Sunday, 28 August 2016

at the end of a busy week

It has been a odd kind of week with a part time work retreat for me (driving there and back on two days, 45 min one way) and a full time work retreat for Richard (staying over). We were relying heavily on the two older children to help with the littler ones and Jack had to go out with his dog walker more than usual. He didn't mind. Talking of Jack, we are looking for a good kennel for the October holiday, our usually go to dog minder is on holiday, too. Any suggestions are appreciated, if you are local.

The retreat was ok, at least the scientific sessions. I am not so keen on team building exercises, I find shaking hands and introducing myself to people I know excruciating. I missed the social events, which I have been told were fun.

We drove out to a quarry to choose granite cobble stones for our gabion steps. They are a little bit sparkly, which appeals to my girly inner self. They are also reclaimed. The wall in the garden has been annihilated and this weekend, we carried large amounts of spoil out to the skip. Actually, I was filling buckets and loosening clay with the sledge hammer rather than carrying spoil. I am now quite confident that we'll actually manage to finish. My body is utterly exhausted. Just one week to go until the builders arrive.

My quince tree is now wood. There was a single tiny quince hidden amongst the foliage. I was expecting to be more sad about loosing it but it was a poor cropper and not ideal for the climate. I have found a website that lists suitable trees for the exposed West of Scotland weather that we have and unfortunately, quince trees are not among them. We'll choose a new tree after Christmas, one that is happy in our climate.

I had a podiatry appointment and was told there was 'something functionally wrong' with my foot. I call that a vague diagnosis. I got a referral for a biomechanics assessment for the fitting of bespoke insoles. Bye bye pretty summer sandals! I have of the shelf insoles which seem to help a little.

I read in the news that corn on the cob is a major cause for emergency surgery in dogs, the cob causes blockages and distress. Upon reading this I wondered what happened to the cob that Jack was chewing on. He loves it but I have never seen him eat the cob so there is hope.

Clubs are all back on and evenings have become busy once more. Homework is back on the table and I still don't like it.

I started watching Stranger Things. Not sure if I like it as much as everyone else. I was expecting more glorious 1980s music I think, and less creepiness. I also watched the first series of Zoo, which is completely ridiculous but kind of fun to watch. Then I started to watch The Killing. I am late to catch on but I am making the best of my free Netflix month. I am saving the last few episodes of The Walking Dead up for when the free month is up.

I haven't worked on my crochet blanket for over a week. I was too tired to lift a crochet hook. On the other hand, I made two soaps, both of which failed aesthetically but otherwise fine. I was trying to make some Christmas soap before the kitchen goes. Ah well.

We had a camping planning meeting with a delicious meal and good company. We still don't know where we will be camping. It is difficult to find a campsite where open fires are allowed and where children can be loud, boisterous and largely unsupervised.

What has been happening in your parts of the world? I haven't had a chance to catch up with my favourite blogs unfortunately. I am hoping to pop in next week.

Wishing you all a good week. x


  1. My friend you sure have been busy. I can't stand team building exercises, I find them to just cause stress which really isn't good for team building is it? I also hate reading a passage of something out loud, that stems from my elementary school days, as adults do we really need to read out loud? Have a restful week if possible.

  2. While you have been slaving away and enduring team building exercises I feel mean in telling you that I have been out and about enjoying hot summer days, picking apples every few days for snacks, swimming here and there, and yesterday I enjoyed attending an all day beginner's watercolor workshop! I hope that you have a good week and sort out your plans for the upcoming camping holiday :) xx

  3. well it wasnt a boring week was it, lots of variety, I am with you on the team building stuff, if you were camping down this way you could have wild camped in one of the fields and have a camp fire

  4. You have been busy! I've just got back from a week in North Wales and I'm all post-holiday gloom at the moment. Will be tackling the garden later. I shall see if that perks me up. Have a good week Christina. CJ xx

  5. I'm on the very last day off before I return to work - boo! The break has been wonderfully restorative. I watched Mike complete his zip wire which I will blog about soon and that is as exciting as my week off has been. I hope you find your camping spot, I'm sure you're sorely in need of a break now. It must still be exciting for you now the builder is due to arrive x

  6. Sounds like you are all back to work with a vengeance! I know what you mean about those bonding sessions on courses. Sometimes excruciating. Like the sound of those cobbles; despite the hardwork it sounds like everything is moving quickly. Hope they sort out your foot problem, sounds like a very weird diagnosis. Still summer in this part of the world, can't believe what a sunny August we have had. Making the most of the sun while we can :) B X

  7. Sounds like you've been busy Christina. We are looking for kennels for October too! But not in Scotland!

  8. Busy times, indeed. Hope you're enjoying The Killing, one of my favourites. I'm finding that my body is in the north east of England whereas my head is still in the Arctic. Hopefully my bits will come together again soon.

  9. A lovely snapshot of your week - I did smile at your team building! We had one this week where you had to introduce the person next to you to show active listening, which just puts me in a blind panic!! So agreed :)
    I hope you sort the dog out otherwise you're going to get those "I can't believe you're leaving me here' eyes, which if you're like me puts a damper on the hols!!!
    What a shame to get the foot diagnosis after all the back breaking work on the wall and after it could have got you a promotion to chief tea lady on light duties only!!
    Have a fun week!
    Wren x

  10. Your photos are beautiful, I especially like the swan and the bee seems to be looking at you :) I have training coming up in a couple of weeks, they have asked us to arrive early, I'm sure it's going to be for some sort of team building before we start. I hate that sort of thing, I get all sulky like a teenager.

  11. We just finished Stranger Things, loved it. Lovely photo's and what a busy week. The kids are back at school next week for us, so looking forward to the hectic morning rush (not:))) xx

  12. It sounds like you are really in the swing of school life now. I go back to work tomorrow and the children are back at school on Wednesday, and I am not looking forward to the return of homework and busy school evenings one bit. x


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