Wednesday, 15 November 2017

101 small pleasures - part 1

I recently read Anne's list of 101 pleasures over on her blog, Belgianwaffle. I really enjoy Anne's blog, it is never boring and many posts resonate with me. Anne put together a list of 101 small pleasures and I thought this might be a useful exercise for me as I am struggling with a lack of motivation. There isn't really anything wrong, just the usual mix of assorted daily inconveniences and nuisances. Having said that, Richard has returned from his extensive work travels and the dog walker is back from his holidays. Only two of four children are giving me cause to worry. Things are returning to normal.

Anyway, I thought if I start with 10 small pleasures and maybe add to the list as and when, that would be manageable. Do you want to join me? Just add your small pleasures to the comments.
  1. Listening to a radio programme before going to sleep
  2. Finding the dishwasher already emptied
  3. Being greeted with enthusiasm by Mr Waggytail Jack
  4. Having working bike lights
  5. Finding the house keys where I think I left them
  6. Wearing a bra that I made myself
  7. The silence of the house at night
  8. The smell of freshly brewed coffee
  9. Listening to the rain
  10. An empty laundry basket

I'll be adding to the list next week. In the meantime, I may have some more sewing to show, if that is not too boring?

I also wanted to say hello to new followers, it is lovely to see you here. Thanks for all your nice comments, too. Every comment I read makes me skip with joy. Have a lovely day xx 


  1. A good start to the list! Made me chuckle a little too. May you have many more small pleasures!

  2. I've been doing the thankful November thing, and some things seem too small to share, but this is a great way to honor those things. For a start...
    1. I found a missing sock inside of a's funny how much pleasure that gave me! I actually texted my mom, because I knew she would understand.
    2. The house to myself in the morning while I read my coffee and catch up with my blog "friends".
    3. Seeing photos my son's college friends share of their close group of friends eating, studying, and playing together. It's so nice to know that he has such good friends when he isn't here with us.
    4. Seeing my daughter care so passionately about what is happening to her country, and watching her do so much to work for social justice when she is a poor and very busy graduate student.

    Hmmmm....I'm thinking that maybe some of these aren't small pleasures. Maybe they're more big and private pleasures! Thank you for getting me thinking. Have a great day!

  3. This looks like a nice challenge. I would add having a full tank of gas in the car and knowing you don't have to think about it for about 200 miles! :)

  4. I like this idea, may think of a few myself.

  5. Did you know that your link goes to WHO Antibiotics Handle With Care video?

    1. Oops, this happens when I mix work with fun! Thanks for the pointer, I have updated the link now.

  6. This is such a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing

  7. Just the kind of inspiration I need. I am lacking in anything interesting to say at present which is not like me at all. I will out my thinking cap on. When I saw you pop up in my feed my stomach jumped because I thought you had finished the quilt! Off to visit Anne blog. Jo xx

  8. What a lovely idea! My small pleasures this week were getting into an exhibition and the cinema on concession tickets... and my first cup of tea in the morning... and waking up at this time of year to frost and knowing I won't have to clean a muddy dog after our walk

  9. Eating my breakfast in a blissful peaceful moment after the children have gone to school and I've walked the dog for an hour or so. It's a good moment. Love your list and I'm very envious of your emptied dishwasher. Such a thing has never happened here. Also off to check out Anne's blog as well. CJ xx

  10. A lovely idea. My small pleasure is my grandson reaching for my hand after I pick him up from school. Jean, Winnipeg.

  11. I love your list. You inspired me to have a go thanks.

  12. Christina - you always make me chuckle - I love your list you are truly the only person I know who has made her own bra and if that meant the dishwasher didn't get emptied one night then good on you!! At least you have something to show for it, hmmm not that I suppose you are ever likely to be showing it off in public haha.
    My small pleasures would be Working Wifi, a road without traffic jams, humidity less than 70%, the christmas trees and their lights that have appeared around us!
    Wren x

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  14. I am feeling that number one on my list would be to get some time to myself, which I have right this second while reading your blog my friend.

  15. Nice!
    Having the house to myself for a few hours while the little one is off to school

  16. Oh what a lovely idea! I am inordinately impressed that you now make your own underwear as well, is there no end to your talents?! xx

  17. Just because it's such a lovely idea, here are a few of mine:
    Coming down first thing in the morning to a silent house and switching on the kettle.
    Huge bunches of eucalyptus that only cost £1.
    Good coffee.
    The perfect cup of tea.
    The clink of two wine glasses being lifted from the cupboard.


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