Saturday, 10 May 2014

and the winner is ....

Thank you so much for all your Happy Birthday wishes last week. I had a lovely day and I was spoilt with lots and lots of presents, small and big, some of which you can see in the collage above. There was a perfect balance of useful, playful and edible.

Today, I noted down all names for the peg apron give-away on little pieces of paper, folded them up tightly and shook them up in a bag. I asked Alistair to pick one name out of the bag: Jay from My Family and Other Cricketers. Three cheers for Jay!

And then I thought, I have two aprons and plenty of fabric to make some more and it seems silly to keep one just to have a spare one in the cupboard. So I asked Annie to pick another name: CJ from Above the River. Another three cheers for CJ!

If you email me your addresses using the contact box on this page, I can post your peg aprons early next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Cx


  1. Glad you had such a lovely birthday. The flowers are beautiful! Lovely collage. Congratulations to your peg apron winners :-)

  2. Congrats to Jay and CJ! Henrietta Lacks is one of my favorite books, you'll love it. I'm so glad you had a good birthday!

  3. Well done, I bet they will love them.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! A lovely prize and what a lovely lot of birthday gifts too. I think I always prefer all the little things to the big gifts.

  5. Oh how exciting, I never win anything! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket too ;-) thank you so much Christina!

  6. Glad you had a lovely birthday :)
    Sarah x

  7. Eek, I'm thrilled, thank you so much, it's exactly what I need. No more broken carrier bag! Thanks again Christina.

  8. Hey Christina,
    Happy belated birthday. What a lovely bunch of pressies. Food, books, socks and flowers. Ideal!

    Leanne xx


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