Friday, 7 February 2014

a rare day of dry weather

Signs of spring are all around us now. I went on a walk today because the sun was out for the first time in days, if not weeks. We have been very lucky here, the latest storms have passed us by. I hope that soon the weather will improve in the South and that the floods will recede.

I took this picture along the Kelvin walkway:

 I crossed the Botanic Gardens on my way home and took photos of rhododendron buds:

This rhododendron is more advanced and I love the delicate pink flowers:

I don't know what these shrubs are but I will go back to see them in bloom in a couple of weeks:

I found this clump of snow drops on council land. I am really tempted to go and dig the bulbs up for my own garden, once they finished flowering because we only have 12 snowdrops in our front garden and I would love to have many more.

And finally, these crocuses are in my front garden. This particular yellow is my all time favourite colour but only just because I really like all colours except maybe combat trouser green and grandfather beige.

To cool my feet between the walking I met two lovely friends for lunch. If you ever visit Glasgow I suggest you visit Kember & Jones for an Italian platter or some amazing baking.
Thus fed and refreshed I am now happily looking forward to the weekend and three days of half term next week. Have a lovely weekend, too! Cx


  1. It's wonderful to see blue sky after so much rain here. I'm really missing getting for a walk with my camera.
    More storms here. I'm really ready for spring.
    Your crocuses are lovely.

  2. Those snowdrops are beautiful. We have crocuses but they are pink and starlike and only come out a certain week in November if there is enough rain. Grandfather beige is the exact colour of my family room that I am currently trying to paint white, could not have described it better myself! Only two coats to go....... mel x

  3. Snowdrops are my favourite flowers. If I were you I would definitely go dig them up when they are past blooming! Were the rhododendrons outside? I can't believe they are already blooming! Ours are a long ways from that stage.

    1. Our climate is mild because of the warm Gulf stream passing along the West coast of Scotland. The rhododendrons on these pictures are indeed outside, all around the countryside and in the Botanic Gardens. Some consider them a pest because they are not native but I love the flowers.

    2. They are so pretty! After reading your post yesterday I went and had a closer looks at our rhododendrons. On close inspection there are the smallest of buds starting to form. :-)

  4. How nice to see a glimmer of Spring, snowdrops and crocuses, I love them and soon it will be daffodils and bluebells which are more favourites of mine, I am so ready for spring here lol :-)

  5. Signs of spring always cheer me up; I love the description grandfather beige!