Saturday, 5 April 2014

the first day of the Spring holiday

Sitting down on a Saturday afternoon is an unusual luxury.There is always so much to be done, particularly the laundry, which for some odd reason always seems to be urgent on Saturdays. Today the washing machine was making strange rattling noises and when I checked the filter, I found small rusty nails and a lollipop stick. I have an idea where the lollipop stick might come from (there are a four suspects) but nails? Anyway, here I am, sitting in my favourite arm chair doing nothing much at all, enjoying a break between folding some washing and cooking dinner.

It is the first day of the Spring holiday. How did this happen so quickly?? It seems it was only just the Half term break. I am now in my fourth month of unemployment and have started to adjust to life at home. Actually, it is quite nice not to be rushing to work and to have enough time for breakfast. On the other hand, I have been drooling over a Boden dress that is now no longer within my budget. Oh well, there's two sides to a medal and I am sure I'll soon get used to the mayhem in Primark.

It has been a busy week with three parents nights and the usual stuff, too. My mum arrived on Thursday (hi mum!) to spend a week with us. Richard is away on his annual cycling trip to Majorca with his boy pals, 24 of them. I imagine gallons of beer and manly sweat. Yikes. 

On Friday, my mum and I decided to skip the school Easter service and went into town for a spot of girl shopping. In town, we bought beautiful fabric to make a little girl tunic for James' and Alistair's friend Lana. It is her Birthday soon. We then explored another fabric shop and the Antiques market. I have been looking for bedside tables for while. We still make do with the temporary flower stools from Ikea that we bought 15 years ago. Although there were lots of exiting items (a shame I didn't bring my camera), bedside tables were sparse and the ones that I found were of the "antique" pine variety that I really can't bear. Next stop was a small Vietnamese restaurant on Byres Road, the Hanoi Bike Shop, should you ever visit Glasgow. I had a tofu dish because I know they make their own and it is beautiful and has a good bite to it. Lastly we indulged in a pudding at Nardini's, an Italian gelateria. The day passed quickly and schools finished early and we had to dash back to collect the weans. Later, we took Sam and Annie to the Glasgow climbing centre (a repurposed church) for their Scout evening. A busy but really nice day.

So what did we do today, on this first day of the holiday? Here are some of the highlights:

We made holiday plans. Quite ambitious for my liking, considering it is only a two week holiday.... I hope we'll remember what some of the more cryptic writing means in a few days time!

James played with Annie's Playmobil campervan

I made a Victoria sandwich cake. When I do this, I always imagine Queen Victoria with an apron in her palace kitchen, making the prototype sandwich cake.

Alistair was recovering from a two hour football session

Annie was setting up a Playmobil scene in her room for later. I think she enjoys the setting up more than the actual playing. I am so glad she still plays and is not interested in fashion and boys and make-up.

Sam barely moved. He spent all day playing Minecraft. Teenagers seem to be either nearly catatonic or re-enacting toddler tantrums. Mine is anyway. I am surprised by the unpredictable explosions of emotions set off by simple things like the "wrong" duvet cover or a water stain on a fork.

Ooops, must get dinner organised.

Now,  hours after I started writing, I am sitting once more on my arm chair. I am dog tired from doing very little at all. After the new headlines, I am going to sink down in my cosy bed, where Alistair and his menagerie are waiting already. When Richard is away, the children insist that I must be surely lonely and take turns keeping his side warm. I am of course neither lonely nor desperately keen on having either of my tossing and turning children in my bed but they are growing up fast and it is quite sweet really that they are still happy to share a bed with their snoring and drooling old mother.

And this is the end of the first day of the Spring holiday. Nothing exiting, just normal day. I hope it will be dry tomorrow for spot of gardening and bouncing on the trampoline (the kids, not me). Have a great weekend. Cx


  1. It sounds like they all have big plans for their holiday. I hope you have a wonderful time together, especially having your mother visiting. I enjoyed reading about the daily life stuff you have going on.

  2. Your Easter break will be busy, and I love the list. I'm impressed with the lack of mud on your footballer - I'm guessing astro turf, lucky you. I will be standing in the rain for a good portion of the day watching muddier versions. Your Friday sounds like it was wonderful, I think I need a day like that. Hope you have a good Sunday. CJ xx

    1. My little ones play indoors for now (up to the age of 7)! I hope it will not be too wet to watch your boys games. Nothing worse than being stuck ankle deep in the mud with the rain pelting down at the same time. Cx

  3. Hey Christina,

    I have written a similar listfor our Easter holiday, but the incessant rain may scupper most of it. Marc has 10 days off, and our plans centre around local days out, good food, exercise and hanging out. Your cake looks very yummy. And you have my utmost sympathy for the rollercoaster that is teen. Alf has spent 48 hours making life as difficult as he possibly can. My antidote to this has been several gin and tonics and chocolate.
    Leanne xx

    1. Yes, the weather forecast is appalling here, too. I suspect we'll spend a lot of time stuck in the house. I've just run out of gin and plan an emergency stop at the supermarket to stock up, bracing myself for some more teenage mayhem. Thank the internet for Minecraft! Enjoy your holiday with all the family. Cxx

  4. Love your holiday plans!!! We're heading out of town for Easter and I can't wait!!!

  5. Hope you have a great break and the weather picks up. :)

  6. You have made some great plans for the holidays, I hope they all work out for you (weather permitting). That Victoria sponge looks yummy! :)

  7. Hi Christina,

    Love your list! Sounds great. You have reminded me that we also still have our basic stools that we've had for 15 years working as bedside tables, really time to upgrade to some grown up ones! Enjoy your time with your Mum and happy holidays!

    Mel x

  8. Love this post, my Mr H cycles so I can relate to the beer and man sweat. I'm hanging out for the holidays 2 weeks off will be bliss. Everyone here is tired and very ready for them. I loved Boden when I lived in the UK and remember the chaos that is Primark. I still get Boden emails (they ship to NZ) but I'm on a Primark budget too xo

  9. What a busy time you're having, I hope you're still enjoying the easter break? How lovely to have some time with your mum too. My husband goes away with friends for music (beer) weekends and much as I love to sleep alone (I sleep so much better) there is often a little girl sneaked in beside me!

  10. Looks and sounds to me like a life well lived. Enjoy.

    I had fun deciphering the holiday to-do list ;)

  11. My four year old always creeps into my bed when my husband is away. Sometimes he brings a soft toy or two along, and invariably I have to swop sides halfway through the night because he is such a bed hogger :-)


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