Monday, 22 May 2017

wardrobe essentials 2017 - another Sorbetto top

I have been procrastinating over another Sorbetto top. You may remember that my first iteration was a multi-toile-pulling-my-hair-out affair. Although I like the top and I think it looks good on me, I know that there are mistakes not visible to the untrained eye. I couldn't let it rest.

One of the bigger mistakes was that I combined a sleeveless tunic version with the sleeves from the sleeved shorter version. I suspected then (but didn't verify) that the armholes of the sleeveless version were different from those of the sleeved version. It was quite an effort to sew the sleeves in. I was of course right, the armholes are significantly different.

For my second Sorbetto I went right back to the beginning, starting with the sleeved version pattern. I knew which size to choose and what changes to make before cutting the fabric so felt more confident. What I didn't take into consideration was that for my first top, I made a short inverted pleat rather than a full length box pleat... this added to the final width of the top. The new top was too tight around my hips. Not by much but enough to be annoying. Also, the darts were just a little too long, ending at my apex. It does of course make sense, the pleat takes away two inches of width from the centre of the top. I don't know why I am unable to think things through before I storm ahead! Luckily I had chosen to use the cheapest fabric in my stash, a black so translucent it would need decent underwear to be worn in public. It cost about £7 for the entire length of fabric so I wasn't too devastated to declare this a toile.

I moved the darts and added a little width, went back to my stash and found another piece of cheap fabric. I bought it as cotton lawn but to be honest, it has nothing of the lovely drape I would expect from cotton lawn. It has the feel of a too thin sheet and feels quite stiff, even after washing. I do have some really nice fabrics in stash but didn't want to use them for fear I would produce yet another unwearable Sorbetto. Sewing the top was a breeze, as you would expect after so many toiles! As expected, it was easy to set in the sleeves. There is a slight gather but not more than I can live with.

Alas, the new bright green Sorbetto fits really well. I may not get much wear out of it because it crinkles like hell and not in that charming way linen does. You can see my feeble attempts at ironing above. Still, it will be good to wear around the house or in the garden.

I didn't take a photo modelling the top, it would have been too much effort to scrub up to look partly presentable.

Now that I know for sure the pattern works for me, I can dig out my nice fabric! If only I had a little more time. Work gets in the way sometimes. Ah well.

I am currently working on a toile for a summer dress. It is the Upton Dress by Cashmerette. I am making version B with V-neck and V-back and a gored skirt. If you click on the link, it is the purple dress Jenny is wearing. I need to adjust me thinking a little for this dress because I have not sewn anything fitted lately. But more on that another time!

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  1. You will be all over that Sorbetto with your nice fabric now you have put the work in. I took a quick peek you will look awesome in the purple version - so flattering. Time? that old chestnut! Off to pick up the children... Jo x

  2. Like the style of this a lot. I'm wearing something similar to it right now, but I didn't sew it, I quit sewing for me, too impatient to adjust patterns to fit me and I'm such a weird little shape.

  3. lol.. i had to google what a sorbetto top was..
    I would totally fail at sewing.. to many things to take into consideration..

  4. I really like that top, and that shade of green is heavenly. I don't have a single item of green clothing in my wardrobe, can you believe that?! I needed something last week for something at school, and had to make do with a brooch! Anyway, well done on cracking that pattern, now you can indulge yourself and sew more with some seriously gorgeous fabric. x

  5. Lookin' good!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  6. I think it's wonderful that you can sew your own clothes. I made one skirt for myself while I was in high school as my mom did not see that we had a lot of clothes to last over the week so I did it myself! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. You amaze me with your sewing skills. I am such a novice and seem to have a hard time even sewing a seam. Your new dress is going to be fabulous. Hugs, M

  8. You are good making a toile. I have just finished a dress for my brother's wedding which could have gone horribly wrong especially as it ended up being too big and I had to adjust seems. It probably wouldn't pass a trained eye but I'm happy with it!

  9. I love the colour of the green top, so vibrant and cheerful. I wouldnt have the patience to make a toile, I really admire your perseverence. The dress you are planning looks fabulous, very summery and pretty X


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