Monday, 23 November 2015

this weekend we have been...

Time flies, doesn't it? I am still in denial about the imminent start of Advent. I watch on demand TV only at the moment to avoid the Christmas adverts. I am not mentally ready yet. Are you?

The weekend past was quiet and enjoyable:

:: Catching up with an old friend who came to stay with us on Friday night, staying up far too late. 

:: We were comparing notes on teenagers. Mine has descended into moroseness and is utterly annoying once more. I think he must have read the glowing report I wrote about him last week and now has to restore the image of stereotypical male teenagers. I have been cross with often these past two days, firstly for keeping us awake at night with his noisy foraging trips to the kitchen (involving door slamming and other teenage noises) and secondly for establishing his own mealtime routines (including cooking in between our normal meal times and making a mess). We made him clean the kitchen yesterday. He wasn't happy.

:: Watching the snow fall on Friday night whilst being cosy inside. The snow didn't stick but it was mesmerising seeing it fall steadily and ever so gently.

:: Walking Jack in daylight and without waterproofs. It was nice to stay dry for once. We even saw the sun! We cracked some thin ice on puddles, always a highlight. Underneath it was still very muddy but this first hint of winter was much enjoyed by all. I was too busy chatting with my friend, no photos were taken. Jack was very very muddy and needed a bath. He has forgiven me. I think.

:: Sewing. And some more sewing. I mad good progress with my duffle coat, it is finally coming together. I finished the hood, attached the zipper and front bands and sewed a lining toile. I was on a roll.

:: Binge watching 'The Walking Dead' series 3 whilst sewing. Both activities are addictive.

:: Richard was keeping the little ones out of my way so I could do both. I think they had a good time.

:: Annie was socialising with friends all weekend

:: Sam was working on his teenage image all weekend. 

:: Going out for tea because it seemed such a shame to start cooking after Sam had cleaned the kitchen. We went for an Indian meal at Mother India's, a firm family favourite. You must go if you ever visit Glasgow. I enjoyed my curried haddock with lentils. Funniest thing ever, there was a small dollop of mildly spiced mashed potatoes on the plate, too.

:: The laundry. There is always such much laundry. I think we have a magic laundry basket that never completely empties.

:: Dreaming of a space where I could spread out my stuff and leave it.

I hope you all had a nice weekend, too. I like weekends like this past one. I am enjoying the memory of it because I know the next few weekends will be busy if not mad. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Have a lovely week. Cx


  1. Sounds like a good weekend. I love the picture of Jack - such like our wee Jack Russell when she has to have a bath. There are only 3 of us at home now and we still make huge piles of washing. It's just never-ending.

  2. Busy lady! Aren't we always busy? If the kids don't need something, the dog does, right? I'm completely in the Christmas mood. Frankly, the joy of the season ( however early ) is what's keeping me sane these days!!

  3. I love the sound of your weekend, and I especially like what you said at the end, about carrying that memory forwards into the busier weekends ahead. It's going to be the same for me, as I slowly get in the festive spirit, The early build up to Christmas doesn't bother me in the least - I spent many years working in retail (and John still works in retail) where it's quite normal to be talking about and planning for Christmas in August. xx

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing the duffle coat, I am in complete awe of someone that can do that. There is only my husband and I at home and yet the laundry basket is never empty. I have masses of lists, with a list I feel as if I am in control of Christmas. Menu planning was completed today....

  5. Hey Christina,
    We had a good weekend too. I went to a very festive craft fair, and bought some Xmas pressies, including my own ;) Teenagers are loathsome sometimes. Alfie is currently all about the hair do.
    Leanne xx

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and lucky you having some sewing time to yourself. Quite a luxury I think! I am not looking forward to teenage troubles. I'm finding seven challenging enough. CJ xx

  7. As the mother of a 6 foot two son who used to play sport every day I am not surprised at how hungry Sam gets. My son used to come home from school and boil an egg, sometimes two, accompanied by marmite on toast or if he was extra hungry (and we weren't having pasta for supper) he would make macaroni cheese or even heat a bowl of home made soup. Honestly he was a different boy when his tummy was full and he would still eat a normal family supper. (Have you seen the airline portions which constitute school dinners nowadays? They wouldn't satisfy you or me never mind a growing boy.) I'm looking forward to seeing your duffel coat and happy for you that you achieved some quality sewing time this weekend.

  8. It sounds like your coat will be ready just in time for the cold weather. Well done for getting your son to clean the kitchen. And I agree going out to dinner was a good move when the kitchen was looking so clean....have a good week. Barbara

  9. A magic laundry basket, a duffle coat and a teenage son who cleans the kitchen, they'll soon be making a movie of your life... cute dog and all! Enjoy the madness they say it's all part of the fun :)
    Wren x

  10. Oh your dog looks so sweet in the bath & teenagers who'd have them! It's a pity they aren't more stable - mine thinks he has grown up into an adult at the age of 14 with all the privileges that goes with adulthood!!!

  11. I am going to hide with you if that is ok, I don't want it to be advent next week either. In fact it would be great if I could hibernate and wake up on January 01! Only joking! Why does it always come round so fast?

    Hope you are having an easier week with your lovely teenager ;)

  12. My husband had three days off work from Friday and we had a lovely weekend spent at home. I'm still a bit in denial about Christmas too. I don't like to think about all the things that need to be done before the big day- present buying, writing and sending cards, etc. I'm trying to be organised and have started finishing projects just to make it less hectic in the coming weeks. I can't wait for the girls' school holidays to start! X

  13. Hang in there. The good thing about teenagers is that they emerge at the other end as thoroughly pleasant people. I agree with Sarah on food - they need more food than you would ever think possible.

  14. ah teenagers. always hungry...... and yes, the extra meals where the pans get left "near" the sink but not in it.......... we have those too.......

  15. As I understood you have a lot of fun with your teenage son. Now remembering myself in 15 I can't even explain how could I act so rude with y parents. That was horrible time for them. Good luck to you)


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