Saturday, 13 June 2015

Saturday night randoms

I feel like I have to catch-up with with my own life. Five on Friday wasn't quite enough to do so, hence this Saturday night randoms collection.

This one is for CJ specially. I hope it makes you smile, my friend. We had a work BBQ on Wednesday night. I wanted to say hello to a friend and her baby and sat down at the picnic table next to her. It was one of those tables with two benches attached. The moment I sat down, it collapsed under my bum and everyone at this end of the table found themselves near the ground. The baby was in shock, screaming. She will probably flinch whenever she sees me in the future. Unfortunately there is no video evidence but I have been assured it was a hilarious moment for the onlookers. I have a bruised back from where the table corner stuck in it but no lasting injuries.

I can now reveal that I was successful at my interview on Thursday. I received an official email late on Friday afternoon. That's me sorted for two years. I just wish there was some more permanency but for now I am happy. Very happy. It is such an exiting post, I'll write about it more another day. Most exiting of all, I'll get to travel to Colombia! More than once.

I have finished the dress I was working on. I'll write about it another time but in summary, it looked ok but I am not convinced by the pattern or cut.

I went to see the local Secondary School Musical on Thursday evening. On my own. It was fab. The young adults performed 'A Little Shop Of Horrors'. I am not easily moved to tears but some of the singing was so amazing, it made me feel all emotional. Where do the young people get the confidence to sing, dance and act with so much enthusiasm and joy? The school staff is really inspiring, too and I am very happy to soon have two children attending this school.

For those of you who were wondering, the crisis last week had to do with the PTA summer party. A license to sell alcohol did not come through in time. The summer party is an evening outdoor party with homebaking, tuckshop, samosas, bouncy castle, talent show, other entertainment and drink and not being able to sell alcohol was a bit of a bummer. The party is one of two big fundraisers and the bar returns excellent revenue. Many options were discussed and discarded. After consultation with a solicitor, a decision was taken that was both legal and acceptable for PTA, school and party-goers. Less critical but nevertheless annoying is that changed letting conditions for schools require a let to be paid in advance. Not having an invoice until the day of the event doesn't make this easy.... Yes, we have to pay buckets of money to be allowed to fundraise for the school.  

I have decided that emptying the dish washer is no longer the worst chore. This honour now goes to folding and tidying away the washing. 

We have successfully gotten rid of the head lice infestation that has been a real plague in this house recently.

Apart from head lice there have also been some amazing tantrums in this house last week. It is surprising that doors are not off their hinges. I have audio evidence of this weeks winning tantrum if you are interested. And no, it is not the smallest child. Send me an email if your children cause you to pull out your hair in despair because of endless tantrums and dramas. I promise you, you'll feel better instantly. It is very difficult to keep your cool when you are needled relentlessly. The latest teaser? The sentence 'calm down mother' when I am actually in a zen-like state, merely asking about the course of the day, or suggesting that they may want to move their collection of used mugs, cereal bowls and glasses to the dishwasher.

Annie has really enjoyed her two induction days at Secondary School. She spent two full days with her new classmates, getting to know her new teachers. She is so ready! 

I have become fascinated with leaves (you probably guessed) and the weather is now firmly back in the cold and miserable category.

I have blog withdrawal symptoms, I have not had a chance to read many posts and I miss your witty, creative, funny, thought provoking, imaginative and inspiring writing. I shall be back to reading as from now. Yeah!

And I could go on..... but I will stop here and go to bed, reading my June book.
Have a wonderful Sunday. Cxx



  1. I'm hopelessly behind in blog reading due to a week of guests. Congratulations on getting the job you interviewed for! And the trips to Columbia sound like an amazing opportunity. Sorry there have been some tantrums at your house. It's no wonder you've become fascinated with leaves. They are very peaceful and calming to look at. Have a great weekend, Christina!

  2. Congratulations on your job and travel to Colombia sounds exciting, do you speak Spanish?
    Children, children, children, they do drive us to despair, ours is grown and still frequently gives us heartburn.

  3. I'm sorry about your back and the lice. I hope there is improvement on both fronts now. Congratulations on your new job. I'm very excited for you!

  4. Congratulations on your new job and future jaunts, exciting times. I am sorry but I did laugh at your misfortune with the bench collapsing, shame on me.... It does get easier with the children...when they move out!!!! They go on to have children of their own and they have the terrible two tantrums and so it goes on.

