Sunday, 29 March 2015

weekend bulletin

How are you all? I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. I have enjoyed mine. There was no particular theme to it, we did a  little bit of this and and little bit of that. Just how I like it. 

Friday night was the PTA quiz night. Our team came last. I am not surprised. There was no science round. Or a Greek mythology round, nor a current news round. Not to mention the lack of a geography round.The quiz was almost exclusively based around entertainment, film and music. That kind of irrelevant and inconsequential knowledge I just can't be bothered with, like 'what was Paul McCartneys real first name?' I don't know, nor do I care. We put John down. Lots of men are called John. It was James, in case you need to know. Despite a shocking result the night was good, the fish & chips was yummy, Prosecco flowed freely,  and our laughter was heart felt.

On Saturday we went into town. This is a rare occurrence and we soon remembered why. Town is full of people. I am not a natural shopper and find this rather stressful. I do like to look at the buildings though. Richard and the little ones went to see the Sponge Bob movie. Annie and I went fabric shopping. Sam stayed in bed at home in case you are wondering. I didn't find any fabric for myself but we bought dress cotton for a summer frock for Annie. More on that another time. Then we went for lunch at Rumours, a Malaysian restaurant we really like. The food is always delicious and children are welcome. Alistair lamented the fact that they didn't have macharoni cheese on the menu.

We ate some other lovely food, too. For example eggs baked in cream for Saturday breakfast. Sliced steak for dinner on Sunday, with vegetables and roast potatoes.

There was a lot of playing this weekend. For example Monopoly. It is funny watching the little boys play a game they don't really understand. They also can't read the cards and make it up as they go along. I think they just like playing with play money. It has been nice watching them play. Actually play. The telly has barely been on all weekend.

Tidying was high on the agenda. A little bit here and there, never too much at the time. I got rid of a huge box of educational papers I will never read again. It felt good. I now have an empty box for essentials like yarn.We also sorted through the children's books. We have an astonishing number of those, some loved and well thumbed, others never touched. We got rid of the latter. Also, there were piles of clothes to take to charity. 

I spent a blissful couple of hours copying Annie's dress pattern onto tissue paper and cutting the fabric. I have now neat piles of fabric pieces, each labelled and marked. I also got the notions ready. All I need to do now is to find an invisible zipper foot. Next time I have an hour or two I'll start sewing.

I have a record breaking 32 single socks in my laundry basket. Yes, 32. That makes 8 per child. Richard and I don't often loose socks.

Richard was packing his bags for his annual cycling holiday in Majorca. He is leaving tomorrow morning. It is proper boys holiday and I am glad I don't have to go. I'll miss the extra hand and the moral support when Richard is away. He'll be back on Easter Monday.

Sam was mostly sleeping and revising for a maths test. His only other remarkable contribution to our weekend was to ask Richard if he had roasted the potatoes in tequila. Because that's what we do? Do I need to be worried?

See, a real hotchpotch weekend. Everyone seems happy, even the cats are relaxed. I hope the week is going to be peaceful and stress-free. There is always hope. 

Have a lovely week! Cx


  1. Potatoes roasted in tequila, hmm, that's a new one. It sounds like a good weekend though. Decluttering is always very satisfying isn't it. I need to do more! The quiz sounds very disappointing and dumbed down. And town on a Saturday is beyond me too. Malaysian food would make it all worthwhile though. I hope you have a good week Christina. CJ xx

  2. Sounds like a good family weekend was had by all, and well done for being so productive with all your sorting out too. And the tatties in tequila gave me a giggle - perhaps you should try that sometime! ;-)
    Have a happy week too,
    Hugs xx

  3. 32 single socks would be a record at my place too I think Christina! Sounds like an all round good weekend. Hope Richard enjoys his cycling holiday and you enjoy the change in routine! cheers Wendy

  4. I hadn't heard of eggs in cream but it sounds scrummy and I'll need to give it a go. The tequila potatoes I may give a miss though! Town gets too hectic esp at the weekend but a bit of fabric shopping is just the antidote. Sounds like a lovely weekend was had by all.
    Ps the sock monster lives here in my washing machine too. I officially have more unattached socks than matched pairs which mystifies me as I take them off together....!

  5. I have a whole basket dedicated to odd socks, which I periodically tip out to see if any pairs have materialised. I"m sure someone could write a PhD on the behaviour of socks in a domestic environment. Sounds like you had a shoot, productive weekend X

  6. Ok so 'shoot' should of course say 'good'! Predictive text on an iPad is such a nuisance! X

  7. Hey Christina,
    I love hotchpotch weekends. I like the satisfied and full up feeling it gives you on Sunday evening. Do you ever get away on a girls holiday? The sock situation has be quite good here. Only three odd socks in the basket. I don;t really tidy during the school holidays. I kind of top and tail. There's no point. My children go feral when they have time off from school.
    Enjoy the week, my friend.
    Leanne xx

  8. Sounds like a really good weekend, spending quality time together as a family. The missing socks made me smile and brought back memories of when my daughters were all at home, I always had a pile of odd socks and laddered tights. Hope you have a good week.

  9. Sounds Mike the perfect weekend. I don't think I would like potatoes roasted in tequila but the eggs baked in's spring, so tidying was on the agenda this weekend too!

  10. wishing you a peaceful week x lots of sleeping here too this weekend, some revising, and a celebration.

  11. I am hopeless as quizzes, and would not have been any use at yours, I had no idea that Paul even had a real name that wasn't Paul!!! Sounds like a good weekend though. Hope you can round up the missing socks! xx

  12. That's a lot of single socks! Perhaps there is a sock speed-dating group that has set up in your basket without your knowledge? It sounds like you had a fab weekend to me, hope you have a wonderful week to go with it! xx

  13. Sounds like a good weekend to me. That's a lot of socks! Did you know they filmed Sponge Bob Square Pants the Movie here in Savannah?

  14. That's a large number of footloose (!) socks, I wonder where the other halves are.
    It sounds like a nice weekend, well done for enduring town on a Saturday afternoon, although fabric shopping sounds nice! xx

  15. explain more about eggs in cream and potatoes in tequila. sounds interesting.


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