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How was your weekend? Ours went by far too quickly. It was a good one. It has been hot and sunny and we made the best of it. I feel almost embarrassed mentioning the glorious weather, I know it has been far less glorious in many parts of the UK and Europe. This has been the longest stretch of summer in all the time I can remember and we needed to water the garden and fruit trees, an occurrence so rare that it deserves mentioning.  The garden looks at its best, weeds and all.

One of many quincelets. I am hoping for a crop this year

I'll have this for dinner tomorrow

The peonies are past their best

The poppies are in full bloom

Not long now until these are ready to be harvested

The blue berries will be a little longer

These Californian poppies appeared in a dark corner

Richard went on an epic bike ride yesterday, 145 miles! He left at 7:30 in the morning and got back about 12 hours later. I am glad he texted to let me know he was running late because the group took plenty of breaks to cool down and sit in the shade. I don't know how he does it.

James, Alistair and I went on a Beaver/Cub Scout day out. We went to Heads of Ayr farm park, together with many other Beavers and Cubs. We were a group with twenty boys and girls and five adults. Each of the adults had four children to keep an eye on. We found two tables with benches, where we deposited lunches, water and all the other detritus that piles up the moment more than one child is present. The children were allowed to roam free and spent most of their time on the bouncy pillows. These were exactly what the name says, gigantic inflated pillows. We fed the animals: goat, donkeys and an absolutely ginormous camel with teeth the size of a child's hand. I would not for anything in the world feed this beast but the children were non plussed and thought it had a tickly tongue. We didn't loose any children.

Meanwhile Sam was doing nothing much at all and Annie was baking cupcakes for a children's birthday party. She also made marshmallow top hats. This is her second commission for baking, the first being a batch of 50 small scones for a funeral wake. I am proud of her and I am grateful to my friends who trust her to do a professional job. Annie is learning to cost her ingredients and work out how much to charge to make a little profit. She'll go far, this girl of mine.

Jack was mostly sleeping in the shade, unwilling to walk further than his water bowl.

Today, I went for a jog in the morning and then spent the rest of the day making toiles and pattern adjustments. I am quite pleased with my progress. I think I am now ready to sew two well fitting tops. If only I had planned ahead and bought some interfacing... I have a half written post about my recent sewing adventures so I'll leave it at this. Sewing is really a craft for the warmer months and I am in full swing.

Annie had her big ballet rehearsal in the afternoon. She looks tired, I am sure it was hard work now doubt it was boiling hot in the theatre. We'll go and see the show tomorrow evening. She has now been dancing for eight years, with no plans of stopping.

Sam emerged about lunch time declaring that he was now starting to get in shape for the summer. He asked Richard to setup up his bike on rollers in the back garden. Cycling on the roads is apparently uncool. He considered investing in a pair of shorts for the holidays and wondered if a tight t-shirt might be beneficial for the display of his six pack. Teenagers are just so weird.

Richard spent the day pottering in the garden.

James and Alistair ran around like drunk chickens for most of the day. Our neighbours had their paddling pool filled and they invited them over to splash, which was really nice. Our paddling pool has not survived winter storage. The boys were playing nicely with our neighbours kids, sometimes here and sometimes there. Summer is great for climbing over fences into each others gardens. It occurs to me that I have never seen a drunk chicken.

Now, we are all relaxing on various sofas or on a walk in the woods. The dog finally agreed to go out.  I am bracing myself for a mad week with not much time to relax until next Sunday. Wishing you all a happy week. xx


  1. I would enjoy seeing a drunk chicken. I've often wondered if my hens could get drunk on fallen apples. They do eat them sometimes. It sounds like you had a very nice weekend. 145 miles on a bike is really amazing! Wow. And how nice that Annie is getting baking commissions, good for her. I think she will go far too. I hope you have a good week ahead.

  2. I'm rather like Jack in this sort of weather but I've had to spend time outdoors for 30 Days Wild! It's been hot and sunny here for so long now (just Wednesday was chilly and overcast) and I'm actually very read for a rainy day now!

  3. We have had hot and sunny too, long may it last, I am rather enjoying it. Your weekend sounds full and fun, 145 miles now that is some ride, my brother goes off in rides like that too! I hope your very busy week is not too manic ;)

  4. Sounds like an excellent weekend, and a fun outing. The weather has been glorious hasn't it. Well done to Annie on her baking, she is quite the entrepreneur. And well done to you on your sewing. Great British Sewing Bee here we come. I hope your busy week goes well. CJ xx

  5. My pink poppies not appeared yet - warmer weather up there than in Cheshire. Always lovely to read your posts - my husband absent too most of yesterday on big bike ride but can't match 145 miles. Cna't seem to get back in blogging habit at present...

  6. Drunk chickens, that sums up children most of the time. Sounds like you had a good weekend. As for 145 mile bike ride, wow, I might manage that in a week. Good luck with the sewing and have a good week. B x

  7. Your garden is looking beautiful and I am extremely envious of your poppies as they are so gorgeous! I want poppies everywhere next year, I've decided. Love the sound of your busy, summery, coming and going kind of weekend. Have a great week. xx

  8. Sounds like Scotland is indeed having some beautiful weather. That's great about your daughter, 2 great skills, cooking and figuring out unit prices. I can't imagine that long a bike ride, I once did 14 miles and thought I'd die.

  9. I always enjoy seeing what others have in their gardens...what is the berry?

  10. What a wonderful energetic week end you have all had, I so want to go cycling but there never seems the time, your fruit is at the same sage as ours I think lots of promise for summer :-)

  11. It sounds like a busy but fun weekend, understandable that it went by so quickly! The baker in me is intrigued by the marshmallow top hats! xx

  12. Weekends like that make the working week worth getting through. Enjoy that good weather while you've got it... We actually saw some sunshine yesterday but it has been cold and miserable for the beginning of June. I like the sound of drunk chickens!

  13. You all sound very busy. The weather was divine here last week but none of us were very industrious at all. x

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, I have to admit to been a tad jealous of your glorious weather. Believe it or not we had thick cardigans and winter hats when we went out. The weather patterns never cease to amaze.

  15. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, summer is the best! Happy sewing!

  16. What a brilliant weekend for you all. I am liking the look of your fruit very much and can see that you focus on growing your favourite things to eat. I am very impressed by Annie's baking skills and am looking forward to your (inspirational) sewing post.,

  17. Hey Christina,
    So sad you can't make Cornwall this year. Perhaps we will make it to Scotland in Betty. It's something that I'd really love to do. Annie is a born entrepreneur. I think it's brilliant. Your Sam sounds a lot like my Alfie, who declared that he would now be eating brown bread because he wanted to eat more healthily. All said while eating a giant bag of crisps. I suppose it's a start. And he's definitely more body conscious than my Sam. I agree; plain weird. Your garden is looking amazing. The artichoke in particular. I've never tried them. What do they taste like? I've never seen a drunk chicken, just a drunk husband at the weekend. He was shameful.
    Hope the week ahead isn't too frenetic.
    Leanne xx

  18. It's all looking abundant at your place - lovely. How wonderful to have had a stretch of lovely summery weather. This morning was the first day I've opened to door to feel it quite warm rather than chilly. It's coming! Annie sounds very enterprising - good on her. Yes, teenage boys are weird. I was trying to persuade mine to have a few adventures after his gcses finish and told me he's going to try to get a job and earn some money! Honestly, what was I thinking?! Have a good week. Sam x

  19. All your flowers are looking beautiful, and how very exciting to have artichokes growing in your garden! Well done Annie with baking commisions, what a great experience x


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