Friday, 14 March 2014

March sock - Ensign's braid

Phew, I am so glad I finished this pair of socks! Don't get me wrong, the sock is beautiful and the pattern is bold. I really like the look of it but the knitting was not ideal for concurrent enjoyment of Star Trek Voyager (one of my secret pleasures) because it demanded concentration.

After finishing the simple cable sock in February, I was in the mood for more cables and I browsed my stitch library book for a cable I liked. I settled on the Ensign's braid. It is a cable pattern that reminds me of Richard's Aran cable sweater (which I did not knit).

Because the braid is quite large, I decided to only knit one repeat all along the front of the sock. I wanted the braid to really stand out and added purl stitches on each side of the braid. The braid pattern is not complicated but requires concentration. Essentially, there is some crossing over of stitches in every second round. I usually memorise a pattern quickly but it was only towards the toe of the second sock that I got to grips with the counting. I realise I am not selling my pattern.... So, I'll just to let the pictures speak. As always, the instructions can be downloaded on the sock pattern page. The quality of the pdf is not great but if you would like a copy with a higher resolution, please email me and I am happy to send it to you.  

The shoes are my Doc Martens high heels, my favourite ever shoe. I will need to order a new pair soon because these have seen better days but for now, they'll have to do. I mostly wear trainers anyway, better for cycling.

I discovered this sock yarn in our local yarn shop, The Yarn Cake. It is Jawoll Supewash by Lang Yarns. This yarn comes with a small spool of reinforcing thread tucked away inside the skein. I used it on the first heel but forgot for the second one. My granny always used the reinforcement for both heel and toe but I don't usually do. Of course my scientific brain tells me that I have accidentally setup a perfect controlled experiment to test durability of my heels and I wonder which one will wear thin first.....

I have already started knitting the April sock, a simple lace pattern. It is much quicker and easily memorised. Happy knitting. Cx


  1. Those socks are gorgeous! I love both the colour and the cable! I rarely make socks with any kind of pattern, as they tend to be my project to work on while I am reading. Looking at your socks tempts me to try something more complicated.

  2. I agree, gorgeous colour and pattern! You've mentioned the Doc Martin high heels before, I like the look of them - I may have to google them to see them in their full glory!

  3. These are beautiful socks. I love the color and the cable design. I can only dream of making socks someday but this is the kind of dream of most often. :) I love your shoes, especially the embossed floral design, those are really cool.

  4. Fabulous socks Christina. Such a fabulous blue and beautiful pattern. Your stitches are so neat! I love the shoes....lived in DMs (shoes and boots for years) but never tried the high heels...I'm a strictly flats kind of girl :-)

  5. They are so beautiful, a great shade of blue. The pattern really stands out and they look good with the shoes. I seem to be seeing knitted socks everywhere at the moment and I SO wish I could knit a pair. Maybe one day. x

  6. Christine this pair of socks has totally been worth all your time and attention, they are so neat and perfectly knitted and the blue reminds me of bluebells in Spring. It's a shame you had to forfeit a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager to get these done and dusted lol.


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