Thursday, 22 September 2016

random Thursday

This is my life

A couple of days ago I read Leanne's post - 10 random things. If you are not familiar with Leanne's blog, you should stop right now and head over, I promise you will not be disappointed. Leanne has a way with words that is simply beautiful.

I am not as gifted with words but I do enjoy my writing. It is a memory aid, an opportunity to reflect and bring it all together in my head. I like randomness, much prefer it over the tedium that I sometimes also experience. There is plenty of tedium in my life, starting with the endless laundry piles and ending nowhere but there is plenty of random happiness, too.

:: At the moment I enjoy reading sci-fi novels. I particularly love those with parallel universes and other fantastical places to explore. I do like the idea of a parallel universe where I can escape to when all is too hectic. I particularly fancy a sparsely populated one with a gentle climate. Just one step away. Fancy joining me?

:: It is the time of year when the laundry still feels a little damp after a day of drying in the weakening sun. I do love the still longish days that start with a chill and dew all around. The sycamores are changing colour and the blackberries are at their best. We have been blessed with a particularly glorious September and I have soaked up sun and warmth and colours. The memory of sun warmed skin and colours all around will help me stay cheerful during the dark months.

:: Our old kitchen extension was built to withstand a nuclear bomb or a major earthquake. I am not sure when it was built, maybe in the 1950s. John, the builder has nightmares about it. I watched him hammer and drill away for a while, his entire body must be shaking at the end of day. More on this when I write an extension update.

:: Coffee. I have been drinking far too much of it, particularly at work. We share French press coffee in the office. 'My boys' (the guys in the office) make it strong. Sometimes I feel nauseous in the afternoon, a sure sign of overdosing.

:: I have been given a million foot exercises to help me strengthen all the tiny muscles in my sore foot. I have learned about myself that I am no better at consistently doing the exercises than your average teenager would be.

:: I can now confidently identify several different species of malaria parasites in blood smears, and their insect vectors. I know, useful, particularly in Scotland.

:: We are going camping on Friday. Cannae wait!

:: I am casting a critical eye over my career choices (not for the first time). I am trying to decide what to do with my life when my current contract runs out in October next year. It seems a long time away but we all know that time passes at breakneck speed when you least expect it. I am tentatively glancing at science related jobs outside academia and wonder if I should take the leap. I miserably failed an English test for a freelance science editorial job. Grammar and commas are not my close allies.

:: Should I stop colouring my hair? I love my glossy dark brown hair but I am lazy and sometimes leave it so long that I have essentially a two toned mop of hair. I have plenty of grey hairs and it shows because my hair is naturally a dark mouse brown. I don't mind the grey but it is just not as shiny as my favourite shade of L'Oreal. Maybe I need to go crazy before I go grey. Dark burgundy maybe?

:: I am feeling exceptionally creative at the moment and really only want to make things. I notice my thoughts drifting to one of my latest projects when really I should be thinking about more pressing matters. My current favourite is Sam's quilt. I have all the triangle square ready and itch to assemble them.

Did you have any random thoughts popping into your heads as you were reading through this post? Please do share it with me and the other readers! Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. I think you should go crazy before you get too old and then it looks ridiculous, have some fun with your hair. I got to the stage where I couldn't be bothered with my hair and I was having to have a colour put on monthly I have gone 'au naturel', grey.

  2. Hey Christina,
    Oh bless you for the blog check. And thank you, although I think you do yourself a disservice. You write eloquently and beautifully, particularly about those close to your heart. And you are funny. I do like funny. Here's a random for you; I'm eating cereal as I'm reading this. Boring granola. I really wanted fish and chips for tea, but there you go. And I've just thought of the name for my novel!
    Have a fab camping trip. We are camping in a couple of weeks. I'm taking my thermals.
    Leanne xx

  3. Love your randoms for 'random' read life! Glad the quilt is moving along. Those triangles sort of make themselves don't they? Looking forward to seeing that soon. Jo x

  4. A cracking list of random things. I've only ever read a handful of sci-fi books, but I do love to escape into the world of a book. Although I'm having real trouble finding one to stick with at the moment. I've given up on three in a row and I'm barely engaged with the fourth one. John the Builder has my sympathy, it sounds like a nightmare indeed. I hope it's all demolished very soon. CJ xx

  5. Crazy hair is good. I don't colour my hair, I wouldn't know where to start, but when there is lots of grey in it, I think I will start dying it lilac, or pale blue, and get a really sharp haircut..... X

  6. I love your random post. I stopped coloring my hair four years ago and love it. I have a ginormous gray streak over my left eye, it shows up when I pull my hair up. I am the only one of my friend that has stopped coloring her hair, I feel like I am a bit of a renegade. My life usually consists of endless laundry and now endless trips to the potty to keep someones diapers dry. Endless work too, I am lucky I like my job but just like you are now open to other possibilities, all the traveling is killing me. By the way commas and I are not friends.

  7. I constantly have random thoughts popping into my head... Like I wish sometimes things would just stop for a day or two and we didn't have to do all the boring and mundane stuff... Just now and then. And I'm voting for going crazy... You are still young!

  8. I'm definitely coming with you to your parallel universe. it can be one where phones don't break and lose all your photos.........

  9. Love all the random. If it's any help, I'm going to continue having my hair coloured (I'm Liz and I'm blonde), probably forever, and I've been drinking so much coffee I twitch. Happy Sunday!

  10. Midlife career changes can be really good fun... as long as you know that you're going to something that you really want to do. Life now is too valuable to waste it on bad wine or bad decisions. And I say; colour your hair.

  11. I spent a year reading every post apocalyptic novel I could find. It was an entertaining adventure. I've moved on to mysteries and recently have been reading the Inspector Gamash series by Louise Penny.
    Here on the east coast of the US it is finally turning to cool fall weather. Slippers in the AM, Flip Flops in the afternoon, Slippers at night.
    I love coffee - way too much. But I am careful not to drink so much that I don't appreciate it as the BEST THING EVER each morning.
    I have plantar fasciitis and I remember to stretch to improve it - once... and then I promptly forget for several more days. At least there is a way to feel like a teenager again : )
    I am not giving up my hair color. When the time is right - I will know and I will be fine with it - that time is not yet.
    With less than 90 sleeps til XMAS - and the cool weather begging for a lap full of yarny crochet... I always want to make things in the fall.
    Good for you for getting outta the house and going camping. It's a beautiful time of the year to be outside. I recently took off for a day at the bay - it was lovely - I should do it MUCH more often...adventures are very reviving.
    Thanks for sharing - that was fun.

  12. You do have a lovely style of writing.
    Random thoughts...not whilst reading your post but briefly before .
    We are sitting on our enclosed back verandah enjoying the scene and sunshine without the blustery wind when I glanced onto the grass and imagined someone playing croquet on it. My husband said,"where did that thought come from?"...well we had been enjoying a lovely croissant , jam and cream and all with a cup of tea...picnic style!
    As for camping , our youngest with her family is camping with friends that they try to keep in touch with once a year as they all live in different directions.
    Our turn will come in November but we will be in a cabin. Various friends will be either in Caravan, tent or cabin. Should be fun :)

  13. I love posts like these! I think your English is really excellent so I'm surprised that you say your grammar isn't good. Random thought - John has just started watching the film The Thing. I don't know if I want to watch it but I do rather like 80's Kurt Russell with a beard..... :-)


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