Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday evening randoms

Complaints out of the way first: I am yet again fighting a cold. I think I have been unwell for about six weeks now and I am sick of it. That our the way, on to more pleasant things.

We had to do some shopping this weekend - not the food kind of shopping but the shoes and clothes kind of shopping. It is not my forte and I don't enjoy it. Richard told me that a friend of his has to drive his wife to the shopping centre twice a week. What can one possibly do twice a week in the same old shopping centre? We went to two shops there, H&M and Office. I have never been to the latter but Annie informed me that no teenager with any self respect would buy their shoes at Clarks, so Office it was. We also stopped at Decathlon and Ikea for sports stuff and glasses respectively. It was successful for the kids, not so much for my wallet.

I spent the afternoon gardening. This is not something I often do, being more of an armchair gardener. I have a raised flower bed in need of attention. I pottered happily for almost three hours, weeding and planting. I dug up a few clumps of Alchemilla. These seem to love it here and they are pretty enough but I don't want my entire garden covered in them. I remove several each year and feel like Sisyphus, pushing a boulder up the hill. It was hard work. I had three Rudbeckia fulgida in need of planting out, one Geranium macrorrhizum, one Anemone nemorosa and one orange Geum. Some of these went in the flower border. I planted Acidanthera murielae bulbs and Ranunculus 'claws' (not sure what they are called but they look like claws). I also planted half of 20 plugs of Erigeron karvinskianus, a kind of daisy that hopefully will soften up some steps and nooks and crannies in the garden. By 4 pm I was spent and in need of my bed. Feverish, tired and coughing up mucus, it was disgusting. Still, a good day.

Sunday morning I felt better and we did some more gardening. I instructed Richard to dig up an unsightly shrub that has grown out of control and replace it with our three blueberry plants which spent the winter in pots in a corner of the garden after we dug them up for our extension building. Then I filled some gaps with the remaining plants. I counted the lily of the valley that I had planted a few weeks ago and I am pleased that almost all rhizomes produced a plant. I am looking forward to the scent wafting into the open windows of my sewing room. I was kinder to my failing body and didn't overdo it. Richard continued gardening more or less all day.

I pottered around inside and did some sewing whilst listening to my audiobook. I was hoping that Sam might clean the bathrooms in exchange for some cash but he didn't so I had to do it myself. He is apparently studying for his Higher exams, starting in a few weeks. To me it seems he spends his days moping around, eating every last crumb of food he can find. His pj's have probably fused with his skin.

Annie decided that James' and Alistair's room needed repainting. She decided to do it herself next week and for cash of course. The paint is bought and the room tidied in preparation. She can be a bit of tyrant when she wants something done and the boys didn't dare not helping. The result are two big bags for charity, a soaking teddy bear in the bathtub and a room that looks like nobody lives there. The teddy apparently needed a bath. 

For dinner we had chicken and leek pie followed by bread and butter pudding. I don't think I'll be able to eat for a week, I am that stuffed. Richard makes good pies and the chilly evening was perfect for it.

I have a new haircut. Thursday after lunch I was writing a script for a short promotional video when it occurred to me I'd be on the website for eternity. I made an appointment for the same afternoon. I have a lot of hair and it is very thick and unmanageable I decided to try a new stylist, Tara. My brief was to make me look young, beautiful and radiant. Failing that, I said she could do whatever she thought might suit me. She took some time thinking, asked me how what I did with my hair (nothing) and how much time I might be prepared to spend on my hair. She tested how my hair falls and curls. I thought that was promising. Then she got to work. She was delighted that I had not had my hair cut since October. I am a work in progress, I'll need a couple of further trims before my hair looks the way she imagines it should look. She told me that I mustn't come back for at least 10 weeks. I can live with that. My hair has been cut dramatically in the back, not so much in the front. It is very layered now. The result is a head of curls that I haven't seen in a long time. Tara told me not to use a hair dryer, or a brush once the hair is dry. I can live with that, too. The only thing I have to do is work some product in my hair. Remember the styling mousses from the 1980s? Something like that. It is good for the curls I am told. I am happy with my new cut and I like Tara so all is good. 

Oh, the spammers have been visiting here. I don't need coconut oil, easy cash or anything else, thank you very much. Please go and get a life that doesn't involve harassing people. 