  5. Oh Christina, I can indeed fully appreciate the picnic bench moment. It's a good job we're used to this kind of thing. I hope the bruises fade soon. Many congratulations on the job, it sounds fantastic. Columbia! I'm assuming that's actual Columbia and not Columbia University, but either is brilliantly exciting, I shall look forward to hearing more about it. The tantrums and needling made me smile in recognition. My eldest likes to say to me (when I am completely calm and asking him nicely to do something very simple) "Don't be so stressy". His very worst insult is "Woman". Could be worse. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Don't sit on any temporary or outdoor furniture. CJ xx

  6. Well done on the job! And I feel your pain (well, mortification) at the picnic bench incident. Hope your back feels better soon. I fell off the windowsill last week after messing around with the curtain pole and met with several pieces of furniture on the way down. My legs are covered in bruises and there's a bump on my head but nobody saw me fall, fortunately.
    Joe's been throwing huge raging tantrums of late. They don't last and he tends only to do it at home but there's no rhyme or reason to them. And he NEVER does it in front of his grandparents. It's incredibly annoying.
    The school fundraising situation sounds very silly indeed. Logic goes out of the window sometimes, doesn't it?
    I need to catch up with blog land too. It's on today's list.
    I loved reading this post. Have a great Sunday 😊

  7. congrats on the job interview! and ouch to the bench incident, hope you aren't too sore. I love going to the school productions, your's sounds great, and it sounds like Annie will have a great time there.

  8. I've loved your moments of green calm amongst the descriptions of your week. Many congratulations on your job - the prospect of travelling is an exciting one. Don't look at the length of the contract as a restriction but as an opportunity for a new adventure in two years' time - who knows what future doors this contract will open for you?! Collapsing benches are always much funnier when it's not you on the bench; hope you're OK now. I found a Nitty Gritty metal comb the best thing ever for dealing with head lice - both my girls have long hair which is not ideal when there's been an outbreak at school. Luckily, the incidents get less as they get older. Wishing you a tantrum-free, dishwasher-filled (by someone else) happy week xx

  9. Congratulations on the job! I liked all the leaf photos.

  10. It sounds as though it is all go at your house! Congratulations on the job! That is brilliant. The travel sounds exciting!!! I hope that you enjoy it a great deal. The tantrums on the other hand don't sound like a lot of fun. I guess that we all did it to our parents didn't we!! I can't remember the last time I slammed a door, perhaps I should give it a go! On second thoughts I'm not sure I can be bothered!!! I hope that it all calms down soon - she says hopefully!! xx

  11. Great news that you are so excited about your new job (and that the head lice are gone - yuck.) I don't know how you manage to get so much sewing accomplished - looking forward to seeing the dress.

  12. What a lovely post, huge congrats on the job it sounds super exciting!! And what a palava with the PTA event, it seems crazy that to fund-raise you need to lay out so much money in advance. I'm glad that Annie enjoyed the induction to secondary school, and hope the tantrums subside! Have a lovely week :)

  13. Congratulations on your new job Christina, it sounds exciting and I look forward to hearing more. I like all those leafy pics, leaves go too much unnoticed I think and are just as interesting as any flower. Have a lovely week and don't sit on any dodgy benches ;o) Jane xx

  14. Your posts always make me smile... Congratulations on your new job and pleased to hear there was no lasting damage from the table collapsing!

  15. So sorry about your tip-up picnic bench accident - hope you're not too badly bruised - those all-in-one table and bench affairs are ever so heavy. Well done about the new job - super! Looking forward to hearing more about it. If it's any consolation your comments about dramas with offspring made me laugh out loud with recognition! Anything H doesn't like the sound of, I get "stop shouting at me" - regardless of whether I am doing more than whispering! It's a trying time here at the moment on the whole university application front and my patience is close to evaporation - your post here has probably helped extend its shelf life considerably as yes, I have been pretty close to the hair-tearing thing not to mention shouting properly! Have a lovely week, Christina! E x

  16. Congratulations on your new job and the opportunity to travel to Columbia.
    Sounds like your kids are at "that age." Love the calm down, mother comment. Bet that snapped you right out of your zen moment.

  17. That's great you got the job! Well done. The pictures of leaves makes a nice change from pictures of flowers. Leaves are lovely in their own way - so much variety of colour, shape and texture. Things are bad when your children call you 'mother'! It's better than 'ma' of course.

  18. Congratulations on the job! Wonderful news, I hope it is really fulfilling and interesting. Teenage tantrums are so much worse than toddler ones, as they are usually delivered with withering sarcasm and dramatic exits. X


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