Sunday, 13 November 2016

extension update - November

I woke up to a dull and rainy Sunday, typical for November. A perfect day for housekeeping and chilling out! This includes some catching up with favourite blogs, reading a book and maybe start a new project. But first I'd like to give you an extension update.

We are now two months into our building works and an end is in sight. We are still a few weeks away from completion but it is all coming together now. All the unwanted internal walls have been removed, new partitions are partly up, some walls are plastered and the light fittings and sockets are in. Here some photos:

This is the outside of the extension. There will be four large roof windows across the length of the extension. The plywood sheets indicate where the large glass doors and full length windows will be. In between, the walls will be cedar clad. 

This is our former dining room with the extension on the left. Here you see the wall where the cooker will be. The kitchen units are going to be to about where the cable is hanging out of the wall. There are two double sockets there now. We plan to have the dining room table under the roof windows.

Here I am standing in the opening that will be the door to the utility room. It is the same room as above but at a later stage. The scale of the room is becoming more evident  now that all the walls are down. The pillar on the left holds the house up! Hopefully. The door in the photo is leaning against some of the new and still wrapped kitchen units. It is in the middle of the room. 

Here is the view towards the kitchen door, away from the extension. The former dining room door has been bricked up. The tall kitchen units will be at the back wall next to the bricked up door. 

Now you are looking at the opening where the utility room (left) and sewing room doors will be. The partition between the two rooms is up but the partition that separates sewing room from kitchen is still to be built. At the moment, most of the new kitchen lives in the sewing room. This is where all the mess in the back is.

Finally, this is the snug, a small corner of the room for a couple of armchairs next to a full height window. It looks a bit pokey of course because the roof windows are covered, as are the windows. 

We have ordered the floor, solid beech, my favourite hardwood. Our kitchen worktop is beech, too. I like the way beech ages, gently and with the slightest hint of red. I also love the grain of beech, subtle but clear. It is a lighter wood than oak, which is more common for flooring. If you are not familiar with this hardwood, wooden gym hall floors are often beech. The entire ground floor will be re-floored. The current floors have been laid in 1929 and are a bit worse for wear. 

The kitchen is all white, with the exception of the of the cooker splash back, which will be brightly coloured. I haven't made up my mind but favour orange, or an egg yolk yellow. There will of course be other colour splashes, for example ceiling lights and pictures. I have bookmarked a crazy pendant light that I want to buy. Richard is happy with my crazy choice as long as he doesn't have to dust it. Fair enough I'll keep this as a surprise for now.

We just took a short trip to Ikea to get one sink cabinet and a simple sink for the utility room. It might be handy to have a sink there. Annie was going on about our poor colour choices so Richard and I decided to get a bright orange cupboard door, for the sink cabinet just to annoy her. She says she'll make sure the utility room will always be closed because it is so hideous. 

The disruption is bearable. The builders plumbed the washing machine in for me specially and all laundry is under control. We also discovered the old oven sitting in the extension. As the electric sockets are done, we can plug it in, right in the middle of the building site. We had cheese on toast for lunch and will have roast chicken for dinner. Exiting! I have thoroughly cleaned the living room and strategically dusted high thoroughfares. 

Now I am sitting with my feet up, nail varnish drying. I am kinder with my feet now that I am back to doing yoga and make sure they do look and feel pretty. Wishing you a lovely Sunday afternoon! Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. "Laundry is under control", what a happy comforting phrase that is. Glad things are going well, it is going to be absolutely amazing I think. Hope you have a lovely evening. CJ xx

  2. You both make me laugh with the cabinet door choice. At that age any color, including white would be embarrassing. You are seeing an end in sight. I am so happy for you. When we redid our kitchen years ago it was just awful. A sink in the laundry is essential at my house.
    Hugs to you Christian, I just might paint my toes now.

  3. Wow. It's going to be amazing. I like the sound of your sewing room and snug. Lots of corners for you to hide away. Perfect. Your builders clearly want happiness, plumbing in your washing machine. Love the sound of your beech floor and kitchen bench. I feel the end is in sight. Have a great week :) B xx

  4. I am thrilled for you it all sounds amazing. Christmas is going to be fantastic in your stunning new kitchen. I did smile about the washing, I remember that well. Enjoy pampering yourself.

  5. You must be giving a sigh of relief that this is all coming together.

  6. Its all so exciting seeing it come together, love the splash of orange idea, roast chicken dinner sounds much needed along with your pampering :-)

  7. it looks like it's going to be just the most amazing space x

  8. Your photos take me right back to six years ago when we had our kitchen extended. We lived with poles holding the roof up for weeks, the builders were drawing my daughters cartoon faces in the dust on the windows and I nearly had a meltdown when the project manager announced that as it was so close to Christmas they thought it would be fine to leave everything until after the holidays to finish off. Fortunately, everything was done in time and it's now all a distant memory! I'm impressed that you're coping and hope the dust isn't too bad - it really gets everywhere! xx

  9. Things are certainly moving. You seem to be coping remarkably well, better then I did when we had our extension built. My friend's extension has just been finished and I've been to see it today, it's fabulous and I'm sure yours will be too, it will definitely be worth all the upheaval.

  10. A washing machine, sewing room (fellow sewing squeal) and nail polish - it is all looking pretty good from down here. Jo xxx

  11. Toenail painting and a roast chicken dinner sound like a good antidote to the disruption. It's going to be fab when it's finished - hang in there. Jane x

  12. It's all coming along very nicely, it will be brilliant! And a proper sewing room - you're so lucky! x

  13. Good to hear the building work is progressing well. Sounds like all that yoga might be helping you stay zen. Namaste.

  14. Oh, I feel your pain! This house was a complete building site and we only moved in a year ago. But I also envy all that space. Our kitchen is best described as 'bijou'.
    And roof lights! And cedar cladding!
    Looking forward to seeing the end result.
    P.S. I hope you managed to get to Ikea at a quiet time, it can be so awful!
    S x

  15. So much progress! It all looks as though it's going well. Dusty and inconvenient, yes, but it's going to be so beautiful. Keep going with those bold colour choices. Love the idea of the cedar cladding. x


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