How did you spend your weekend? Anything nice? I'd like to know. Thanks for visiting, I always enjoy your company. Have a lovely week. x


  1. I'm so excited about your hair! I never do anything interesting with my hair. It's just there. It's medium-thick and a little wavy but basically straight and kind of limp. I'm always trying to work up the courage to cut it short but I never can. I keep it around shoulder-length, which is fine because I can wear a ponytail as needed. I've never heard of Office before your post. I would have assumed they sold office supplies. But then, when I was a teenager, we bought our sneakers and jeans at place called Bob's Store, which doesn't sound fashionable at all, but they had really cool shoes. :)

  2. So sorry you're not well again. The boys have had various cold things here as well. I hope you're all better very soon. Well done on all the gardening, it's been glorious out there hasn't it. I'm very impressed that Annie is painting the boys' bedroom for them, she's an absolute star. Well done on the hair cut, it sounds lovely. I hope you're feeling yourself again, and that you have a good week. CJ xx

  3. Goodness.. you have the cutest ginger haired boys ever! My younger sister had three red-haired kids and I adore it. I wish you'd have shown us a photo of your new hair cut!! I hope you're all better soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Look your photos, what a beautiful little boy he is. I was in the garden too as I have neglected it for months. Pulled weeds till my eyes were almost swollen shut (allergies) and then planted some squash. Today I mowed the lawn, we're on almost an acre so it takes a while. Beautiful weather to be outside though.
    Hope your cold finally goes away.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. We had a weekend in the garden too. Planted new grass seed...I want a meadow...grass is a waste of time, money, and water. Scrubbed the deck, did some more spring cleaning of beds, moved a clematis, contemplated dividing some hostas. This afternoon we went to the 50th anniversary concert of a community orchestra whose board I have spent the last 7 years on. It was wonderful!

  6. get well soon. x very impressed by your hairdresser, I want one who understands that I'm never going to style it, but I never seem to find one, so it's just growing longer and longer and I'm beginning to resemble a scary old witch....

  7. Absolutely love Alchemilla Mollis one of my favourites. I keep hoping mine will self seed but it never does, no doubt wrong sort of soil. Your lurg sounds like a nasty little varmint. So many people I know have had colds that just won't go away. Need some summer sunshine. Your garden plans sound great and well done on your daughter for decorating. A very enterprising young lady. Here's to a better week for you. B x

  8. Hey Christina,
    I need Tara to cut my hair! I've had the same style all my life, which is very depressing. I'd love to go short, but alas it is fine and flyaway. And due to the joy of menopause, falling out! All three of my boys have colds of varying degrees; I'm downing vitamin C to avoid catching their germs. James and Alistair look so grown up and handsome. And Annie is a star. And Sam is typically teen!
    Have a lovely week.
    Leanne xx

  9. Hi Christina, Just discovered your blog, have enjoyed reading it. I too am a bit of an armchair gardener lol. Hope you're feeling better today. It looks like we have several things in common, I 'sort of' run a book club in the village so will take a look at your selection later. The founder doesn't often attend and I organise everyone, questions, choosing rota etc. We meet in the pub, have a meal, a short discussion then it's the pub quiz - which I don't particularly like.
    I like crochet and have knitted some socks, love your idea about knitting a pair a month. I was thinking of crocheting some washcloths/dishcloths each month on my blog - just tricky with patterns as my book will all be copyright ones. Will need to investigate first. Take care x

  10. Always good to share a few randoms! I am sorry that you are not yourself, hope that you shake the ickies off soon and are back to feeling better. take care of yourself.

  11. Our weekend was sent gardening and then driving up to Dundee where we are now, to visit Stewart's parents. I love reading about your life ( I'm nosey like that!) but really hope you are feeling better soon xx

  12. Seems there are a lot of nasty bugs doing the rounds but hope you feel fighting fit soon. Well done on all the gardening. I've only just ventured forth into our little plot and now need to summon up motivation to get to work on it. There's also a bedroom or two to be tackled. I need an Annie in my life!

  13. I'm sorry to hear you're still ill, I was like that in December, I thought I was getting it all out of the way in time for Christmas but it came back worse than ever, it's so draining when you don't get over one bout of illness before the next one starts. I hope you're feeling better soon. It sounds like you've found a good hairdresser, one that takes her job seriously and is interested in the customer. I have a bit of a phobia of hairdressers, I hate going so consequently have my hair cut about twice a year, in fact I'm due for a cut again now.

  14. It is shoe and underwear shopping for us tomorrow. Their white school socks are a disgrace and are ready for the bin! I really, really want to see your hair... Jo xxx

  15. Great pics especially your last brick - is that you're 'stuck between a rock and a hard place' snap? I'm sorry to hear about your lingering cold, although sounds worse than that, poor love. The vision of you feverishly gardening sums up a Mothers life. Good job on taking the brave step towards a new haircut!!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Wren x

  16. I love how you described your haircut! Tara sounds ace. In the winter I will blow dry my hair (so I don't get cold!) but in the summer I like to wash it, brush it then leave it. It looks messy but I don't care. It sounds like you have the ultimate low-maintenance good haircut. :-)

    Sorry to hear you're still ill. I have had a really sore throat all week, but I'm not sure if it's hay fever or a cold. Annie sounds like a force to be reckoned with, definitely someone who gets stuff done! Well done on all that gardening. The first session of the spring is always hard work but I find it easier to keep on top of once that is done. x


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