Wednesday, 11 November 2020


This year is flying by and at the same time dragging on. It is a bit dreich and windy outside but islands of colour brighten up my view. The Rudbeckia are still going strong, such a gorgeous yellow. 

Enjoying a family afternoon tea, prepared by Annie. She made everything from scratch, the little sandwiches were amazing and the tiny Victoria sponges divine. She also made mini chocolate eclairs and of course scones. 

Gazing out of my office window, seeking out pops of colour and trying to commit the cheerful brightness to memory for the darker months ahead.

Reading/listening to - The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister (soppy with an unsatisfactory ending). I also just finished My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (weird) and This Tender Land by William Kent Kruger (loved it).

Watching - Ambulance on the BBC iPlayer. Also watching re-runs of House. I beat him to a diagnosis 2 out of 3 times and I am not even a medical doctor. Plenty of parasitic diseases and other unusual infections, which is my playing field. The producers didn't have a good science or medical adviser, that's a fact.

Keeping an eye on my vital signs as part of the Covid-19 vaccine trial I am participating in. So far so good, no adverse reactions (or any reaction as matter of fact). 

Loving my first (and not last) podcast appearance. I don't think I made a complete fool of myself but I am probably not the best judge of that.

Casting on a new pair of socks. Most of my knitted socks are beyond darning, they just don't last as well as my shop bought socks. Yes, I am using sock yarn and no, I don't have especially pokey toes. It remains a mystery. 

Sewing my coat, one button hole at the time. I mean this literarily, I made one bound button hole on Monday, another two on Sunday. This can't be rushed and in fact, nothing can be rushed with this coat. I should be done for Christmas.

Forcing myself go for a walk at lunchtime, at least on no-jogging days. I am concerned my butt will permanently fuse to my office chair this side of Christmas if I don't make changes to my working day. 

Planning for Sam's birthday. We are not allowed indoor visits and because he shares a flat, he can't form a bubble with us. He wants a BBQ in the garden. I hope for an opportunity to meet in a cafe for brunch instead. Having said that, I am not keen to mingle in public spaces while Covid-19 numbers are high. But I will for Sam. 

Wondering if I should bake a Christmas cake. Annie informed me that nobody likes it. She probably means herself. I don't know why I care, I love it. 

Procrastinating... I should be marking reflective essays but I just can't do it. Tomorrow. 

Admiring Jack's ability to completely relax. Oh to be a dog (or a cat, they are also great at relaxing). 

Thank you for stopping by, your visit is very much appreciated 

Christina x


  1. The afternoon tea sounds utterly divine, well done Annie. And well done you on the vaccine trial, I hope it goes well. The photo of Jack in the window in the sunshine is wonderful. Also procrastinating. CJ xx

  2. Trying to decide if my children, their spouses and my grandchildren can come for Thanksgiving (last Thursday of Nov. in the US). Our COVID numbers are soaring so we have to decide if it is safe for them to come to my home... not too many of us (7 adults and 4 children). One of the adults is a doctor so we will probably let her decide for all of us if it is safe.
    Your daughter's baking looks delicious. She should go on the Great British Bake off!

  3. That daughter of yours is such a treasure! I bet you'd like to keep her home forever. I enjoyed all your photos. That Jack is such a dear boy. We had our Mocha groomed today and she smells so good and is all fluffy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Your daughter's afternoon tea is worthy of The Ritz! Lots of walking going on here too, although it's not nearly as enjoyable as during the first lockdown - pitch black and windy by the time we got out yesterday. Jack looks such a sweetie and well done for participating in the vaccine trial. xx

  5. I love an afternoon tea and those scones look delicious. You are to be admired for participating in the trial and I thank you for this. We are certainly in dire need of a vaccine. Make the cake and treat yourself...if it helps I am going to.

  6. The fall colors are wonderful, especially that last burst of yellow foliage, Christina, and Jack does know how to enjoy fallen leaves and warm sunshine. Annie’s tea did look delicious and most likely enjoyed by all.thanks you for being a vaccine participant as I have not learned of anyone else who is also participating in a trial. Looking forward to seeing your coat, maybe a nice Christmas present to yourself, like the cake. Wishing Sam an early Happy Birthday.

  7. That yarn is gorgeous! Your dog always looks so ecstatic in your photos. Such pretty berries, too.

  8. That is a baking marathon! We are making loaf cakes from a blog called 'jane's patisserie' and they are all fabulous; send Annie that way. It is harder to keep up exercise routines when the nights are dark at the end of a work day but a walk at lunchtime is a great idea. Your coat sounds good, cant wait to see it. Jo x

  9. Ooh could you send your daughter over, I’d love some of those fabulous cakes. I’ve just started watching House for the very first time and loving it. Love the humour particularly. What type of sock wool is that, it looks great. B x

    1. Hi Barbara. The sock wool is Rico Superba Vintage 4ply. I bought it at Cx

  10. I look forward to seeing your coat, some things deserve a bit of time. The afternoon tea sounds lovely and I know what you mean about dogs, mine are currently all lounging around without a care. Have a good weekend. x

  11. Wow, good job Annie.

    Christina, I think you are very brave to participate in a COVID vaccine trial.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  12. Afternoon tea sounds wonderful. I think that will be a good project for us to brighten at least one day the long winter. I definitely want to try the individual Victoria sponges. I hate how all of the cream squeezes out when I cut a normal one. Maybe I am just an incompetent American. Regarding cats, our oldest died last December, and we realized that the youngest hadn't been completely relaxing for years. Now that he is gone, her sleep posture and depth have totally changed. He was a sweet boy, and they'd been together since she was really too young to have left her mother (long story), so I don't know why she was so tense around him. We miss him terribly, but are glad she is getting a chance to sleep! I hope you are able to work out Sam's birthday plans to everyone's satisfaction.

  13. What a lovely post! The afternoon tea sounds just lovely...
    Take care now and have a great sunday!

  14. What a lovely afternoon tea you had! I find hand knit socks tend to wear quickly too and some of ours are more ‘darn’ than sock. I’m loath to throw them out but I guess they’ve had good use so I just need to make more. I hope you find a good way to celebrate Sam’s birthday x

  15. I don't know where this year has gone, I've got right out of the habit of reading anything - blogs, books, newspapers - and it's always a joy to find that you have posts for me to read when I finally come back to it. I've loved your posts and beautiful pictures for such a long time, you're always at the top of my reading list!

    Yes to the Christmas cake and to whatever you can do for Sam's birthday. And thank you for being here xx

  16. I wish I had someone to make me a beautiful tea! Daughters are the best and I miss mine, but one is coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving week!


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