Sunday, 11 October 2020


Thank you all for you heal well wishes on my last self-indulgent post. 

Feeling sad because we had to cancel our holiday in Turkey. We'd be there by now. Cancelling was inevitable really but I clung onto my hope of being able to travel. Alas, the 14 day quarantine rules make it difficult. We'd be house-bound for two weeks upon our return and I don't think we are cut out for this, the kids in particular. I was looking forward to seeing my aunt, my cousin and her family. Hopefully next year will be better for travelling. 

But looking forward to having some time off work next week, for October break. I hope we'll be able to have some nice days out, although the Covid prevents us from going far (we are advised to not leave our health board area)

Listening to "This Tender Land" by William Kent Kruger. I am loving it so far. 

Knitting a grey Love Note jumper without the lace pattern. 

Cooking a favourite but long forgotten chicken and wild rice dish by Nigella Lawson. The recipe is from Simply Nigella. Pure wild rice is ridiculously expensive but Waitrose sells a mix of red Camarque rice with wild rice that works well (white rice goes mushy). 

Recovering from my injuries. My foot is slowly returning to its normal shape, size and colour (I can wear shoes again), and my cratered knee is starting to scab over. Of course every time I bend my knee the scabs crack open and the pain of it makes me wince. If I can be honest, I feel a bit sorry for myself. 

Missing my jogs around the neighbourhood. 

Enjoying the faded colours in the garden. There are still splashes of bright colour, the Rudbeckia in particular is beautiful just now. I love this particular yellow very much, it is a happy colour. 

Eating yellow raspberries straight from the bush. I knew this particular variety was a late one but I didn't think it would be that late. They are delicious but I am conditioned to love red raspberries more. A pale yellow raspberry just doesn't look right. 

Admiring Richard's hard work in the front garden. The wild flower meadow had its annual chop, the lavender border around it was trimmed and the remaining fruit collected. Our front garden looks almost neat now. He even fixed the bike shed and gave it a lick of paint. 

Watching our resident squirrel burying winter essentials. How will it remember? It is a brazen little thing, its favourite burial area is about 1.5 metres from where I sit and work. I am not sure it has noticed me yet. 

Having a very proud mother moment. James and his best friend went on an all day bike ride on Saturday. They packed lunches, snacks and water without help and cycled up to Loch Lomond, some 18 miles away, and back. I was anxious but James texted once an hour with an update and I had asked him to share his phone location with me, in case they needed rescuing. They didn't and had a blast. What an achievement. 

Feeling nervous and excited because I'll be on my favourite podcast in November. 

Basking in the mid October sun. The past few days have been lovely, sunny and warm enough to sit on the front steps without hat and scarf. 

Wondering if anyone fancies reviewing automated lecture transcripts for me. I have about 60 to do for a course that I coordinate. That is right, 60. Realistically, I can't do it. Automated transcription is not bad but there are some real humdingers that should rightfully be corrected for our hearing impaired students. 

Waiting for my Guthrie & Ghani Sewing Society Clare coat kit to arrive. I am going to make a beautiful A-line shaped short coat with big square wooden buttons down the front. The kit contains everything to make the coat, even a label and needles. The I chose the teal colour. I used to have a similar coat, deep purple, which I loved but I wore it to death.

Teaching the boys money skills. Well, trying to. 

How was your week? Do you have any nice plans for next week? Do tell. Thanks for visiting x


  1. Sorry you couldn't get away to Turkey this time but hope you have some fun days out with the family next week. Keeping my fingers crossed for some lovely days for you. I will be pottering around the garden next week weather permitting otherwise I have some knitting to get on with.

  2. Sadly, many of us are in the same situation of having vacation plans cancelled due to this drat virus. Nevertheless, we are making the best of the situation by taking weekly day trips within state or not too far away and already have the next one planned to an outdoor sculpture park. Glad the injuries are healing and feeling sorry for yourself is allowed. The chicken and rice dish sounds like one to check out as I have one of Nigella's cookbooks. Kudos to James and his friend on that biking achievement! Do let us know which podcast and when in November as i do listen to a few, but now audio books are taking over some of my listening time and there's only so many hours.

  3. How disappointing to have to cancel your holiday, its so hard to know what to do for the best with these ever changing rules. Well done to James and his friend, a great achievement but it must have been quite harrowing for you. Love the sound of the coat.

  4. Oh I hope your week at home will be blessed with sunshine to make up for your trip to Turkey. Lots of things sadly put off this year. Gorgeous photos of your happenings especially of Jack. Well done to James, that is a major achievement and good that you have the reassure knowing where he was just in case. Hope your injuries heal soon, that’s the worst part of falls, it happens so quickly but the healing process takes forever.
    Looking forward to seeing your new coat in the making. Enjoy your week. B x

  5. Your ing posts are really well done as are your weekly photos.

  6. I have flown twice and felt safe with all the protocols. The 2 week quarantine is the hardest part, but it’s really just keeping away from people. I still got out and walked every day - plenty of open space in Florida. Hope we all can travel normally soon.

  7. Well done James, what an amazing achievement. The beasts look very cosy in front of the fire. I feel the same about yellow raspberries, odd isn't it. I wonder if we could tell the different with our eyes closed. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  8. I am glad to hear that your injuries are slowly repairing, scabs are such a nuisance aren't they. James's cycle ride is worthy of a proud mama moment, sounds like a great day out. That is the second reference I have read to Guthrie and Ghani this week, perhaps it means that I should really look them up and maybe buy something of theirs myself. I am intrigued as to what Podcast you will be on, do share.......

  9. I winced when reading about bending the knee and the scabs cracking.. eeeeYOOOOWW! Good job on James cycling adventure. Did he take any photos? Love how the quilt piecing is going. Get well! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Such a shame about your holiday. Fingers crossed that we will be in a much better position next year and you can see your family then. Well done James - I bet you sat at home listening for sirens! Lots of people are making the Love Note jumper and I wasn't sure about the lace section. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like without it. Here's hoping your scabs disappear soon! xx

  11. I'm intrigued: what's involved in reviewing automated lecture transcripts?

    1. Hello Robin. This essentially means listen/view the lecture and follow the automated transcript, correcting major mistakes along the way. For example, I give a lecture that discusses tsetse flies (they transmit sleeping sickness) and because this is an unusual word, it was transcribed as sexy flies, or squeezy flies....

  12. Ah bum for the holiday, making it doubly worse if you were going to catch up with family. We may have to change plans for October half term too. Good to hear about the adventure bike ride a very proud moment. Your quilt is looking amazing btw. Enjoy your week to put your scabby knee up! Jo xxx

  13. I'm sorry you missed out on your trip to Turkey, especially as it included visiting family. Fingers crossed for next year.
    So many squirrels around just now. I'm almost tripping over them on my way to work each day.
    I'm glad you are slowly recovering from your injuries. X

  14. What gorgeous photos! Your animals look so peaceful and happy. It's so cozy by the fireplace now. I hope you can reschedule your trip. I had to cancel my travel plans, too. I did get to take a quick ferry to Catalina Island for a couple of nights, though. That was fantastic!

  15. Hi Christina, I sent you an email on Monday, but thinking it might not have got through spam filters etc. I reckon I could give you a hand with reviewing some transcripts if you still need the help? What sort of timescale/turnaround are we talking?


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