Sunday, 9 February 2014

February socks - a simple cable

I have just finished my February socks. I wanted to add a little interest to the knitting of a plain sock and have "designed" a simple cable sock with the cable running along the sides of the sock. To be honest, there was not much designing. In fact, probably no designing at all. But "designing" sounds a lot better than "muddling along"....
If you want to remind yourself why I am knitting a pair of socks a month, this blog post explains it all.
This month's sock is a true homage to Omama (my granny). All her socks had narrow cables running down the sides of the sock. I had always thought it was the same cable for all socks but on close inspection of some disintegrating but still beautiful specimens, I noticed that there are variations on a theme. The February sock cable was her favourite variation.
My mum gave me the February sock yarn a while ago: Moondance from The Yarn Yard. We bought it at The Yarn Cake, our local yarn shop. It is beautiful and soft and sparkly. The colour is somewhere between pink and red, or not quite ripe raspberries.

I knitted the socks for Annie, she was keen to have a pair of sparkly socks to add to her sparkly wardrobe. I know that she will be showing them off at school, wearing them in her fake Doc Martens school boots. The uniform regulations don't dictate the colour of socks or tights and she can wear whatever socks she likes, matching or not. It is nice for Annie to have a little freedom to express herself.

Sam has also ordered a pair of knitted socks. He discovered that woolly socks are super cosy when he was ill lately and suffered from cold feet. I was planning to knit a lace panel in my March socks and have a feeling this won't go down too well with my self conscious teenager.... I'll be winding him up all month (and secretly knit a plain black sock for him).

The instructions for the February socks are on the "sock patterns" page if you want to have a go. The pattern has not been test knitted and there may be mistakes that I haven't spotted. I noticed that the pdf is of rather poor quality when shared through Google docs and I am trying to find a better way to share the pattern in the future. I am happy to email the good quality version if need be. 

Happy knitting! Cx


  1. Love these and also the idea of your daughter expressing herself though her socks!
    I haven't knitted in years and never attempted socks.

  2. I love the colour you have chosen and how lucky for your daughter to have a school that is so open to individual expression within a uniform, love it! mel x

  3. Such a beautiful colour and a bit of sparkle running through them as well, they're gorgeous February socks for Annie. I like the little teasing for Sam, Bless x

  4. These are so pretty. Love the sparkly yarn.

  5. I love the colour. I tend to just knit boring socks - using self striped yarn for a little interest - but I rather like the idea of plain socks with a cable up the side.

  6. Your February socks are beautiful! I love your idea of running a cable up the side. I am such a lazy sock knitter. I tend to just do basic socks rather than fancy ones. Maybe I will give yours a try. :-)

  7. Hey Christina,

    Go Annie and her DM's and colourful socks! I like her style. It reminds me (in that random way of mine) about Adrian Mole and his odd socks protest.

    Leanne xx

  8. These socks are so pretty. Perfect for a young girl. I really like your monthly socks project, it's a great idea.

  9. These socks are fab, I would love a pair. I started off with the idea of making so is a few years ago but ended up teaching myself how to crochet, don't ask. Lovely to see a new name on my blog and thanks for your sweet comment. Wishing you a happy week xoxo