Thursday, 7 November 2019


November is not on the whole a month I enjoy. The bright colours of early autumn are slowly turning into various shades of mud and the lighting is often dull. It sure is today. It is raining, too. With the temperatures dropping, my Raynaud's syndrome becomes problematic once more. My workload peaks towards the end of the month and into December and I often think that I surely cannot get out of bed for another day of this relentless routine. But of course I do get out of bed every morning and I somehow manage to do what needs done and eke out out some time to relax. On the plus side, I sleep like a log. Sometimes I wake briefly when the milkman clatters with the empty milk bottles but usually, I sleep right up to the moment the alarm goes.

Most of the following ...ings happen on the weekend

Finishing Sam's leaving quilt. The binding is attached and just needs stitching down. This is still one of the best parts of making quilts, stitching the binding down - one stitch at the time.

Knitting a second Polaris jumper. I have successfully gathered the front neckline and completed the short row section after procrastinating over this for at least two weeks.

Baking a Christmas cake. I love Christmas cake and I look forward to cutting it and eating a slice or two or three.

Cooking - uninspired

Watching the flock of sparrows in my back garden. Our neighbours have a very tall grass that hangs over the fence. The sparrows sit on the tall stems, picking out tiny seeds. They are a noisy bunch and I often wander what the say to one another.

Admiring the last of the flowering plants for their final display of colour. The Rudbeckia are particularly stunning and the Erigeron is doing well, too. There are also snap dragons, a pale pink anemone and a bright pink lily that are still going strong.

Listening to "10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World" by Elif Shafak and "Sweet Sorrow" by David Nicholls. I am taking turns, depending on my mood. Audiobooks and radio are great to entertain when I am walking somewhere, or do some chores and I can't imagine not having this listening experience.

Reading "Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men"by Caroline Criado-PĂ©rez. How very interesting! I am making slow progress, a page or two a day but I'll get there in the end.

Picking scabs behind my left year. Another perennial winter problem of mine, seborrheic dermatitis behind the ears, particularly the left one. I try not to pick but I find myself doing it without intending to.

Snuggling up with a sickly child. It is Alistair at the moment but at this time of year, they take turns feeling poorly. Even Sam came home the other weekend for a bit of pampering. It was like having a man sized toddler and I mopped up sick all night....

Wondering when Richard's beer will be ready. It has been brewing away in the utility room, producing bubbling sounds. He has been busy collecting bottles for the bottling stage.

Planning the making of an advent calendar. We have two quilted ones that my mum made for Sam and Annie when they were little but I've been meaning to make at least one more so that the little pockets are not so full.

How is your November going?

Thanks for visiting. Christina xx


  1. Sympathising with grey dank days and the return of winter ailments. Impressed with all your crafting despite your daily workload. Hope the beer’s good and you can sample it very soon. B x

  2. Andy normally makes a batch of beer in the run up to December - I will prompt him for I love beer! November has been busy here too. Andy also has Raynauds and ate tea last night with pale purple hands, it is a horrible thing that is not too bothersome but enough to be a bother if you know what I mean (which if course you will) Have a good weekend. Jo xx

  3. That's a lovely jumper, I have favourited the pattern. November is a blur of fingers on the keyboard as I bang away at NaNoWriMo along with all the usual stuff. I would like to retreat somewhere for a while and not be so bombarded all the time, but really it is all good. I hope all the children are better soon. There's been some sniffing and coughing round here, but nothing write home about. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  4. Our November started out well and soon we'll be making and dining on our Thanksgiving Feast. So.. this is a very good month.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your posts are so enjoyable. The photos and all of the wonderful details you share about your family and daily life. I look forward to each post so much! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  6. Sorry about your condition, but it pleases me, somehow, to think that milk delivery continues in some part of the world -- and in bottles too!

    If you dislike November, you sure don't want to live here. Bleak.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope your condition will improve soon.

    And wishing a speedy recovery for Alistair too.

  8. November always seems to be a transition month that picks up speed and in the end hurtles into December. I hope the sniffles and sickness is brief and doesn't linger for you all. Jack looks like he's enjoying November, it's a very similar pose to Patch right now but he's laying on his bed in front of the air conditioner! xx Susan

  9. I agree with your assessment of November, Christina. It is a very dreary month after a colorful and too-lived October. Unfortunately, the local shopping areas have decided to push the Christmas decorations and sales earlier and earlier, possibly because the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is so late this year. Hope your family members and you will be feeling better; everyone liked pampering when not feeling well. And, I liked reading that you have milk delivered in bottles as my parents did so many years ago.

  10. Our November looks busy..
    Our trees are still colorful and our weather is a bit here and there.. today is simply beautiful.
    Looking forward to the upcoming holidays and wrapping the year up with one last getaway. :)


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