Sunday, 21 February 2016

in no particular order

How was your weekend? Ours was just fine. Nothing nearly as peaceful as last weekend with all four kids at home.... but good all the same.

In no particular order:

:: Several long dog walks just because I could. The weather is on the appalling side but dogs need exercise and so do I. There was a general lack of enthusiasm amongst the offspring to join me. The ground is completely saturated with water, mud is everywhere. Jack looked like the scary mud monster in "Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.

:: Dinner party at a friends house. It was fabulous but I ate and drank far too much. We laughed a lot and then some more. We may have been quite silly. 

:: I couldn't resist the soft cheese, which was a mistake. My intestines can't cope with it. Soft cheese tummy: not good combined with a fuzzy prosecco head.

:: It is now official, I am going to Amsterdam with four amazing women to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of them. We are staying on a houseboat, plan to go dancing and vintage shopping and we might even visit a museum or two. 

:: Clocking up 17260 steps on my fitness tracker in one day. 

:: Happily sorting through my quilting fabric stash, making colour coordinated piles. I don't know why this makes me so content. 

:: Washing wadding and backing for my colourful quilt. I can't wait for next weekend to sandwich it all together and start quilting it. 

:: Overcoming my overlocker anxiety. I practised with some knit fabric scraps and boldly made a floor cushion cover with a large piece of random linen I found whilst sorting through my stash.

:: Going through the checkout with £158 worth of groceries packed neatly in several large bags in my trolley. I had no money on me. None at all. But fear not, a friendly man came to my rescue, suspended my bill, and kept my groceries in the chill room so I could dash home to get my purse. There is a reason why Richard does the shopping in this house. He always has his wallet and spends about half as much as I do.

:: Feeling exited about our extension plans. These have been submitted for planning permission. Building warrant is up next. Is it too early to look at hardwood flooring and kitchens? 

:: Looking forward to an early night. 

:: Hoping for some more time next week to catch up with your blogs.

Have a wonderful week. xx


  1. I loved reading this! Your posts always make me smile, and the thought of Jack as the "Room on the Broom" monster made me laugh out loud. Small daughter always wanted to say that line herself - "Buzz off, that's my witch!" I haven't thought about that in quite some time now, so thank you for the memory and I hope you have a very productive week. Looking forward to seeing your quilt! xx

  2. You have had a wonderful week/weekend. I love Amsterdam and have been there twice, not with girlfriends, that would be even more fun. Have a wonderful week,

  3. oh my this sounds like an incredibly busy weekend. I ate a lot and did a bit of gardening.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend and a wedding in Holland with a houseboat stay, how wonderful.

  5. That sounds like a busy but productive weekend. I love your piles of fabric, there is something satisfying about putting them together isn't there?

  6. I will be taking my very neglected pup out this morning. He was ignored all of last week (I think I was hoping my daughter would walk him during her week home). Sorting colourful fabrics is a good way to relax and get creative ideas flowing again :) Enjoy your week ahead!

  7. Mick does most of our shopping too, he'd rather go on his own because we tend to spend more when I go too. Amsterdam, how exciting, it's somewhere I'd love to go, and with a group of women doing the things you plan, it will be brilliant. Eeek, I don't envy you starting on your extension, I think it's about twelve years now since we built ours and it still fills me with horror when I think about it, all that dust. Worth it in the end though.

  8. Ooh, the extension sounds exciting indeed. Definitely not too soon to start eyeing up the flooring, best to be knowledgeable about what's out there. Amsterdam sounds fabulous as well, no doubt you will all have an absolute blast. I'm wishing you a very good week, CJ xx

  9. Love the sound of that trip to Amsterdam. I hadn't thought of staying in a canal there's an idea! Good luck with the extension. Hope all progresses quickly. You won't know yourself with all that extra space! Barbara xx

  10. Exciting plans in store! I love that photograph of all the fabrics, so bright and cheerful. X

  11. Your fabric stash is amazing! Love them all. I also love the sound of that planned trip to Amsterdam, especially the vintage shopping :-) It's my husband who does our shopping too. He's a better shopper than me - I'm more of a 'non-essentials expert'.


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