June.... ing

It is time for my monthly June...ing post, as always inspired by my friend Jo over at Three Stories High. Look out for her own June...ing post, we usually post quite close to one another.

Listening to "Everything under" by Daisy Johnson. I am enjoying it so far but need to concentrate to not lose track of the various threads of the story.

Also listening to Women's Hour (podcast version) and several nerdy science podcasts. This Week in Parasitism anyone? I love it.

Cutting fabric for Sam's moving out quilt. It is going to be a black, grey and white affair with a pop of colour. His choice, not mine. The design is very simple, I am cutting the fabric into strips of identical width and then cut each into various different lengths. Then it is just a matter of sewing strips together - a doddle.

Knitting the second sleeve of my Matilda jumper. Did I ever mention that I can't stand knitting sleeves? It took more than a month to complete the first one.

Quilting the postage stamp quilt. Well, almost quilting. I received four spools of colourful variegated hand quilting thread for my Birthday and I was looking forward to using these but I don't think I am brave enough.

Avoiding the news. What is there to say? The Trumps are in town. No doubt the Conservatives view this as an excellent distraction from the chaotic leadership context and the general dismal state of affairs.

Shopping for a shower room. It is going to be expensive but if we don't get the work done, the heavy old shower tray will probably break through the floor at some point... I am not even joking. Richard took up the floor boards next to the tray and it appears that the bathroom fitter just plonked it on the joists, no floor underneath. We have chosen all that is needed in your average shower room and have a surveyor visit scheduled to do some final checks.

Waiting for an MRI appointment to have my knee scanned. It is particularly when switching gears in the car but doesn't bother me much when walking. The x-ray was all clear and I am speculating it is a meniscus tear, if my memory of knee anatomy serves me well.

Taking medication for my Raynaud's syndrome. This has become really uncomfortable and I am still wearing double gloves when riding my bike now, in June, to keep my fingers as warm as possible. I haven't found a solution for my feet yet.

Worrying about the increasingly fast rate of progression towards complete decrepitude.

Spending an afternoon playing with a child that is not mine, while mine are out on Scout trips. I am such a soft touch, I just couldn't turn that wee boy away last Saturday when he rang the bell to spend the afternoon with James and Alistair. We had a lovely time, doing our own things for a bit (lego, sandwiching that quilt), then playing board games and working on a puzzle together.

Wondering if the good weather is passing us by? It has been an unusually miserable May and June has not brought us any reprieve from the rain. I am a bit fed up with wearing waterproofs from top to bottom to cycle to work.

Cooking not much at all. I am happy to leave this chore to Richard and Annie. Neither mind, which is good for me. The food they prepare is good, too. Double-win.

Reflecting upon a workshop Richard and I attended at our adoption agency to learn more about adolescence. Adolescence is difficult at best of times and maybe even more so for children that have experienced early childhood trauma and neglect. Adopted children are often emotionally considerably younger than their years, which no doubt makes them vulnerable. Knowing that we can get support from our agency after all that time is wonderful (it has been more than seven years since the monkeys came to live with us).

Keeping my fingers crossed for the cygnets that have hatched on the canal. They are almost one week old now and there are still five. Last time I checked at least.... Life on the canal is dangerous.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Wishing you a lovely second half of the week xx


  1. Especially lovely to see your great photos of the swans. Sorry for your worrisome ings, but celebrating with you the encouraging ings xx

  2. The thought of Sam's 'moving out' quilt made my heart ache! It does sound lovely though and nice to think that you'll effectively be giving him a hug even when he's away. I hate doing sleeves too - it's all that rotating the whole thing round that gets me. Gorgeous cygnet photos - fingers crossed that they fare better than our ducklings. You're a saint spending the afternoon with the little boy while yours are out, though it did sound as if you had fun! Wishing you warm extremities. xx

  3. How kind of you to spend time with James’ and Alistair’s friend.

  4. Lovely June photos. You always inspire me with your quilting and good luck with finishing your knitting. Hopefully a resolution to your general decrepitude. I’m still suffering from a jarred fascia eight weeks on but I’m just ignoring it now. Alcohol helps. I did think of you last week in the rain. Glasgow last Friday was particularly wet. Thank goodness for your lovely clean subway. Enjoy the rest of your week. B x

  5. Your quilt looks splendid and I can't wait to see the quilting. We never watch or listen to the news, to depressing and we don't do politics. I too have Raynaud's and so did my mum. I have to wear several pairs of wool gloves in winter and even a pair in summer when I'm biking to and from work. Yes, old age is a creeping up on me. We have had plenty of refreshing rain, but today is bright, warm and sunny and we've been busy in the garden. Best, Jane x

  6. The cygnets are lovely, fingers crossed they stay safe. A couple of years ago I watched a seagull snatch a baby coot from its parents, it was ghastly. At the wetlands place they have had a number of baby cranes born over the years - incredibly precious as they have been extinct in the southwest for around 400 years I think. But the foxes don't take that into consideration sadly. I hope the knee improves, and the coldness you're experiencing. And I hope you get some warm sunshine soon. CJ xx

  7. Sorry to hear about the knee, sending you healing thoughts. It was lovely to read that support was still available for the boys. What a wonderful woman you are entertaining the boys friend when they are not there.

  8. love this post, sounds like a good month, hope the knee eases.

  9. Gorgeous cygnet photos, so tiny. I hope the Raynauds eases, it sounds awful bless you. You are kind entertaining your son's friend whilst they are away. I hope your knee heels quickly too, maybe you'd benefit from an automatic car? My husband (driving instructor) often gets requests to teach with an automatic car, unfortunately he can't and not many instructors do. Enjoyed your post Christina, take care, Cathy x

  10. I love these posts as your know. Andy has Raynauds and I didn't know there was medication. He went to the doctors about it about 15 years ago and they said not to get cold in the first place which fell on deaf ears because he worked at Muller at the time in a refrigerated area! You are such a soft touch Christina but I would do the same.Good luck with the bathroom. Jo x

  11. House renovations are never fun projects and hope your shower one goes well,Christina. The cygnet photos are very cute and reminded me of the goslings we saw recently in GA. Hope your rain ends soon. Nice of you to entertain an unexpected your visitor and sure your day and his were better because of it.

  12. You have your plate full, my friend. I'm glad you have two in the family who like to cook. I'm very happy to leave it to others.. lol. Good luck on the reno. Not fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Can I just say we were so happy to have that family out of the country for a while. Can they move over the pond? They do see themselves as royalty and certainly above the law. I can't even imagine what the Queen must have thought about that horrible man.

  14. Hi Christina - catching up here after being absent for a bit. Not sure why. Love your -ing posts. We are also in the midst of new bathroom planning. Currently we have no operational shower after the immersion switch which heats the after for themmelted. So we have to have baths instead. Decrepitude on the march here too - Paul has just had a painful episode of Housemaid's Knee. I am ok or will be when I get my blocked left ear syringed nest week.

  15. your post so interesting...
    thank you for sharing photos of lovely flowers and cute ducks

  16. That's great that the adolescent support is there. It's not an easy time, is it? Good luck with the new shower and the quilting xx

  17. Ugh I try to stay away from the news as well.. while the Trumps are only visiting over there they unfortunately live over here!
    Wishing you well on all your ailments..


  18. Well I hope it warms up enough o relieve your condition, can the warm weather help it at all? I think there is always something more as you get older, I'm also waiting for a hospital appointment. Just keep on sewing and knitting and try not to think about it. Take care. x


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