Thursday, 10 April 2014

a peg apron

I am slowly warming up for the impending ballet costume sewing session. Last week, before the school holiday started, I made a peg apron. I found the pattern here but you can also download it here.
I needed a new peg bag because my old one was a bit on the manky side. It has actually got algae growing on it, which is not so appetizing (but I don't usually pack my picnic in it). I am lazy and leave it on the clothes line all the time, even in winter.
For the apron part you need enough fabric to cut out two rectangles of about 58 by 30 cm. For the waistband and tie you need 2x the entire width of the fabric (mine was 150 cm) by 16 cm. I used decorator weight fabric but I am sure any other type of fabric will work just fine, too. I have the habit of buying fabric whenever I get the chance, even if I don't need it. The two particular fabrics I used came from Ikea. One is striped orange and white and the other has some geometrical flowers printed on. I am not sure if either are still available. Coincidentally, the old unloved peg bag was also made using the same fabric.
I won't repeat the instructions here, these are clear in the tutorial linked to. Essentially, you need to cut out two rectangles with rounded corners on one of the long sides. Then, you cut out the shape of a pocket.

I have no idea where the ripple effect comes from, it is definitely not on the fabric!
The waist band could be just cut straight but it adds a nice touch to shape the ends like this.

The first thing to stitch on is the ric rac. This is purely decorative. I had no idea that ric rac comes in different widths. This is 12 mm. I stitched it right along the middle of the ric rac.

Then I folded it over and stitched it close to the edge with a zigzag stitch.

Then the front and back are stitched together and the pleats folded and secured with a few stitches.

Lastly, I attached the waistband. I didn't quite follow the instructions for this part. The instructions suggest to sew the ends of the band first and then turn them out. I didn't do this, I simply folded the band lengthwise and tucked the seam allowance in, using lots of pins, all along the band and all the way to the very edge. I used an edge stitch to stitch as close to the edge as possible.

Then I had to wait for a dry day to take a picture of the finished peg apron, kindly modelled by my darling daughter Annie.

The waistband is long and I simply wrap it around my tummy and tie it in the front. I am not going to bother with a nice bow in the back, unless maybe George Clooney would knock on the back door and offer to help with the laundry.

It was such a simple quick project and I think it would make a great present. Of course not everybody appreciates a present for doing housework but if you can look a tiny bit glamorous whilst hanging non matching socks on the line, why ever not?

We are nearly half way through the holidays and for the first time in days, the sun made an appearance. My face is glowing healthily after an afternoon in the garden and at the Happy Park (a local playground). The holiday "to do" list is hanging on the front door and so far, we have more or less ignored it.... More of that another day! Enjoy your Friday wherever you are. Cx



  1. What a lovely make! I think things you can use to brighten up the ordinary routine are among the best of all projects. So satisfying to make and to use. Love your choice of fabrics too - fabulously bright and cheerful! Enjoy every moment pegging or unpegging! (with or without George Clooney!) E x

  2. Your peg apron is great, my mum made one for her self a few years now.

  3. That's adorable. I've never seen one before but it's a really good idea. Nice work.

  4. That peg bag is great! I'm probably the strangest person on the planet, but I actually love hanging clothes on the line to dry. I don't have a clothesline at our new home and I really miss it. Well done!

    1. Not that strange Kristie, I quite enjoy it, too. I particularly pride myself with being efficient with peg use.... I know I know, I am weird.

    2. I'm like that too - you are not alone! :-)

  5. The Happy Park sounds wonderful! I like the peg bag. I just have a carrier bag, I really must make a proper one. Although George doesn't seem to mind whenever he comes round to help.

  6. That's so pretty I really love the fabric - did George pop round as I see you tied the bow at the back?!

  7. What a super idea. I would never have thought of a peg apron instead of a peg bag but I think I might have to make one of those!

  8. Great idea - I may just have to make one of those! Now if only the sun would shine so I can actually get the washing out ;-)

  9. Hey Christina,

    Maybe not George, but perhaps Benedict....

    Leanne xx

  10. I just love this! It's the perfect spring project, and you've used such good fabric too - happy and scandinavian in style. I think these sorts of everyday household items should be pretty as well as useful. x

  11. I love the peg apron so many more possibilities than a peg bag! :-) BigR is at the age where she likes to hand me pegs. It does take ages though as she has to match the pegs for size and colour (we have a mismatch of supermarket pegs) to satisfy her inner OCD!

  12. I recognise the writing on that pattern - awesome! Love you fabric choices and so glad you found the pattern easy enough to follow along. Here's to doing domestic duties in style!


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