Tuesday, 10 September 2019

September ... ing

It looks like Mondays are my new posting writing days. And it looks like it is time to post some happenings with a now traditional ... ing post. Having said that, all my recent posts have an ... ing feel to them. Life is a bit like that, something here and nothing much there. We are bumbling along, doing ok, with a few exceptions. Richard is completely out of action due to a sick bug. We think that Alistair might have a food intolerance that gives him excruciating tummy aches. My bet is on the apples. I am a bit perimenopausal. Otherwise we are good.

Watching Alistair's seven a side football team being thrashed by kids twice their size. Making Alistair the new goalkeeper is maybe not the best coaching decision. That very same coach (aka PE teacher) believes that there is at at least one stay at home parent in each family that can take their child to football at a sports centre several miles away and in the middle of the afternoon. Not just once but every Wednesday. Pulling my hair out.

Soaking up the September sunshine at every possible opportunity. I very much like the September sun - it produces a gentle heat that is just perfect.

Admiring the early autumn colours. I do love the rich and slightly faded shades of green and the vibrant reds, yellows, purples and whites of various berries.

Stitching my ice cream soda blocks together, one after the other.

Attending prize giving for Annie's school. Our daughter is doing us proud, she got four subject awards for best National 5 exams (chemistry, geography, modern studies and history). She was beaming with pride as she was walking down the aisle in the local church (the school assembly hall is too small for children and families at the same time).

Cooking simple but nourishing dishes. Ok, I cooked one simple nourishing dish... I made a most delicious lasagna. I cheekily replaced every second layer of pasta with a layer of courgette. Courgettes are not popular here and to be on the safe side, I left half of the lasagna uncourgettified. Richard and I loved it, the kids refused to try. Next time I'll peel the courgette and I bet they won't even notice that it is not pasta.

Eating toast with butter and marmite. Such a comforting snack. I am also eating seeded folded flat breads with crunchy peanut butter and banana slices. This is my go to breakfast.

Enjoying my runs. I finished the couch to 5k programme and I am now catching up with my favourite running app (ZombiesRun if you are interested). I was on mission 23 in season 3 when I gave up two years ago. There are now 8 seasons and different modes of training built in. This should keep me on my toes for a while.

Listening to "10 minutes and 38 seconds in this strange world" by Elif Shafak. I am really enjoying this book.

Tidying and cleaning Alistair's room. He kept it tidy all by himself but it turns out that his idea of tidying is shoving everything under the old rickety sofa he has. We have all been there! I noticed when we had to move the sofa to accommodate a small desk on our work small adds website. It is a well made and well used solid little desk, perfect for a ten year old with little respect for furniture.

Keeping on top of my brand new spreadsheet based family budget. Keeping track of our money is a bit like trying to hold water in my hand. That's ok I guess but it will be useful to know how we spend money and where we can make savings.

Looking forward to the latter half of the week, which is full of fun. Book group and a charity fundraising event at the local bowling club.

Celebrating Annie's 16th birthday this week! Also celebrating Richard's birthday.

Thanks for visiting me today, it is lovely to see you. Christina x

EDIT: I am turning on comment moderation because of a flood of anonymous nuisance comments lately. You know the ones I am talking about, I am sure you do ("This is really fascinating, you are an overly professional blogger" etc etc). I know some of you have to leave anonymous comments, which is fine and of course I'll make sure to publish these. 


