and grateful for this wonderful kindness. I'll share the cookies and chocolates and nuts with my family tonight, telling them about St. Nicholas and his amazing helper, Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse. This gift made me cry with happiness. Thank you!

I just had to abandon all chores to write this short post. Now I am going to bake a few more biscuits and wrap some presents, or at least hide them before the kids get home once more. Have a lovely Friday. Cx


  1. Hi Christina, just popping over after your lovely comment at my blog. What a beautiful and wonderful gift for you to have received. There is such kindness out there in the world, especially at Christmas time. I hope that you are not brooding too much on your thoughts, and that you are enjoying your baking and other things. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas. I will be back for another look around! Amy xx

  2. Hey Christina,

    What a lovely gift. I adore the satsuma!

    Leanne xx

  3. So glad your parcel from St Nicholas arrived in one piece and that you like it! It was such fun nudging St Nicholas along and helping him put this together for you! I don't sleep well when worrying about things either so I sympathise. And things always seem worse at 3.45 in the morning. I hope you can lay aside any worries tonight. E x

  4. How lovely that he found you at last, what a wonderful gift! I struggle to sleep quite often, I know exactly what you mean. Hope things are better soon. Enjoy your yummy things and have a good weekend.

  5. There is nothing worse than being unable to sleep, for whatever reason. I hope things resolve themselves and that you are able to sleep better now. What a delightful parcel from Elizabeth. I've been the lucky recipient of her giveaways in the past and she really is the most lovely, generous and thoughtful person. x