Sunday, 10 March 2019


Oh the time flies! March already and I have no idea how this happened. Time for another post. These are my favourite kind of posts at the moment.

:: Resisting the temptation to eat Sam super delicious sourdough bread, which he bakes a couple of times a week.

:: Listening to two books from the series The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home. I quite enjoyed the suspenseful stories but was rather less enamoured by the bleak picture this author paints of remote Scottish communities inhabited by dysfunctional vindictive creatures.

:: Also listening to Women's Hour, the podcast version. I am a typical binge listener and hide behind headphones for hours at the time, if I can. Mostly on a Saturday.

:: Feeling a bit detached from my life, like an observer looking in through the living room windows, wondering what is going on.

:: Falling asleep moments after settling in bed

:: Waking up with a start when cooking smells fill the house in the middle of the night. Young men get hungry at weird times of day.

:: Loving the signs of spring all around me.

:: Feeling the itch to garden. I am not an enthusiastic gardener but every now and then, I feel like burying my hands in the dirt and pull out weeds.

:: Sorting through my wardrobe. This is something I have not done for two years and I found some treasure that I am looking forward to wear. I also found a cat nest that I was unaware of. Sadly for the cat, there is no longer enough mess to make a cosy nest.

:: Ordering tulip red fabric dye to freshen up a well loved but long forgotten trench coat that I unburied from the depth of my wardrobe. I bought it secondhand for next to nothing at least 10 years a go and I remember how much I loved wearing it.

:: Stitching. Always stitching.

:: Knitting, too.

:: Enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face when sitting on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon.

:: Missing the warmth of the sun on my face on Sunday afternoon, when snow and rain replaced the sunny weather of the previous day.

:: Learning. So much learning. I am creating teaching material on topics I thought I understand well but it appears that I don't. Oh so time consuming.

:: Encouraging James and Alistair to spend more time outside now that the days are longer again. We are lucky to live in a neighbourhood where children are safe to play freely.

:: Thinking of sending the head teacher a thank you card: World Book Day was stress free for all, no dressing up, just comfy clothes for a day of reading in the class room.

:: Looking for a good and reliable plumber to fix our shower room. These are rarer than Scottish wildcats and should probably be on the critically endangered list.

What have you been up to lately?

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I guess everyone feels like banging their head against a wall sometimes.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Christina xx


  1. How lovely that you can sit on your sofa and be in the sun, it sounds utterly blissful. I need to sort through my wardrobe as well, although I fear there is no treasure to be found there. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  2. Now that's a proper World Book Day - none of this tormenting parents with costume production! I'm in awe of your wonderful quilts. I have a small one that I need to make for my daughter before she graduates this summer (hopefully!) and I really need to crack on. Maybe this is the week. xx

  3. I love the sound of that World Book Day! Good luck hunting for the elusive Scottish plumber!

  4. Sounds like a nice busy day full of rewards. We're watching stupid movies on tv and I'm reading blogs. LOL.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Spring time looks lovely in your area. Those flowers are beautiful.

    I hope you will soon find a good plumber. It's not easy to find reliable tradesmen now.

    My spring break starts tomorrow, so I look forward to a productive week, sprinkled with reading & watching Netflix. :)

  6. enjoyING the post, especially the spring flowers
    Many feet of snow still piled up out front, but it is going above 0 again today. Just a little mind you.

  7. Lovely to read that some balance has been restored to your life. Love these posts!

  8. Now that to me is the ideal World Book Day, costumes always cause so much upset on so many levels. We had a few days last week of beautiful shining sun. Sadly, we are no back to blowing a gale.

  9. Being a bit more than envious of those daffodils, crocus and other blooms you've shown here. March is definitely plodding by here in NH without any spring blossoms out yet. Perhaps because they are still snow covered. I plan to check out the Womens Hour podcast as I'm always looking for a new listen.

  10. lovely - ïng" moments - thank you for sharing xxxx

  11. Definitely send a card to your head teacher, that is the kind of feedback that changes crappy habits like buying dressing up clothes when it should be about books! I have the gardening itch too, it must be the bulbs popping up. Any other re-fashions in your wardrobe?

  12. Oh, well done on all the freshly baked bread resisting. That takes some doing. I'm working up to a spot of wardrobe sorting. Just need to be in the right mood. Good luck with the search for a plumber. Took us ages to locate one and then I forgot to keep his contact details.

  13. I like you 'ing' posts too, a really nice snapshot of life. x

  14. Love all the pretty flower photos. Spring is almost here! I'm also itching to start gardening again soon.


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