  1. You're always so busy! I have a draught of an ...ing post, but so far only 1 thing on it :/ I don't seem to have done much other than working and walking. I love the teaser photo of you Ice Cream Soda quilt top. I also love autumn. The changing colours, flower heads turning to seed, the cool mornings and warm sunshine. Best, Jane x

  2. What a busy week, I'm glad you could get back into your running. The apples may be the cause of the tummy aches my husband has the same problem and had to stop eating them. I am feeling quite chilly for September already but then I am nesh as we say here. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt in future. x

  3. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Annie and Richard! It sounds like all is going well with your family. We're having some challenges here.. but that is life, isn't it? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Happy birthday Annie and Richard, I hope they have lovely days. And well done Annie at school, that is amazing. Nothing nourishing at all here, unless you count Dippy Divers made by the youngest at school today (crudites and a houmus/yoghurt/chive dip). He was rather reluctant to share though. No running either, and a similar evaporation/trickling away of money. I fear a lot of it goes on food. CJ xx

  5. Birthday wishes to your daughter, Annie, and husband, Richard. Also kudos to Annie on all the awards which were great to read about. Thumbs down to those unscrupulous folks who leave those annoying comments. I do not moderate comments, but do check them daily and immediately delete as just removing them is not the same thing. Hope folks in your household are feeling better soon. September is indeed a lovely month with all the colors and yours looked wonderful. personally, I favor October as my favorite month as it's cooler but not so much.

  6. Happy birthday to both Annie and Richard! And congratulations to Annie on her awards. I’m sure Alistair will be a wonderful goalkeeper.

    I always enjoy your ....ing posts. 😊
    I also need to make a new budget. I had a couple of expensive months.

    Have a wonderful week, Christina.

  7. I used a similar technique to Alistair for tidying up when I was his age. Does he enjoy being goalkeeper? Goalkeepers in any sport always seem a breed apart - reckless usually.

  8. Happy birthday to Annie and Richard, and a very big well done to Annie on her school achievements, I bet you were all glowing with pride as her name was called out. I'm not a Marmite lover, my go to breakfast just lately is eggy bread, not very healthy but extremely tasty.

  9. Birthday greetings to Annie and Richard and congrats to your girl for the exam successes. Must admit, I have a similar approach to tidying as Alistair (isn't that what under the bed is for?). Love Marmite on toast. Also love Marmite and peanut butter (has to be in that order) on toast. Go try it!

  10. Dear Christina, just recently we needed to start watching money for awhile until our major yearly holiday was paid for, but it seems that a decision like that heralds the beginning of things breaking down and having to be replaced. It never fails to happen! Its nice to watch children do well and be rewarded for their efforts. The quilt looks good as you get it sewn together. Have a good week. Regards, Robyn

  11. Love it: "Otherwise we are good."
    Stiff upper lip. :)

  12. Well done to Annie. Hope the birthdays go well. And well done to you getting back to running. My running is in the doldrums at the moment, walking seems to be the order of the day. Will try and get back to it on my return from Scotland. Good luck with the never ending football ;) B x

  13. I just love not having to do football - it is one of my secret blessings I hold dear to my heart. Well Done to the brilliant Annie and Well done on the running. I couldn't fit that in too! Ing posts are just great aren't they. I suppose using lots of verbs kind of sums up what we are all doing day in day out. Jo xxx

  14. Happy Birthday to Annie and Richard and congratulations to her on her amazing achievements. We have that form of tidying going on here too, I remember one of my brothers doing that too. I hope Richard feels better soon. I went through a phase of not being able to eat apples on an empty stomach they gave me stomach ache, I tend not to eat them that way even now. Stomach ache is horrible, I hope you can work out what is causing it.

  15. Well done and congratulations to Annie on her awards. I keep thinking about jogging then decide that walking with Patch is enough exertion for me. I'm a bit lazy like that. xx Susan

  16. Well done Annie, all your hard work rewarded. You must be a very proud Mum Christina. Well done on the running too, I must take more time to excercise if only a walk...

  17. Lovely post my friend, seems like September is a great month. Congrats to Annie, you muct be so proud. And Happy Birthday to her as well.

  18. I always enjoy reading these posts. I love a spreadsheet too! I've used one for budgets since I was a teenager and now use them for all sorts of things (serial record keeper here!). Lovely to hear that Annie's hard work has been recognised and rewarded. I hope she had a good birthday, Richard too!


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