Friday, 30 October 2015

jumping on the bandwagon

Did you read Annie's ten randoms a few days ago? Today I am following suit and post my own ten randoms. Or however many I can think of. I am not the only one doing so, check out CJ, Leanne and Tess for example.

Not much has been happening lately that I think is worthwhile mentioning. I am in a perpetual rut of work, laundry and homework. Throw Halloween or any other additional commitment in the mix and you'll see me gasp for air. But a little cheerful randomness does never any harm, yes? I have also uploaded a few completely random photos from our recent London trip that I haven't shared elsewhere.

::  I love to wear woolly hats and wear them often and as soon as it is chilly enough. My current favourite is a blue and white FairIsle hat with a big white pompon.

::  One of my molars is a baby tooth. It just never fell out and is quite happily sitting there with the adult molars.

:: I haven't eaten any cake since Annie's birthday on the 12th of September. Unless you count a slice of malt loaf that is.

:: My hair is 20% grey (so says my hairdresser). I colour it mostly in a neutral darkish brown that is not dissimilar to my pre-grey hair colour, but it is impossible to match because of course dye manufacturers don't produce dull field mouse brown. 

 :: My worst ever exam performance was in statistics. I passed but with a narrow margin. Statistics remains a mystery but I do enjoy to listen to 'More or Less' on Radio 4, a program that looks at the numbers in the press.

:: I am a quick thinker and can on occasion get impatient with those who aren't. It is not my best side. 

:: After 16 years in Britain I still struggle with the subtleties of Britishness, for example the habit of saying something but meaning something quite different. I am to the point but hopefully not rude.

:: I have never seen an entire James Bond movie. I think James Bond is an irresponsible alcoholic womaniser with too many man toys.

:: Last night I dreamt that I was living in a house that was alive. It was a bit like living in a mouth, the house 'chewed up' sofas with people sitting on it, swallow the lot and spit it out again. It was quite scary and rather weird. The sofa was orange. 

:: I am a secret hypochondriac. When I was coughing the other day, the first thing that came to mind was an ascaris infection, which of course is ludicrous. I don't share my suspicions with my GP.

I think that's ten. I also think I have procrastinated enough and should do some work. I have filed this blog post writing as 'general faffing' in my work time tracking system. 

Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Cxx


  1. I enjoyed your randomness, especially the description "dull field mouse brown"....very funny!

  2. I do love a good random post, and thanks for the mention as well. Good job on the cake avoidance, it's something I need to do really. I always think tomorrow will be the day I stop. Maybe it actually will be tomorrow. I hear TB is on the rise. Just thought I'd mention it. Quite a bit of impatience here as well unfortunately. Wishing you all a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. Hey Christina,
    Cheers for the mention! I had a chat with Marc this morning about my impatience, especially in my book group. I have decided not to chose the book I had ear marked because I know that most of the ladies will not enjoy it, simply because they may have to actually pay attention to what they are reading. I am not a hypochondriac, but I am married to one. He comes from a long line of hypochondriacs. Sam has inherited this trait.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Leanne xx

  4. Dread to think what percentage of my hair is grey - don't ask. My natural hair colour is that muse too - someone should invent it! Agree with you on James Bond and I can never follow the plots.

  5. Great randoms! I have no desire to know my percentage of grey, I can see it that is bad enough!! xx

  6. Great post. I'm a fellow hypochondriac, have been since I got my hands on a Dictionary of Symptoms' aged nine.
    I've never sat through a Bond film either. They just don't interest me very much. Car chases and explosions and technology add up to a pretty uninteresting viewing experience in my opinion!
    Have a fun Halloween x

  7. I love your ten randoms, my hair is more like 75% grey so I've given up with colouring. It was one of the most liberating things I did... But to be fair I am older than you. I rather like people who are direct and speak their mind too. Can't be doing with saying one thing and meaning something else.

  8. Looks like you had a fab day out on the South Bank. And ha ha to your comment about James Bond, I think that's fair and that's potentially what we like about him :) x

  9. I'm married to a hypochondriac. I thinking being in the medical field just makes you more aware of even more obscure potential ailments. I may beg to disagree with you on the Bond movie stance, because of Daniel Craig..........

  10. I enjoyed your ten randoms, I agree with you about James Bond I just don't get all the fuss either. Also I think we are all secret hypochondriacs but that is better than being public ones.

  11. Your James Bond comment made me smile - what a totally random thing indeed - and I agree with you! I am also not known for being subtle in my speech.

  12. Really interesting ten Christina, I knew you would be a wooly hat type of person, they would go with your lovely knitted socks. My worse exam result was in chemistry, it was a protest as I didn't want to study the subject, I got 7%, I was made to take it again and got 6% :)

  13. So canny, lots of these things have happened to me of late. (except the orange sofa thing!!) I bought a malt loaf for the kids lunchbox and found that no one likes it in our house so I ate the entire thing. i too have never watched a bond movie all the way through, I love hats, I dye my hair that brown you are describing and I do enjoy the odd episode of 'More or less' . Sadly, I don't suffer fools gladly either (not nice!) Enjoying looking through your sock patterns. Thanks for sharing them. Jo x

  14. I loved this post! I've read a few of the random ten posts tonight and they've all been equally interesting, like just having a chat with someone. I also enjoy More or Less, although I am not a quick thinker or good at statistics, I just find their analysis fascinating. I read a hilarious thing on Facebook recently posted by a Swedish friend, about how the British say completely different things to what they mean. I am sure you are never rude. :-) xx

  15. I agree - James Bond, though handsome, is a womanizing jerk. There are lots of other movie leading men that I would rather spend time with! I think my hair is about 20% grey too. I am not quite 40 yet so I will keep colouring it. Maybe by 50 I will be able to let it go naturally!


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