Thursday, 9 January 2014

it takes little to make me happy (4)

Look what I found in our front garden:

A snow drop. This very first sign of spring makes me want to hop with joy (but my old bones won't let me).

Today is also the 2nd anniversary of first meeting our two youngest boys, James and Alistair, then 4 and 3. I remember how nervous  Richard and I were when we (accompanied by social workers) first went to visit the boys at their foster carer's home. We knew so little about them then. They knew even less about us. We had made a family photo book for James and Alistair a few weeks earlier so they could talk with their carers about their new forever home but I suspect that it was no much more than a picture book for them, they were only little and I am certain that it must have been quite inpossible to imagine moving to a new home with a new mum and dad and two siblings. 

Lucky for us James and Alistair were not shy at all and immediately took to liking us, giving us hugs and singing "bah bah black sheep". It was only later that I recognised the complete lack of shyness as a symptom of attachment issues but at the time it certainly was helpful. A crazy two weeks of introductions followed this initial meeting before James and Alistair finally became part of our family. But more of that another day.

I have been thinking about blogging today, too. I have been overwhelmed by your interest in this humble space of mine and your encouraging or otherwise kind comments. Thank you so much, it is really great to know you are out there, reading my blog and enjoying it, too. And here is a question that has been on my mind recently: How do I best respond to your comments? I have noticed that some of you reply to comments directly, others acknowledge comments in their next post, or visit the commenters own blog to comment in return. What is your preference?

Time to get dinner in the oven: cod fillets topped with red pesto baked in the oven, served with a vegetable rice. Enjoy a peaceful Thursday night! Cx


  1. Hello Christina, the first signs of spring are an absolute delight, that little snowdrop braving the elements to give us joy in it's beauty.
    happy anniversary to your family on being complete when James and Alistair joined you, it takes a very special family to welcome two small children with loving arms.
    As regards replies you do what suits you, I have only a handful of followers so I find a personal reply suits me, I love to receive comments and it humbles me a little to think I have something worth sharing for others to enjoy as much as I enjoy writing it down.
    Enjoy your dinner, it sound delicious xxx

  2. Congratulations on a whole year with the boys. I admire you for bringing them home and I am sure they have been a wonderful addition to your family. I am sure, too, that what you have given them is priceless and that they will continue to thrive with you. I used to reply to every comment on my blog, but (extremely fortunately, I'm not complaining at all!), I receive too many comments to do that now. So I try to get around to my readers' blogs and leave comments in return. I feel like this will better support them and help them to feel appreciated for their own blogging efforts. I would love to be able to do both, but I just don't have time in my day. I think there are a lot of ways to go with this, so do what feels best to you. The readers who really value your blog and their relationship with you will understand whatever you choose, at least that has been my experience.

  3. How lovely to know a little more about you & seeing the first flowers of spring makes me a little more cheerful in these grey days!
    As for comments I am puzzled too & glad you asked the question, sometimes I reply directly under the comment - that's usually when I have time like now when I'm sitting waiting for my daughter at her gym. But mostly I try to visit the commenters blog when I have time for a proper read, most have become friends although I've actually met none of them, and I like to catch up on what they've been doing.
    I'm interested to know what other bloggers prefer though.

  4. Hey Christina,

    What an amazing thing you have done, and happy year anniversary with your boys!

    I sometimes reply directly on my blog, but not often I either acknowledge on my blog, or visit the blog who has written the comment. We all love reading the comments left by other bloggers. And that's how I've linked up with many new blogs too.

    I guess you do what feels good to you.

    Lovely Snowdrop. I have lots of shoots, but no flowers yet.

    Leanne xx

  5. I didn't know your boys were adopted, how lucky they are to be part of your warm, loving family, and I'm sure you feel equally lucky to have them in your life and home.

    I used to reply to comments in the comment thread but it became too time consuming, sadly, so I now try to visit blogs instead. I can either do one or the other, and I much prefer to visit blogs as I am find them an endless source of inspiration and friendship. I always try to answer questions though, and talking of which, you asked about collages... I use picmonkey. It's a free online photo editing website where you just upload the photos you want to use then play around with the different collage templates they give you, or make your own. It's very easy and rather good fun. :-) x

  6. I love snowdrops! They are the first sign that spring will come, even if nothing else around us is pointing in that direction.

    I just found your blog, so hadn't realized two of your children are adopted. Three of my five children (all grown-ups now) are adopted, so we have something in common. :-)

    As far as the comments go, my advice would be to do the thing that you find best. Your readers will be fine with whatever you choose, so you might as well make it the thing you find most convenient.

  7. I'm new over here and already you've asked a question that's been on my mind regarding commenting.
    If I've got time, I reply to them and I usually pop over to their blog to have a look. I'd really like a private message function where your could have a conversation with someone (or maybe it's there and I'm missing it.)