Sunday, 16 November 2014

kite paper stars

Do you remember the stained glass tea light holders I showed you last week? Thanks to sustainablemum I know now that the paper used for this crafty activity is called kite paper in the UK. It feels a bit like smooth shiny greaseproof paper, and it rustles pleasantly when bunched together. I like that about it. I wonder if it would be wasted to wrap my children's sandwiches in a different colour every day?
Anyway, today I took some more of this paper to our local community club. I often bring an arts & crafts activity to the club, usually for the children but I thought the mums would quite like making something, too. The dads don't often make an appearance, preferring to stay home doing some DIY or tidying up the garden and reading a newspaper. Ever so stereotypical but it is true for us at least. I think I might be thought of as a bit odd around my neighbourhood because I make stuff but I'd like to think there is a hint of admiration there, too. Making stuff doesn't seem nearly as popular in the real world as it is in the blogosphere but I do follow many creative blogs so my view is skewed.

We made little stars to brighten up windows. It gets dark here soon and soon it will be darker still and every bit of colour will be appreciated for even during the dull days, the colours are muted and nature is mostly brown, grey and rotten green. I like it bright and sparkly. Anytime and any day.
The stars are very easy to make. I use my quilt ruler and cutting mat to cut the paper, it is faster and more accurate than using scissors. I am not using my rotary cutter but a paper knife. The paper needs to be rectangular, with the length double the width. Any size will do really but the smaller the rectangles, the trickier the folding will be for little hands. Today's size was 10 cm by 5 cm.

The stars will either have eight or 16 points, depending on how they rectangles are folded: fold a rectangle in half lengthwise.

Fold all four the corners towards the middle folding line.

For an eight point star fold two adjacent sides towards the middle once more.
For a 16 point star do this with all four sides. I am not familiar with the correct origami description but I hope the picture will be self explanatory.

Now the points can be glued together. I use glue stick rather than PVA glue, it is less messy and dries more quickly

What do you think? I can't wait for the sun to shine through the stars in my windows. But even without, they are a cheerful and happy sight!

How did you spend your Sunday? I did of course also do other more mundane stuff but you don't want to read about my laundry mountain or the grease spattered hob, don't you?

I thought you might want to know how my mum is getting on after her knee replacement: she has been discharged from hospital today and is doing well. Thank you for all the good luck wishes!

And now I am going to do some knitting, listening to yet another Iain Banks book on my phone. The dog is asleep and there is no danger to my yarn at the moment. Have a lovely week! Cx


  1. I'm glad to hear your mom is making a good recovery from her knee surgery. I love your kite stars! I make these too, but have been using tissue paper for the past few years. I think they are much nicer with the kite paper. I need to see if I can find an online source to order some. Have you seen the book called The Christmas Craft Book by Thomas Berger? It has instructions for making several different kinds of these stars.

  2. This weekend Olly and I made a rocket and launch pad out of wood, screws and a lot of straws. It's huge, and we used a saw... Your stars look much more refined and less likely to severe limbs. I'm glad to hear that your Mum is on the road to recovery. My Dad is going in for knee surgery soon. He's a bit worried.
    Have a lovely week too!
    Leanne xx

  3. Very pleased to hear your mum is doing well. Your kite stars are beautiful, I have never heard of kite paper, it looks ideal for folding and crafts and seems to keep it's shape nicely when folded. Thank you for the tip! X

  4. Hey! that is a great activity and I am going to pinch it for my family Learning session that a I each on Wednesdays. Thanks a million. I completely cleaned my oven on Sunday BTW it was a disgrace!! Jo x

  5. Ooh pretty! Those stars are fab. What a great idea, they're very effective. I hope your mum continues to do well, Christina xx

  6. These are brilliant and I am going to do this with the little girls I work with. If you made small ones you could make a garland or use them as ornaments.

  7. Good news you Mum is on the mend. I love the stars they were really pretty and looked amazing in the window.

  8. I never knew about kite paper... and I think it would be great to wrap your children's sandwiches up in bright colours!
    I know what you mean about crafting in real life. Nobody I'm friends with actually sews, knits, draws or even does photography. They seem to think it's a bit unusual to do creative things, so I have to go online to connect with other makers.
    Have a good week.
    S x

  9. Good for you Christina for encouraging people to do something with their fingers other than tic-tac on their phones!

  10. We made these last year they are beautiful aren't they? They are perfect for the winter grey that hangs around interminably. Thank you for the mention! Hope you manage to find the paper in the UK :)

  11. Ooooo love these! Was considering buying some of that paper from the link you shared the other day, and now there is a second reason to, so I will definitely have to make a purchase :)

  12. Lovely colours, they would certainly brighten up the dull days we are having

  13. They're so pretty. I think they go a long way to brighten up the windows. I remember using this paper to make kits in a math class, maybe in middle school. We were making geometric shapes with plastic drinking straws threaded onto yarn and then this paper glued on the faces of the shapes. I hadn't thought about them in close to 25 years...

  14. The stars are lovely and bright and cheerful. I think people think I'm a bit strange too. I make so many things as well as cooking and baking. I get asked often 'why not just buy it?'

  15. I love these stars, I imagine they look so pretty when the light is shining through them, they would, I imagine be nice hanging from the ceiling too. Nothing wrong with making things, mostly people say to me that they wish they could make things - I tell them to just have a go! xx

  16. What a lovely way to bring colour in when things are a bit dreary outside. Glad your mum is making a good recovery. Enjoy the rest of the week x

  17. Now this is something I can make with the kids. Absolutely beautiful! xxx


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