Wednesday, 8 January 2020

January... ing

We are one week into the new year and already 2020 seems like an old friend. Routines have resumed and all is under control. For now. I must admit, I was very happy to send the children back to school. I am less happy to be back at work but needs must and this term will be less stressful than the last one. I was that close to a burn-out... I was told on my last day of work that I had to move office before Christmas. Typical. But my new office is a lot nicer and it comes with an office mate and a kitchenette. So far so good.  Best of all, no dogs wandering in for a pee.

Do you make resolutions for the new year? I make some kind of resolution every day... tomorrow I shall not swear at the alarm clock..... next week I am finally throwing out the trainers with big holes and leaking soles.... tonight I am going to paint my toenails a pretty shade of pink.... tomorrow I will not worry about what I cannot change.... tonight when I feel peckish I shall eat an apple instead of three slices of bread. So that's that.

Anyway, I didn't mean to write about resolutions, I am here for my January... ing post.

Joinining the beginners group of our local running club. I'll see where this takes me. Running helps to keep the weight down and a lower weight means less stress on my joints, which means less pain in the long term. I'll be fifty this year and it want to look after my body.

Cutting teeny tiny squares of fabric from scraps that were too small for my postage stamp quilt.  Once sewn up they will measure an an inch, just over two centimetres. I making placemats for a cheerful dining experience.

Testing a new to me brand of machine sewing needles. Organ needles are packaged in cardboard envelopes, which seems preferable than the sturdy little plastic boxes other brands come in. Every little helps.

Looking forward to Afternoon Tea with a good friend.

Peeking into other peoples homes on my daily short jog. It is a good time of year for nosy people like me because it is dark early and lights are on. The Christmas trees are almost all gone from the bay windows but there are still plenty of twinkling lights in the front gardens.

Knitting the final few rounds of the body of my pink Polaris jumper. I think I am done with knitting jumpers/cardigans with 4 ply. It just takes forever.

Feeling cross with the wool moths. My newish purple cardigan looks like Swiss cheese. I took me so long to knit that one. The moths in our house prefer alpaca over sheep yarn. It is all out war against the moths.

Listening to Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz and thoroughly enjoying it. The two narrators are really engaging.

Making peanut butter. It was not a success. I burned the peanuts and the texture is greasy and crumbly... I hope the birds like it because I sure don't.

Dreaming of a proper winter. The rain is battering the windows and the wind is howling down the chimney. It is not nice.

Mending a linen bed sheet that was worn through in the toe region. We invested in linen bedding because it is meant to be more durable than cotton. Alas, it is not.

Thinking about a summer holiday.

How is January shaping up for you?

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  1. Loved your daily resolutions, sound a bit like mine. Glad you have a new office which sounds a little more sociable. Waiting for a proper winter here too. Too much grey and damp. Well done on joining a running group. I’m still building my runs. Up to twenty five minutes now. Have a good week. B x

  2. Also thinking about a summer holiday and, thank you, you have reminded me that I need to order more sewing machine needles, otherwise I will be all cross the next time I need one and there are none left. I shall look for the Organ ones you mention, hurray for no plastic in the packaging. Well done on the running. I need to take more exercise and lose some weight, but I just can't seem to make myself do it. Sigh. I have cut out the rubbishy food so I am hoping that helps. There is a skipping rope in the kitchen which has been there for about eight months waiting for me to use it. I am starting to feel sorry for it. I hope you have a lovely afternoon tea. This is just about my favourite meal, all of the dainty, delicate tasty things WITH CREAM. Marvellous. CJ xx

  3. We have had it relatively easy weather-wise, but it will go down to -20C tonight. It will warm up again for the weekend, but then we may get rain followed by snow.

  4. January is a bit of a struggle for me so far, but it'll pass! I'd like some proper winter weather too... where is the snow and all the frosty mornings. I don't mind a gloomy, grey day and all the low cloud, but I do tire of it when it's day after day after day! I'm thinking of getting some linen bedding this year. We need a new set and I keep getting sidetracked by the linen ones I see!

  5. I find January a struggle too. So depressingly dull and damp :( but we have had some glorious sunsets when the rain stops and the clouds part. I don't make resolutions as I feel a failure if I can't keep them. Your office sounds lovely. Best, Jane x

  6. I love January. Just wish it was a bit colder and snowier (is that even a word?). Good to hear you're enjoying Magpie Murders. I only discovered Anthony Horowitz last year and love his crime novels. I was given a jar of posh peanut butter for Christmas. Am willing to share!

  7. Afternoon tea, wonderful. One of my favourite pastimes. Must admit I am a little fed up with the rain and dreadful winds thankfully I don't have to go out. Such good news about the change of office, sound much better.

  8. I'm glad this term is less stressful for you. I also expect the same. Last semester was so hectic because of the new online course.

    I'm sure birds will appreciate peanut butter during these cold months. :)

  9. The beginning of January is always busy for us with a couple of birthdays. They're over now and I can finally wind down and start enjoying the rest if these horrendously hot and smokey holidays before school goes back. xx Susan (p.s. I've started jogging too so we'll see how long that lasts!)

  10. It seems we are the same age, I too will be celebrating that birthday this year! I love your teeny, tiny squares they will look lovely as placemats what a great idea. 4ply knitting is tedious but worth it in the long run!

  11. I can't believe it is already January 10th. How the days seem to fly by. My mantra for the year is focus, follow-through, finish. Bit by bit, day by day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good weekend.

  12. I have but one resolution - enjoy life!

  13. My linen bedding shredded, too. I like flannel. It seems to really last, and it's so warm!

  14. The tiny scraps of fabric are really lovely!

  15. Bloody moths! Those are very small squares but it must be so satisfying. I have been so busy actually doing January I have forgotten to put my post together! I think my camera only really consists of build photos but I will take a peek. happy January. Jo xxx

  16. January has been going well with lots of little tasks being done as they crop up vs. waiting until later. I also do not make resolutions, but I have a list of intentions which is subject to change at any time. I posted about some of these recently. I read the Magpie Murders and the one after that and enjoyed Anthony Horowitz very much. Currently, I am trying to stick to only reading 1 book at a time and now it's The year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.

  17. The one thing I hope for this new year is to put myself first more often. Let's just say I am a work in progress.
    Those colourful fabric scraps are a tonic during this dark and gloomy month. I'm longing for some snow.
    I hope the running goes well. X

  18. January has been kicking my butt.. it has been far too busy.. some good busy and my February calendar is already filling up.. can we just jump on over to Spring Break? Our winter has been quite mild.. and while I do not love the cold I'd like a nice heavy snow.. preferably on the weekend so we can all enjoy it.


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