Friday, 12 August 2016

the minutiae of family life

This is the sky as seen on a good day this week... (but the photo was taken a while ago, on an outing at the beginning of July. I don't feel like taking photos when it is all dark and wet)

As nothing exiting has happened in my life since my last post you'll be treated to some more family minutiae* and an assortment of other random notes. It is Friday morning and not a moment too late for it, too. We have just three days of the summer holidays left. I am so glad we have nearly survived another one. I get so fed up with the long break and would much rather have multiple shorter holidays. We spent a small fortune on childcare for the privilege for working. Of course this would be no different with shorter holidays.... On the note of school: We have yet to empty the school bags and sort stuff into keep and recycle piles. I wish I had the sense to do it seven weeks earlier.

I was working at home yesterday, keeping an eye on the two youngest of my brood whilst trying to concentrate on the Krebs Cycle without boring myself to death. Unless you are a biochemist or similar this is not likely to be of any relevance to you but trust me, it ain't entertaining. Distractions from the tedium were needed frequently. I looked at slide and hide oven doors pictures online and decided that we don't need one of those, I looked at special offer Debbie Bliss yarn and decided that I don't need any yarn, particularly not overpriced yarn. I drunk several coffees and went to the loo frequently because it seemed like a good excuse to step away from the computer.

Luckily, it was a short day because yesterday was the day of our annual work BBQ. In true Scottish fashion, the weather turned from bad to frightful just in time for the party. Still, with children welcome, it was an easy family meal. There was so much left over that I took two packs of finger rolls and a bottle of ketchup home. Richard and Sam brought home more of the same, when they returned much much later than the rest of us. We'll be eating finger roll sandwiches with tomato sauce for weeks!

On family meals, we've not had a decent one all week. Every meal was quick and unimaginative (pasta and pasta and pasta). For good measure, we had a Chinese take away, which is almost unheard of in our house. This to celebrate Sam's National Five exam results, at his request.

These were excellent and I a delighted for him. Sam would hate for me to write about his marks and I'll respect that. I spoke to another dad yesterday whose son also had sat his National Five exams. Seven A's and a B. Fantastic, yes? I was saddened to hear his son thought it necessary to apologise for the B. I hope Sam never feels it necessary to apologise for any of his marks.

The quote for the German kitchen was as high as I expected. However, I was given a quote for 'top of the range everything from the top of the range brand', including a warming drawer. You know, one of those things were pretentious people pre-warm their plates when normal mortals warm theirs in the oven under the roast chicken or in the microwave, if at all. The quote went down by 3K for mid range everything from the nearly top of the range brand. Seriously, it did. I am now waiting for the quote for the same kitchen with British cabinets. We have now decided on a layout at least.

The laundry that has been folded neatly and packed into a blue Ikea bag for distribution on Sunday remains untouched. Two further bags of clean unfolded laundry have joined it. I am resigned to tidying all away this evening. Leaving it sitting clearly visible is not hint enough it appears.

I am looking forward to a evening with friends. It is a Muthaclubbers night. I hope it is going to  be busy. It often isn't and I feel a bit sad for my friend who puts so much effort into organising a good night at the bowling club.

The weather has been grim, some of our fruit trees had leaves stripped of their branches. We had water in the porch, a sure sign of really bad weather. I added my warm crochet blanket to the summer duvet, no doubt soon to be replaced with the winter duvet, then with the winter duvet and blanket...

And so I could witter on.. but I'll leave it at that. Have a lovely weekend! xx

*I borrowed this term from Leanne's comment on my last post. 


  1. I remember the Krebs Cycle, remember memorizing it for a Biology test. Our summer vacation when I was a kid and later as a teacher was 12 weeks! I was always bored at the end of it. Our summer drags on, one hot day after another. So looking forward to Fall.

  2. Huge well done to Sam for his excellent National Five exam results, you must all be really proud. A Chinese takeaway sounds like a good way to celebrate. I'm sorry you've been having such bad weather. I feel like we could do with a little rain here, the garden looks awful! X

  3. Well done to Sam, I'm sure his good results were very well deserved. It sounds like a nice ordinary family week. I hope you have a good evening out and a lovely weekend. A barbecue in the rain is an integral part of the British summer, it wouldn't be right to go the whole season without one. CJ xx

  4. Big well done to your boy Sam on his exam results. I hope you have a great night out with your friends and a lovely weekend, despite the weather. Jane xx

  5. I love reading through your family minutiae... It's reassuring to know others lead similar lives. My own clean laundry often doesn't get put away until I need the basket for the next dirty load! Congratulations to Sam on his results

  6. Congratulations to Sam! I leave the kids' laundry (and other stuff) on the stairs in the hope they might pick up on the way upstairs but no surprise they need reminding and yes, it would be quicker to put it away myself. Have a super night out, if I were nearby I'd definitely join you for a boogie. xx

  7. Hey Christina,
    Bravo Sam!! And hooray for the take away. We almost never have an exotic take away. Exclusively chippy tea for us. And I've never been quoted before! How cool!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Leanne xx

  8. Well done Sam - we have another week and a bit to wait for Kate's results. Good to catch up here -and these everyday life posts are my faviourite. Recognise your tactics to avoid work at home -I use similar when marking and writing reports. And my blogging very sporadic recently because of move and lack of wifi in new house but managing to read a few so pleased to find a post from you. Hope weather improves for your last weekend of the school holiday.

  9. At least you have got the laundry done, I have almost two weeks worth to catch up on. The school holidays are certainly flying by. Shame about the weather been dismal for the barbeque, that is typical British summer.

  10. There is something completely absorbing and immensely reassuring about someone else's minutiae (an extremely good word btw, and one worthy of me double checking I had spelt it right :)
    Here's to finger rolls and ketchup for dinner all week!
    Wren x

  11. Congratulations to Sam! You brought back some disturbing memories for me with your mention of the Krebs Cycle. I remember studying it in Advanced Placement Biology as a senior in high school, under a teacher who used a convoluted and confusing analogy about a Ferris wheel to teach the concept. I just remember endless diagrams of molecules being picked up and dropped off. Yikes. You know how much I love the minutae posts, so keep them coming. :)

  12. Congratulations Sam! Ah you must be so proud of him. My laundry is folded up on the kitchen table. Occasionally the boys take their own pile of clean clothes to their rooms.

  13. well done Sam. x results day here on Thursday......... trying not to think about it.....

  14. Since I do not have any long term memory of learning about the Krebs Cycle I just looked it up. Please do not ask me to type what I just read as my short term memory seems at fault as well, but I can imagine why one might feel glassy eyed after focusing on it for awhile. I also, hope Sam and your other children need never feel they must apologize for their test results. Enduring too much pressure to be perfect can get in the way of doing one's best, or so it seems to me at least. Thanks for another great idea for how to use an IKEA bag! We have just had a few cool misty days, but are in for a very long hot stretch, or so we are told at least. I am a fan of your family minutiae posts, too! xx

  15. I remember the Krebs Cycle from my nursing training. That is, I remember the existence of something called the Krebs Cycle but not the actual cycle. Well done Sam! Brilliant news. Like you, I do not think any child or young person who has tried hard should ever have to apologise for course or exam results. Laundry, sorry I can't even begin. It is my most disliked chore, apart from cleaning the shower. X


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