Friday, 24 January 2014

yesterday we should have done the homework...

...but instead we were making a Hama bead lion...

...and we were "baking" a playdough birthday cake...

....and we made a mess.

So much more fun than memorising stage words and working out sums!
Thank you so much for all the kind comments on my last "therapeutic" post my dear friends, I so love to hear from you.  Cx


  1. Hey Christina,

    That look of concentration is priceless!! I am seriously thinking of buying some Hama beads for Olly's birthday in March. They look like so much fun. As for Play Doh - I can't stand the smell, so I avoid it as much as possible. Of course all the boys have loved it. Olly makes smashing cakes with it. It gets under your nails too....ugh!

    Leanne xx

  2. Well, it's okay to just let it all go sometimes. This week was pretty unproductive for us with the illness in our house. They're only little once, I say. :)

  3. So much better than doing homework! Have a good week Christina.

  4. Well I think the lion is fantastic - the patchwork effect reminds me of Elmer and I like it very much. More creative than homework, I suspect! x