Sunday, 15 March 2015

a perfect weekend

Well, almost. What have you been up to? Today was Mothering Sunday in the UK. I had a Mothering Weekend. This weekend was definitely the best so far this year.

::  a lovely Saturday lie-in

:: a long walk in the woods with Jack. It is really spring now, so many buds and shoots, it is a joy. It is still very muddy in our part of the world though. 

:: bacon and tattie scone roll for lunch

:: an afternoon of sewing with Annie. She made her own lined zippered pouch for her dog essentials. She managed ok with the zip on my machine but stormed off in frustration because it is not really possible to control the speed of her own sewing machine and it went too fast for her to maintain a straight line. She returned eventually to finish it on my machine, which has a slow speed setting. I mad a boxy pouch inspired by Kristie's recent post using this tutorial.

:: Sam cooking dinner for us all, his latest favourite, pizza. I was very nearly weeping when I saw the kitchen but the pizza was delicious. 

:: continental cheese cake baking in the evening. 

:: breakfast in bed on Sunday with James's homemade Chelsea buns and plenty of coffee. 

:: small gifts and cards from the three younger ones

:: another long walk in the woods, this time with our friends and their puppy Rudi. It was Rudi's first time in the woods and he really loved it. Jack and Rudi had a great time running and rolling around. 

:: cheese cake and coffee for lunch, what's not to like? Jack stole the leftovers.

:: roller skating with Annie and friends. I am actually quite good. Considering my age and the time since my last skating experience. I felt 18 years old and carefree. No broken bones but I am sure I will be in pain tomorrow. 

:: steak and chips for dinner.

With such a lovely weekend behind me, I am very motivated for the week ahead. I am refreshed and happy. I am wishing you all a great week. Cx


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  2. That does sound like a completely excellent weekend, I'm so glad you had such a lovely time. I hope order has been restored to the kitchen! CJ xx

  3. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! Bring on the new week! xx

  4. A great weekend had by all with some great food. Those buns look delightful. Have a great week.

  5. All sounds pretty perfect to me. We went to the cabin but I laughed at the irony of all those mums in packed pubs having sunday dinner when we had baked beans and then I washed up in a bucket!! Jo x

  6. What a wonderful weekend! Here's to the best week ever too ;)

  7. That does sound perfect! I miss the days when my daughter made me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Would have to wait a long time for that now as she didn't emerge til 10. But we did have a nice time walking our dog across muddy fields and having tea and cake at the garden centre. And husband cooked and washed up and ironed so not complaining.

  8. Happy Mother's Day, Christina! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. You were even spoiled a little, which you definitely deserve. I love these bags you've been making. Tell Annie that I've been sewing for many years and I still need the slowest setting when I do zippers and buttonholes. It takes practice to feel confident but she will get there. I hope you have a great week.

  9. I love the fabric you have used for the bags. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  10. It all sounds wonderful: the food, the walking, the making (those pouches look amazing, must have a try).
    Hope you have a lovely week to follow your lovely weekend.
    S x

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  12. Glad to hear you were spoiled on Mothers Day Christina, it is nice to be appreciated! X

  13. Happy Mothers Day Christina! Sounds like an ideal weekend. That bacon is making m hungry and it's 10.30pm here. Annie did an amazing job on her bag, I'm very impressed! x

  14. Yum, Christina - you had a lot of good food this weekend! Strolls outside with kids and dogs are always a good thing. Love those zippered bags you made - you're a good Mom and daughter team!

  15. It sounds like a perfect week and I am so glad you were appropriately spoiled for Mother's Day. I think you should be spoiled every day.

  16. Hey Christina,
    Some lovely photographs of a wonderful weekend. I do like the one of Annie deep in concentration. When I was thirteen I broke every sewing machine in the needlework room at school. It wasn't wanton vandalism, merely complete lack of skill, patience and tenacity. She came back and finished the job. Good for her!
    On another note, I am so touched that you thought to send me a card and a little something at Christmas. Really, you have no idea. Save it, and I promise to find you in Cornwall when you come down for your jollies. I shall bring the pasties.
    Leanne xx

  17. British bacon is so much better than American, I always eat a ton of it when we go there. Looks like a wonderful weekend.

  18. Pity we couldn't have a Mothers' Day every weekend.


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